Best Metatarsal Pads Review – Metatarsal Cushion Buying Guide

///Best Metatarsal Pads Review – Metatarsal Cushion Buying Guide
Best Metatarsal Pads Review – Metatarsal Cushion Buying Guide

Commonly known as the met pads, the metatarsal pads are the devices that are designed to relieve the pressure on the metatarsal area of your foot. This might seem odd to some people, but the problem of a painful foot is quite common. The reason can be many but usually, the absence of proper metatarsal support causes the bones in that area get overly pressured by the body weight.

The metatarsal foot pads act as shoe modifications and change the pressure points on the metatarsal bones by distributing the pressure to the surrounding tissues, thereby relieving you from the pain. If you are experiencing pain in your feet or lower legs, then you should consider using the proper metatarsal cushion which can provide you relief from the pain without the use of any medication.

Now you know how potentially beneficial can the metatarsalgia pads be. The thing is it is not easy to buy the best metatarsal pads from the market as there are a lot of poorly designed pads out there that provide no pain relief. To be able to get the benefits of a quality pad to relieve your metatarsal pain you need a well designed and effective pad. In this review, we are going to detail how you can choose good metatarsal foot pads as well as how to use. But first, we will start our review with the best pads available on Amazon so that you don’t have to think a lot about where to buy metatarsal pads.

Top Six Metatarsal Pads Available on Amazon

Happy Feet

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Dr. Frederick's

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Dr. Jill's

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Ace Health

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1. HappyFeet Ball of Foot Cushions 

Not all the metatarsal pads are reusable but the HappyFeet Ball of Foot Cushions is washable as well as durable pads. You can use this sesamoiditis pad with almost all shoe types. Whether you are a runner, hiker or a sports person you will be glad that you bought these ball of foot pads.
Made from soft gel cushion ball of foot padding material these pads provide relief from the conditions like Fat Pad Atrophy, Neuromas, Metatarsalgia, and cushioning calluses. As these met pads are washable, you don’t have to worry about any stink and you can wear them with more confidence. Most users like how these cushions easily stick to the feet without moving from their position during motion.


  • Washable and reusable

  • Durable and self-sticking material

  • Designed to be compatible with all shoe types

  • Efficient and relieving


  • Pads are thick that makes them somewhat uncomfortable

2. Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads  

If you are a runner, hiker or a walker the Dr. Frederick’s Original Metatarsal Pads are designed to deal with the metatarsal pain of all kinds. Made from a stretching gel superior material, these metatarsal pads provide excellent cushioning. Whether you are dealing with metarsaligia, calluses or blisters, these pads are the most recommended solutions because of their efficiency and practical design.

Most runners and walkers recommend these metatarsalgia pads to relieve the pain in the metatarsal region, especially in the ball area. The only thing you need to consider is that you need to wear tight socks or shoes to keep these pads in place.


  • Durable and efficient

  • Stretchable material makes it a better fit

  • Light and designed for practical use


  • Uncomfortable for some people who complain of pain

  • Tight shoes and socks are required

3. Pedag Drop Anatomically Correct Metatarsal Arch Pads  

As the name suggests the Pedag Drop Anatomically Correct Metatarsal Arch Pads are designed with comfort in mind. The anatomic design makes these metatarsal foot pads truly comfortable for use with most types of shoes. Due to its thick ball of foot padding it provides excellent cushioning to relieve pressure from the metatarsal region.

Most users like this sesamoiditis pad because it is a lot easier to user as compared to other ball of foot pads. Its self adhesive design makes it the best metatarsal pad.


  • Comfortable and firm

  • Self adhesive

  • Light and cheap

  • Well made design


  • Get flat after a few days of use

4. Dr. Jill’s Felt Metatarsal Pads  

The best metatarsal pad is the one that sticks to its place and efficiently relieves the pain in the metatarsal region. Dr. Jill’s Felt Metatarsal Pads are exactly designed for this goal. These 2.25” x 2.75” cushioning pads easily elevate the metatarsal arch, thereby distributing the pressure from the area in the nearby tissues. Because of their wide base these metatarsal socks act very effectively.

These pads have self adhesive to keep them sticking to the foot at all times. However, some users complain that this silicone metatarsal pad can be too sticky. If you are looking for an inexpensive metatarsal sleeve then this is the ideal product.


  • Cheap and durable

  • Wide base efficient design

  • Well made and light

  • Relieves pain effectively


  • The metatarsal pads appear to be too sticky

5. Ace Health Ball of Foot Cushions and Metatarsal Pads  

These cushioning pads provide excellent metatarsal support which is significantly helpful to deal with high heels, bunion, Mortons and Bunionnette Neuroma. These metatarsal pads have a sleeve design which means you can use them without socks or shoes as well.

Made from squishy and stretchable medical gel material this met pad pair is very effective for relieving ball of foot pain as well as blisters and aching feet.


  • Sleeve design

  • Thick cushion

  • Medical grade stretchable gel

  • Efficient

  • Light


  • Works more effectively without socks or shoes

6. NatraCure Gel Metatarsal Sleeves  

You don’t have to think about buying any other metatarsal sleeve after you use the NatraCure Gel Metatarsal Sleeves. These reusable and washable metatarsal socks are excellent at what they do, i.e. to relieve you from any sort of foot pain. Unlike other silicone metatarsal pads, these are designed to easily fit men and women without using any sticky adhesive.

The only problem with this metatarsal cushion is that it has too bulky design to be used with shoes.


  • Excellent cushioning

  • Reusable and washable

  • Shock absorbing gel

  • Light and sticky


  • Bulky design which makes them uncomfortable to use with the shoes

How to choose a good metatarsal pad?

The market is full of metatarsal pads, but not all are equally effective. This is why we have listed the best seller met pads available on Amazon so that you don’t have to wonder where to buy metatarsal pads from.

However, it is necessary that you understand what to look for in the best metatarsal pad. First of all, met pads designed from medical grade gel are most effective. Look for pads that have thick cushioning to support the metatarsal arch while you walk or run. Also, the met pads that are washable and reusable are advised as they prove to be more cost-effective.

How to use a metatarsal pad?

First things first, do not get discouraged if you do not find the best fit on your first buy. It is very common with the silicone metatarsal pads do not fit your foot, but you can easily modify them. Some people trim them a little while others use the medical tape to keep them in place. These pads are very versatile and modifying them will not affect their performance. However, the six best metatarsal pads we have listed above are of a varied design and we are sure you don’t have to modify them whatsoever.

Now let’s take a look how you can use the metatarsal pad for maximum benefits. The real benefit of these pads is the correct placement. Therefore, you need to understand how to place these pads correctly.

Before you place your met pad it is necessary that you remove the insole from your footwear. This is necessary to ensure that the met pad is positioned appropriately. Most of these pads are not designed to be rested on the insole.

Be aware of the fact that you do not have to place the met pad on the ball of your foot because the pain is at exactly that point. Most users fall for this misconception. You have to put the metatarsal pad at the point where the bones of the toe and the ankle meet in the metatarsal area. To feel this point you need to press on the actual of the foot and flex your toes to find that area. This area is at the center of the foot usually and once you place the metatarsal pads correctly you will feel some changes.

Your entire metatarsal area will be elevated that will release the pressure points and this is the actual goal you are trying to achieve with the use of the pads. When you correctly place the met pads your toes will be in the downward position because of the elevated metatarsal arch.

A correctly placed met pad distributes the pressure from the metatarsal area while you walk thereby relieving the pain.


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