Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Review – Electronic Pill Dispenser Buying Guide

///Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Review – Electronic Pill Dispenser Buying Guide
Best Automatic Pill Dispenser Review

Automatic pill dispenser is no longer an uncommon term; people in the modern society (particularly the elderly people), find an automatic medication dispenser to be among their must-have lists. Whether we like it or not, consumption of various pills is not a rare practice within the modern society. A considerable number of people consume a handful of pills every day and picking the daily dose of pills correctly can be a challenging task. Having an automatic medication dispenser will take the trouble away from you and make sure you take the recommended pills accurately. Keep reading our automatic pill dispenser reviews if you need to know about the best automatic pill dispenser products in the market today.

Automatic pill dispenser Review – Top Six brands

We have done our research extensively in order to distinguish the best automatic pill dispenser products out of the rest. Each of these auto medicine dispensers has unique features and come with different price tags.


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01.LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser 

This first place of our automatic pill dispenser reviews is dedicated to LiveFine Automatic pill dispenser. This respective automatic pill dispenser for seniors have already received impressive comments from a wide range of customer. This medical dispenser can hold many varieties of pills that will be sufficient enough for 28 days. Being one of the most prominent auto medicine dispensers in the market, it comes with sophisticated features to prevent forgetting or missing essential pills daily basis. This medicine dispenser has a timer and alerts apart from the smart design to prevent mistakes (forgotten or wrong dosages). If you have this pill dispenser, you don’t need to worry about constant refilling. No matter whether you are the patient or the caregiver, you will find this device incredibly useful. Programmable alerts of this automatic pill dispenser for seniors practically increase the usability. It lets you schedule up to 6 daily doses; if you are a caregiver or a forgetful individual, this automatic pill dispenser with alarm is going to be a real lifesaver. You don’t want to worry about the portability of this medicine dispenser for elderly as it is powered by batteries. Thanks to the lock and key feature, you will be able to access your medication only on the prescheduled times.

Features we like:

  • Lock and key feature to prevent potential overdose

  • Lockable lid and programmable timer

  • Precise alerts

  • Easy to understand instructions

  • Can be programmed with six dosages per day

02.GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser 

This is another fully featured, automatic pill dispenser with alarm that is ideal for those who suffer from visual issues, forgetfulness, and any other complex medical conditions. Being one of the most comprehensive auto medicine dispensers in the market today, it can offer you to program up to six dosages per day. It is capable of holding medication up to 28 days and therefore, you don’t want to worry about constant refilling when you use this medicine dispenser for elderly. Each compartment is capable of holding about 18 standard aspirin-sized pills (which is slightly spacious compared to most of the other timed pill dispensers). Despite the sophisticated features it performs, it is made to be perfectly portable; it is powered by removable batteries eliminating the need for dealing with power codes and wall sockets. It comes with a tamper-proof locking system in order to prevent the patient from potential overdoses. The alarm features both audible and visible effects (to assist hearing impaired patients). The alarm of these timed pill dispensers will go on for 30 minutes constantly unless you take the medicine out.

Features we like:

  • Visible and audible alarm to assist hearing impaired

  • Improved and louder alarm

  • Can program up to 6 dosages per day

  • Can hold medication for up to 28 days

  • Spacious compartments

  • Tamper-proof locking to prevent overdose

  • One year warranty

03.E-pill Automatic locked pill dispenser  

If you are looking for a locked pill dispenser particularly for addicts and with all the essential features, this can be a superb option to consider. It is a fully automated and well protected locked pill dispenser for addicts. Spacious compartments to hold medication is very advantageous. Thanks to the smart design integrated with this machine it can assist addicts to take their medication without overdoses. This pill dispenser with timer facilitates up to 6 daily alarms, which is good enough for any patient. You can use this medication dispenser for both residential and institutional scales perfectly. It also comes with a medicine dispensing cup to make things easier for the user. Since this locked pill dispenser for addicts is powered by batteries (4 X AA), you don’t want to deal with messy power codes. Once you replace the batteries, you can expect them to last for about 6 months. In order to withstand potential accidents, this medication dispenser comes with a sticky bottom. If you prefer more stability, you can fix it onto the table top using screws. The alarm will keep running for 30 minutes unless you take the pills out at the prescheduled time and that is how a good pill dispenser with timer should work, we must say!

Features we like:

  • Increased stability with sticky bottom (which can be screwed onto the table)

  • Stainless steel medication cup

  • Can be programmed to serve 06 dosages per day

  • Operates with removable batteries (no power codes needed)

  • Long battery life

04.MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer 

If you are looking for a medication dispensing machine that can hold pills enough for 31 days (for a full month), MedCenter 70265 can be your choice. This medication dispenser machine is capable of offering you up to 4 dosages every day. Being a very smart and handy timed pill dispenser, it is capable of reminding your daily dosage of medicine with a nice alarm that actually talks to you. Each pill box included in this medication dispenser machine has a color-coding system to denote you the status of the respective dosage. Also, each of those boxes is divided into 4 compartments (to hold medicine separately). The alarm of this timed pill dispenser is easy to set and the machine features a great user-friendliness. Better for residential use.

Features we like:

  • Talking alarm to make it more human-friendly

  • Color coding system

  • Portable device

  • Can hold medicine sufficient for 31 days

05.MedELert Locking Automatic electronic pill dispenser 

Although we have mentioned this electronic pill dispenser at the latter part of our review, we can surely say that this product can be rated among the best pill dispensers with alarm. Being a perfect pill dispenser for elderly, it comes with an easily notable, loud alarm with a red blinking light. The alarm will stay alive for 30 minutes unless the pills aren’t taken out. You can program it to provide 6 doses per day and that is sufficient to address the needs of almost all the patients. As a safety measure, this pill dispenser for elderly has a ‘lock’ feature; no accidental overdoses are expected, therefore. Thanks to the tamper-proof key system, it gives superb protection. This medicine dispenser has 28 slots to accommodate drugs accordingly. It can be programmed very easily compared to some of the pill dispensers with alarm. It is made with superb amount of portability; this medicine dispenser comes with a compact design and it is operated with removable batteries. You can consider this automatic medication dispencer to be both residential and institutional scale machine. Overall, a superb product with excellent usability.

Features we like:

  • Can be programmed to provide 6 doses per day

  • Loud alarm with red indicator light to help elderly people

  • Comes with 28 slots to store daily dosage of medicine

  • Compact and portable design

  • Codeless operation (need batteries)

  • Highly user-friendly

06.e-pill MedTime Station PLUS Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser 

If your preference is the all-inclusive pill dispensers with alarms, you will find this machine to be a prominent option. Being one of the most sophisticated automatic pill dispenser products in the market, this machine comes with tipper, sorting tray, medication tray, spoon, a cup and lock. This automatic pill dispenser is powered by removable batteries (4 X AA) and the package includes one set of batteries as a value addition. Usually, a single set of batteries can last up to 6 months. In order to increase the stability of the machine, it has a sticky bottom. The machine is easier to use; once programmed correctly, you will get alerts at precise times. As one of the most advanced pill dispensers with alarms, this machine allows you to program up to 24 alerts per day. It matches all the tablets, capsules and vitamins. The protection provided is impressive; the chances for overdoses are incredibly law with this machine.

Features we like:

  • Supports up to 24 scheduled doses per day

  • No wires needed; powered by 4 X AA batteries

  • Comes as an all-inclusive package

  • Longer battery life

  • User-friendly

How to choose a good automatic pill dispenser

Practically, distinguishing the best automatic pill dispenser from the rest can be pretty challenging for a user. Therefore, it is better to pay attention on a couple of facts when shopping around for such device.

One of the most important things to consider is the alarm. Most of these pill dispensers are used by elderly people and they need a reliable notification system to remind the dosage accordingly. Therefore, you should purchase a pill dispenser with such system. It is better to go for a product that has both audible and visible notifications.

Next, you should look for the protection it offers. The machine should prevent the user from taking overdose. The user should be able to access only the prescribed amount of medicine and therefore, the device should have a lockable feature.

Portability is another important aspect. You must be able to take the dispenser with the patient easily without worrying about power codes and wall power outlets. This is why you should go for a battery-operated automatic pill dispenser.

User-friendliness of the machine should be another prime concern. No matter you are the caregiver or the consumer of the pills, the machine should permit you to get the pills easily. The programming of the prescription must be easy.

Why people need an automatic pill dispensers

One of the most obvious benefits of using an automatic pill dispenser is to prevent errors in medication. Most of the seniors easily forget their medication and automatic dispensers are the most practical way to eliminate such errors. Since these machines let you access the prescribed amounts only, the chances of overdose are minimal.

Another good reason to use a pills dispenser is the convenience. You can load all the pills (a month’s prescription in most of the cases) at once and have nothing to worry about it anymore. Every day, notification will be given right on time. After each cycle (for instance, 28 days), you can open the lid and refill.

Generally, these automatic pill machines are made to be highly portable. Most of them are powered by removable batteries and therefore you don’t need to worry about finding wires or power sockets.

Overall, having an automatic pill dispenser is a huge relief particularly if you have an elderly person at home. It can also be highly useful for those who live busy lifestyles and want to be precise on their regular prescriptions.


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