MyPurMist Reviews – My Own Experience of Using MyPurMist

///MyPurMist Reviews – My Own Experience of Using MyPurMist

For centuries, steaming is considered to be one of the most effective remedies to get rid of nasal congestion. As I find, MyPurMist is an innovative alternative to time consuming steaming strategies.

According to what I experienced until I came across MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler, congestion occur in the upper part of my respirator system is a really annoying experience no matter whether you are an adult or a kid. Every time I experience such congestion, I know my day is going to be a not-so-good one. Before I purchased a MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler, I had to spend a considerable time to cleanup my sinus every time I experienced a congestion.

Why I Chose MyPurMist

Before I share the experiences I had with my pure mist, I must tell you why I chose this device.

  • It is a natural decongestant
    The main reason for me to purchase my pure mist is that it is a totally natural remedy. I always try to keep drug-based remedies away as much as possible. As per the product description the manufacturers presented, pure mist is totally based on steam. As soon as I got to know that no drug is involved with this device, I wanted to buy a pure mist. After all, who doesn’t love a remedy that is not associated with any side effects?

    As per the doctors, steam is among the most effective natural decongestants. This particular remedy is tested and verified to be effective by millions of people across the globe. In fact, steaming is not a new remedy; it is used as an effective method of treatment for centuries. Such treatments sends steam (a mist) through the congested areas such as sinus and nose to decongest the clogged substances. Once the mist passes through this congested area, the area will be cleared and freshened for you to breathe easily. So, as soon as I realized that MyPurMist is operated based on steam only, I decided to give it a try!

  • MyPurMist customer reviews encouraged me
    During the internet research I carried out, I happened to come across a massive number of MyPurMist customer reviews. Thousands of positive reviews by verified users on a platform like Amazon cannot be wrong! So, I was impressed by the way they have explained the effectiveness, the relief they experienced etc.

  • I was in search of a quick remedy
    As I mentioned, the old fashioned steaming methods were too time consuming for me. What I needed is something quicker and more effective compared to the conventional steaming methods. Since the manufacturers claim this device to be a speed steam generator, I wanted to try this. I thought this would save me some time according to the product descriptions as well as according to the lots of MyPurMist reviews.

  • Congested sinus is not something rare for me
    I often experience congested sinus (like many people do these days) and I though investing on a speedy, effective and natural remedy would be a wise move for me. I also considered MyPurMist to be a long term investment (Many of the MyPurMist reviews claim that this device tends to have a durable lifespan).

Well, I think I had enough good reasons to purchase a MyPurMist.

Test and Results (Advantages and Disadvantages of MyPurMist)

Since I have personally tested and experienced this innovative device, I think I am eligible to write a MyPurMist review. Now, I am trying to share what I have experienced with this handy device and it will be helpful for you when deciding whether to purchase one for you.

I also must emphasize that what I have experienced with MyPurMist are personal experiences. Things can be different from person to person and depending on the way you handle it. Nevertheless, the overall functionality of this inventive product (as per the large number of other My Pur Mist reviews) is impressive. Let me break down my experiences in point form and categorize them into advantages and disadvantages for your convenience. So, it will make a clear and accurate MyPurMist review to refer.

MyPurMist Reviews – My Own Experience of Using MyPurMist

Advantages of MyPurMist

First, let’s take a look at the most notable advantages associated with this product.

  • It is an all-natural remedy
    Just like they have described in their product descriptions and mentioned in plethora of My Pur Mist reviews, this device works solely based on steam. All I had to use is pure water. There is a small container (almost with the size of a shot glass) to retain water. The excellent mechanism inside mypuremist evaporates water incredibly fast (within 30 seconds or so) and let you experience a pure force of steam. I didn’t have to use any drug or a chemical substance in mypuremist and therefore, I didn’t have any worries about side effects or other discomforts; it is all about pure water! I clearly feel the steam penetrating through the nasal passages and clean them instantly. In fact, this remedy can be used even daily basis without causing any trouble thanks to its all-natural functionality.

  • It is light in weight
    In general, conventional steam machines are large in size and come with rather heavy weights. Such machines cannot be categorized as highly portable devices. However, I must praise the lightweight characteristics of my pur mist in this review. The product my pur mist is designed to be a lightweight and handheld device. As long as you have the access to a power outlet, you get a chance to operate this device like a breeze. Although I am not a regular traveler, I find this lightweight characteristics to be impressive. It doesn’t take much space (as I told you it is a handheld device).

  • Delivers a lot of steam with little amount of water
    One of the most surprising and exciting features I must emphasize in my MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler reviews is the efficiency. When I was going through their product description, I happened to find a special feature called Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) and I wasn’t aware of its importance until I practically experienced it. That particular technology is capable of delivering a large amount of steam utilizing only a small amount of water (size of a shot glass). More importantly, this device doesn’t get heated intensely to boil water; within about 30 seconds or so it starts to evaporate water in the form of a finest mist. In these MyPurMist handheld steam inhaler reviews, I must admire the efficiency of this technology.

  • Nicely designed face mask
    All the other pure mist inhaler reviews praise the functionality of the face mask too. I personally experienced those pur mist reviews are not wrong! This special face mask is capable of directing the generated steam towards the nose and mouth to maximize the efficiency of the treatment. Because of the efficiency of this mast, I felt that the steam penetrated through the nasal passages effortlessly.

  • Can use multiple times a day
    Knowing that this device is an all-natural solution, I am using it two times a day. Things are getting day by day and I am loving this device. In my pur mist inhaler reviews, I must mention that this unit is completely safe for anyone who has sinus congestion and similar issues. In addition to that, I read a large number of pur mist reviews left by happy users of many age groups. So, I believe that MyPurMist is suitable for any age group.

Disadvantages of MyPurMist

Truth to be told, there is only one disadvantage I noticed using this device. It requires a power outlet (to be plugged in). Other than that, there is no significant disadvantage associated with it.

How MyPurMist helps me

Inflammation and congestion in the sinuses are common instances among most of the people these days. If you experience such issue, you might already know how annoying it is to spend a day with a congested nose. Moreover, issues like extensive dryness in mucous membrane can make things pretty uncomfortable for you. This is exactly when pur mist can help you. A pur mist can send a steam (generated using pure water) through the problematic area and refresh it. As per my personal experience, manufacturer’s claims and thousands of my pure mist reviews, this device can help you to alleviate many issues related to upper respiratory system. As per my pure mist reviews, even if you don’t suffer from a specific health issue related to the said region, you can use this machine and keep your nasal passages clean and adequately moisturized. MyPurMist can help you to alleviate; allergic conditions, uneasiness due to colds and flu, sinusitis and laryngitis, regular congestions occur in chest, nasal and sinus area, coughs, issues in the throat (like sore throat) headaches etc.

How to use MyPurMist

Now that you read pure mist reviews that emphasize the advantages and pleasant experiences with the device, it is time to get an idea about the way it works.

In simplest terms, just like they have mentioned in most of the pure mist reviews, using this device is a very simple process. You don’t need special training to use this handheld machine.

All you have to do is to pour pure water into the provided cup and turn the device on. Within 30 seconds or so, you will see that the device emits steam. At that time, you can wear the mask to breathe the mist in.

Those who see the size of the cup for the first time might wonder does MyPurMist work with such small amount of water. Truth to be told, even I had the same doubt in mind. However, with this shot-glass-sized container can provide steam for about 20-25 minutes continuously to the surprise of many users (including myself).

After generating the steam for you to breathe, the machine will stay switched on for about 10 minutes. This is for the purpose of self-drying (yes, the machine dries itself from inside).

I used several other devices and strategies before I ended up with this machine. In fact, now I experience the real steam experience. The amount of water penetrates my nasal and sinuses is impressive and I feel it from the insider. After the very first use of this machine, I stopped wondering does MyPurMist really work with such small amount of water as I experienced it by myself. The secret behind this efficiency, as per the manufacturers is CFV. It evaporates water so quickly and efficiently.

In simplest terms, does MyPurMist really work for sinus congestions?

Yes. It works. I suggest you to use it two times a day (morning and evening, 15minutes each time) for best result. I found a lot of success with that strategy.

Try these steps and see does my pure mist work for you

  • Fill the small container with distilled water

  • Be patient for 30 seconds

  • Wear the mask and breathe

  • Empty the water ONLY if you need to store it

There are two light indicators (red and blue) integrated to the device to consider. Be sure to consider these indicators seriously and verify does my pure mist work as advertised.

  • Red
    Usually indicates ‘empty’ situation or the completion of a steam cycle. If the red light flashes, wait for about half a minute until the device cools down.

  • Blue
    It shows “turned on” and the temperature levels.

Who need MyPurMist?

So, if you wonder for who does MyPurMist work, my answer is “for anybody”. It works incredibly efficiently regardless of your age and gender as it is a natural, drug-free remedy. In other words, this device is ideal for anyone who experience issues in sinuses, throat, nasal (upper respiratory system). It is that simple!

Where to buy?

Now that we have come to the conclusion of my purmist review, let me suggest you where to buy this handy device. As I mentioned at the beginning of this purmist review, I purchased this device through Amazon. Here’s the link to check out the latest price and read the comments about MyPurMist.


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