Best Ovulation Monitor Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Ovulation Monitor Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Ovulation Monitor Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

With the assistance of the best ovulation monitor, anyone can easily assess and understand the individual fertility conditions. They are often called fertility monitors; a fertility monitor is an electronic device with smart technology. Fertility monitors are made integrating modern-day sophisticated sensors to test bodily fluids such as urine, saliva, and vaginal fluids. In addition to that, a fertility monitor can measure the body temperature too. By measuring all these aspects, an electronic ovulation monitor can measure the hormonal changes of the subject’s body and provide accurate information about the fertility. Since an electronic ovulation monitor functions based on the definite biological information, the user can get rid of guesswork and ineffective conventional methods.

5 Best Ovulation Monitors In The Market

When you start to shop around for an ovulation machine, you will come across with a variety of options just like with any other product in the market. Therefore, you may need to review our fertility monitor reviews to distinguish the best out of the rest.


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01.Daysy Fertility device 

When you are in the hunt for the best ovulation monitors, you can hardly neglect this popular and high-end ovulation machine. We have included this item in our fertility monitor reviews due to several obvious reasons. This best ovulation monitor comes with an exceptional effectiveness – thanks to its superbly smart mechanism – it features a clinically proven effectiveness of 99.3 percent. This is, in fact, is the main reason for us to include this product in our ovulation monitor reviews. By using this digital ovulation monitor, you stand a very good opportunity either to prevent or plan your pregnancy. More importantly, this digital ovulation monitor helps to do so without experiencing any side effects; it is a digitally operated device after all. One of the most admirable things about this best fertility monitor is that it utilizes the subject’s saliva to measure the hormone levels. So, you don’t need to take the trouble of using any bothersome test strips; this best fertility monitor is super convenient. In addition to the convenience, this device features a superb affordability. As a measure of increasing the convenience and usability, you can connect this device to your iPhone seamlessly. After connecting it with iPhone, you can make the best use of the date you gather after each test. The overall user-friendliness of this device is admired by many users and the exceptional accuracy is another vital fact.

Features we like

  • Clinically proven efficiency level over 99.3%

  • It utilizes saliva to test the hormones

  • No side effects are at all

  • Highly affordable

  • Perfectly compatible with iPhones

  • Highly user-friendly

02.Lady-Comp ovulation Monitor 

The second item in our ovulation monitor reviews is Lady-Comp – another popular and highly effective digital fertility monitor. This best ovulation monitor has a reputation as one of the most user-friendly products in the market. Also, this digital fertility monitor takes about 30 seconds only to monitor the hormone levels accurately. That is why some people consider this product to be the best ovulation monitor for people who live busy lifestyles. When comparing daysy vs lady comp, you may find that both the devices have a couple of things in common. The most notable similarity you would notice when comparing daysy vs lady comp is that both of them don’t use strips; both of those products work based on a very human friendly technology (which is accurate, fast and convenient). Apart from the accuracy, the most significant benefit associated with lady comp fertility monitor is that it does not associate with any side effects; no chemicals are involved with this testing method. The fertile period of the subjective person will be indicated by a very handy light indicator; infertile periods are depicted by the green light while the red light indicates fertile periods. If you are a busy woman who wants to keep a track on your fertility cycle without experiencing any side effects, our fertility monitor reviews recommend Lady Comp fertility monitor.

Features we like

  • No side effects

  • Fast and accurate monitoring

  • Convenient light indicators

  • No stripes or pills needed

  • Takes only 30 seconds

03.Bongmi Mobile Fertility Monitor 

Next item on our fertility monitor reviews is Bongmi; this is another efficient electronic fertility monitor that can provide accurate information related to your fertility. In fact, this electronic fertility monitor allows you to take accurate measures using the most sophisticated sensor system. More importantly, these sensors are reusable. Thanks to the highly user-friendly design of this best ovulation monitor, you can experience the most comfortable fertility testing at your home. In our fertility monitor reviews, we like to emphasize the fact that this device can be perfectly integrated with your smartphone; this device can be connected to the smartphone using the sophisticated app. It supports both Android and iPhones. With the assistance of this app, you can easily keep a track of the fertility level on daily basis. Depending on the information you get from this app, you can plan or prevent your pregnancy. The predictions this ovacue mobile offers are impressively accurate. Most of the users admire the accuracy of ovacue mobile. When comparing ovacue vs lady comp, you can notice almost a similar level of accuracy. Another fact we found comparing ovacue vs lady comp is that both of these devices are not associated with any side effects.

Features we like

  • Utilizes a very advanced system to monitor the fertility

  • Reusable sensors with easy-to-use functionality

  • Compatible with both Android and Apple phones

  • No need to experience messy urine testing or test stickers

  • Very affordable

  • Accurate testing information with precise prediction

  • Faster testing time

04.iFertracker Smart Fertility Tracker 

If you are looking for ovulation monitors with smart functionality, you shouldn’t miss out iFertracker. This is a BBT (Basal Body Temperature) tracker that offers the most accurate figures in terms of measuring your fertility. All you have to do is to place this best ovulation monitor under the armpit during the nighttime and the rest is up to the smart sensor systems integrated. The design of iFertracker ovulation monitors is made to be perfectly sleek and compact. The app integrated into this smart ovulation tracker is very handy and useful; it is capable of recording all the vital information related to your fertility and chart it out for your reference. In addition to the BBT information, this smart fertility tracker is capable of tracking the physiological responses too. All these information becomes pretty handy when assessing the subject’s fertility status. Despite the good characteristics we notice, some customers are not satisfied with the lifespan of the battery; in fact, even we found out that the battery lasts for about 5-6 days on average. Nevertheless, the other features and overall usability of this device are pretty impressive. The product is made to be highly portable and elegant in design. On top of all those characteristics, iFertracker comes at a very affordable price.

Features we like

  • Smart functionality to offer better accuracy

  • Sleek and compact design

  • No side effects are detected

  • Very affordable price

05.Clearblue Fertility Monitor 

If you are in search of the best ovulation monitor, Clearblue Fertility Monitor is a product worth giving a shot. This respective fertility monitor utilizes a very natural and side-effect free system to assess your fertility levels. This smart fertility monitor is capable of measuring both luteinizing and estrogen (LH and E3G respectively). Thanks to the smart mechanism of this fertility monitor device, it can be easily used by women who have regular or irregular cycles. The accuracy of this device is about 99% and it is capable of identifying 6 fertile days at maximum. However, compared to the other best ovulation monitor products in our review, the measuring strategy of this product is somewhat complicated. Nevertheless, the overall build quality, functionality and the usefulness of this device is pretty impressive as per many real-life users. Apart from the functionality, this product comes with a pretty attractive price tag; it is affordable and does the job for the price you pay. This respective product also comes with a very user-friendly touch screen (which is intuitive).

Features we like

  • No side effects are detected with this device

  • No usage of chemicals

  • Affordable price

  • Efficiency of 99 percent

  • Handy digital screen for better usability

  • Value for the money you pay

How to choose the best ovulation monitor

The assistance of an ovulation monitor is priceless if you are deciding to get pregnant or if you need to plan it otherwise. However, selecting the best ovulation monitor out of the rest can be pretty challenging; there are a plethora of options to consider when purchasing such device. Modern-day fertility monitors are based on digital technology and they are hardly associated with any side effect. Over the past period, the technology related to this industry has developed significantly and modern devices are capable of providing more accurate predictions. This section of our review is dedicated to letting you know how to choose the best ovulation monitor.

  • Must be free of side effects
    Best fertility monitors don’t use harmful chemicals or strips to test the hormonal levels of the body. Instead, they use harmless digital sensors to keep a track on many vital facts such as body temperature and the hormone levels of the bodily fluids (such as saliva, urine, and vaginal fluids. Some devices can monitor multiple aspects. So, be sure to go for a fully digital device and keep chemical testing methods away.

  • Must have a better efficiency
    Thanks to the modern day technology, the efficiency, and accuracy of the ovulation monitors are impressively high. Therefore, you shouldn’t settle for a device that has a less accuracy. Always be sure to check the average accuracy rate of the product and settle for a device that offers about 99% of accuracy. The manufacturer should assure this accuracy.

  • Must be easy to use
    Using a fertility monitor should not be rocket science for you. It must have a simple operation to gather your information. The products we mentioned in our review feature excellent user-friendliness in general and you should keep that in mind when shopping around.

  • Must be fast
    Under general circumstances, a good fertility monitor must be able to gather all the necessary information within few seconds. If a respective product takes a long time to assess your hormones, you should probably be looking for a faster and better option.

  • Smartphone integration
    If your fertility checker can be connected to the smartphone and use the gathered information in a more useful way, that is a real bonus! So, it is better to prefer ovulation monitors that come with smartphone compatibility.

  • Read the reviews
    Last but not least, it is always better to read the reviews left by the previous customers and experts before you actually make the final decision.


Are all the fertility monitors compatible with smartphones?

No. Only some devices can be connected to smartphones. Therefore, be sure to verify it with the seller/manufacturer.

Does it take a long time to check my fertility?

No. A good ovulation monitor might do the job within 30 seconds. However, some models may take longer depending on the strategy used.

Can I depend on the data provided by these devices?

Of course! The device offered by trusted vendors (the ones we have reviewed for instance) offer dependable information and they help you plan a pregnancy.

My monthly cycle is irregular. Can an ovulation monitor assess my fertility?

Yes. The best ovulation monitor products are capable of monitoring the fertility conditions of all the women.

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