Top Best Home Gym Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top Best Home Gym Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Top Best Home Gym Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Home gyms have become almost a norm among the modern households. Those who spend busy lifestyles and still want to upkeep their optimal physical health majorly depend on home gym equipment. As an obvious response to the increasing demand, the modern market consists of a large variety of home gyms under various brands and models. Although every fitness enthusiast wants to end up with the best home gym, it can be a pretty challenging task particularly because of the availability of the large variety of products. Well, as assistance for those who have plans to purchase the best home gym, this review article emphasizes top home gym products in the market.

Best home gym Review

We have picked the best home gym products from Amazon. We have considered several important aspects before hand-picking the products in this list. These products are listed under five price categories, so you can pick the best home gym that matches your budget.

under $200

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under $500

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under $1000

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under $2000

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under $3000

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Best home gym under $200

01.Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench 

This is a very manageable home gym that comes with an affordable price tag. It comes with a highly customizable design; whenever it is necessary, you can use its utility bench separately. If not, you can move it away in order to perform other exercise varieties such as squats. Such customization allows you to eliminate potential obstructions from your workstation. As a good assistance to build and enhance the quads, hip-flexors, and hamstrings, it comes with a 6-roll leg developer. Other than that, it can assist you to perform other exercises related to your upper body. Although this machine comes with a price tag below $200, it features an excellent versatility. In addition to the 6-roll leg developer, it is presented as a combination of weight lifting bench, squat station and a preacher pad. These parts can isolate certain sections of your body and develop the muscles of the respective sections.

Main features

  • Excellent versatility; the utility bench can be removed and used separately whenever necessary

  • 6-Roll leg developer unit to provide necessary exercise to hamstrings and hip flexors

  • Comfortable operation because of the preacher pads

  • Adjustable uprights for better efficiency

  • Supports a user weight up to 300 pounds

02.Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine 

This can be one of the best home gym machines for those who are looking for a total-body workout with low impact. This excellent rowing machine is built with a simplified yet efficient mechanism to provide your body a superb amount of exercise. In addition to enhancing the health and endurance of your cardiovascular system, it effectively helps you to strengthen and shape (sculpt) the body parts such as quads, hamstrings, shoulders and arms. Rowing is an action that benefits the muscles of your entire body. It is capable of providing you a range of exercise motions to address different types of needs. Apart from playing the role of an effective exercise machine, it can practically save you a considerable amount of space thanks to its compactness. The level of resistance of this handy home gym can be easily adjusted; it ensures that you get the best type of workout to match your strength. Durability, strength and foldable design are other useful features associated with this machine.

Main features

  • Low impact, rowing machine design

  • Perfectly adjustable gas-shock resistance levels

  • Digital display monitor to show essential information such as stroke count, time, and the amount of burnt calories

  • Strong, durable construction particularly with steel frame

  • Foldable design for ease of storage

Best home gym under $500

01.Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym 

If you are looking for a highly versatile option that allows you to perform more than 30 strength training exercises, this can be the best home gym for you. Marcy MWM-990 Home gym allows you to experience an excellent total-body workout and make all the major muscles be performed at their optimal levels. No matter whether you plat to burn extra calories or build lean muscle mass, this can be a great choice for you. If you need exercise with more power, you can simply increase the resistance. This machine help you to shred considerable amount of weight if you adhere to the routing correctly. Thanks to the selectorized weight stack module and the integrated pulleys and cables, MWM-990 can save you a lot of time (you don’t have to waste your time on changing weight plates). In general, this respective machine is safer than most of the other designs in the market.

Main features

  • Features more than 30 excellent exercises to address all the major muscles of the body

  • Solid steel weight stack with 150 pounds of weight

  • Removable curl pad for added versatility

  • Weight stack lock to save your time

  • Total leg developer to facilitate a better lower body development

  • Strong design that last very long

02.Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym 

This can be rated as one of the best home gym products in the market today. This respective gym comes with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and its efficiency is improved with patented power rod resistance system. This machine can provide you the opportunity to engage in a large range of exercises (more than thirty). It also comes with a rowing machine rail and therefore, you can expect it to experience a total body strength workout. The level of resistance can be changed from 5 pounds to 210 pounds depending on your necessity. It is also integrated with horizontal bench press and lat pull down. This home gym can effectively tolerate a user weight up to 300 pounds in total.

Main features

  • Facilitates you to perform more than 30 strength exercises

  • Can tolerate up to 300 pounds of user weight

  • Patented power rod resistance with 210 pounds of weight

  • Triple function hands grips

  • Foldable rowing machine for added convenience when it comes to storing

  • Helps you to perform exercises related to abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body.

Best home gym under $1000

01.Bowflex Blaze Home Gym 

Well, if you are looking for the best home gym that delivers the performance of an entire resistance training gym, this can be the product you are looking for. Thanks to the angled lat bar, this machine practically helps you to build back and shoulder muscles quicker than with many other machines in the market. Apart from that, it comes with the perfect mechanism to ensure that you do lower body exercises effectively. Leg extension attachment helps you to improve lower body muscles. Since the sliding seat rail facilitates you to carry out aerobic rowing and highly effective leg presses, you can expect better cardiovascular health while using this machine. It can be used to perform highly customized workouts because of the triple function handgrips and multiple pulley positions. The Power Rods integrated to this highly effective machine ensures a convenient and safer training compared to the free-weight training. Accuracy of the resistance and weight with guaranteed safety is a prime aspect of this home gym. No matter whether you have plans to build your muscles or cut down some pounds, this can be a great choice for you. It is built to be strong and last long even under tough use.

Main features

  • Makes sure that you perform 60 effective exercises

  • Power rod technology resistance that comes with a resistance of 210 pounds

  • Angled lat bar to build back and shoulder muscles quicker

  • Lower pulley station to perform better squats

  • Sliding seat rails for better aerobic rowing performances

  • Triple function hand grip

  • Highly customizable to match almost any workout schedule

02.Marcy MKM-81010 Stack Home Gym 

Are you looking for a totally personalized bodybuilding workout experience or muscle strengthening experience, Marcy Club 200 pounds Stack Home Gym can be a great choice to consider. It is designed to be stored within a relatively smaller space and therefore it is in ideal solution for those who want to do their exercises at home. Although this home gym is manufactured to be compact in size, you don’t have to compromise the quality and efficiency of the amount of exercises you get. Thanks to the higher versatility of this machine, it can effectively address all the muscle groups of your body separately or deliver a total body workout. The durability of this best home gym; it is manufactured with highly durable steel tubes and vinyl coated weight stack.

Main features

  • Protective steel weight stack with a weigh of 200 pounds

  • Large seat pads for user-friendliness

  • Highly versatile mechanism for better usability

  • Compact design that accommodates relatively lower space

  • Durable and strong design with solidness

  • Dual function arm press and leg developer

Best home gym under $2000

01.BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym 

Although this fully featured home gym is built to take less space compared to the traditional home gyms, it delivers superb efficiency. You will find the facilities to perform all the essential exercises to address each and every muscle group of the body. It comes with very handy features such as chest press, dual function Pec Dec (patented design), lat pull, leg curl, leg extension etc. It is designed to let you experience better results within a minimum amount of time and that is why this product is among the best home gyms for busy individuals. It will perfectly fit in a corner of a room to make the best use of the available space. You can experience superb amount of versatility in the context of the range of exercises. The seat and the seat back is perfectly adjustable in order to let you maintain a convenient posture.

Main features

  • Dual function pec deck design (patented)

  • Perfectly adjustable seat and back seat to help you maintain the best posture

  • Low pulley station and bench press station to perform all the essential exercises

  • Supports a massive range of exercises

  • Matches almost all the users

  • Durable and strong design

  • Can fit even a corner of the room to save space

Best home gym under $3000

01.Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym 

This is a top-of-the-line gym that can help multiple users to engage in their strength training exercises at once. In fact, this special home gym can be used by three users at the same time and still it maintains a pretty compact design. This top class gym comes with multiple features to ensure that you perform all the exercises; it supports bench press, inclined press, shoulder press and a range of mid row exercises (with the assistance of multi-function press arm station). You can experience better muscle workout with each and every exercises you do. Weight stacks can be reached pretty quickly whenever necessary. You can adjust the weights easier; adjusting weight is easier and safer than with most of the conventional designs. The foot plate of this home gym is manufactured with a rubber coating to facilitate a better grip. It supports 2 X 210 pound weight stacks (a total weight stack of 420 pounds). Assuring the quality of this home gym, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Quite operation is ensures with the integration of nylon bushes.

Main features

  • Supports multiuser performance; can be used by 3 users at the same time

  • Compact design despite the superb performances

  • Perfectly supports bench press, incline press, shoulder press and chess supported mid row exercises because of the multi-function press arm station

  • Constructed using top quality steel for better strength and durability

Types of home gym

Before you shop around for the best home gym, you should know that home gyms come in several types. In general, home gym machines in the market can be categorized into four depending on the way they function. You also must remember that each of these types has unique characteristics. Let’s take a look at the different home gym types.

01.Weight stack home gyms

These home gyms function based on the two weight stacks. It is more of a mechanical system that pulls weight stack plates using a combination of the pulley and a cable. The resistance of the weight stack home gyms can be adjusted with a special sliding pin. Generally, these gyms are considered to be safe and compact. They are available in high and low cable pulleys. Depending on the type of the exercise and the level of intensity you require, you may consider a large range of attachment options. There are weight-stack gym-machines that can be expanded to cover several work stations too.

02.Weight plate home gyms

This is a home gym type that can be setup using multiple workout stations. When you setup a weight plate home gym, you should know that there is enough space (unlike the case with weight stack home). These weight lever gyms might come with several advantages; they can be ideal for you if you wish to lift heavier weights without compromising your safety. These home gyms usually come with cable systems that have better endurance and strength in order to handle more weight than the weight stack models. Customization of the weight of the plate loaded home gyms can be done just to match your requirements as they can be adjusted precisely (it is compatible with smallest weight plates). Most of the weight plate home gyms demand Olympic plates (such models aren’t compatible with standard weight plates). So, you should know that buying designated weight plates might cost you some additional amount of money. This type of gym can be perfectly matching for experienced lifters; however, even a beginner level fitness enthusiast can use this gym thanks to the integrated safety option.

03.Resistance Rod home gyms

This special, patented design has a mechanism in which the force depends on the extension and the position of the power rods. Apart from that, the resistance of this home gym can be adjusted depending on the size (diameter) of the power rods. In fact, these home gym machines facilitate you to adjust the weights more precisely as they are compatible very smaller weights (facilitating you to increase the weights by smaller amounts gradually). However, the adjustment process may take longer than other models. Some of these are among the best home gym machines that offer you the opportunity to perform a large range of exercises. Also, some of those resistance rod home gyms come with foldable designs (bench rail) enabling you to store them in pretty small space when you don’t use them.

04.Bodyweight (Glide-board design)

Glide-board design or body weight home gyms operate mainly based on the body weight of the user. In general, the amount of resistance of these home gyms can be changed by altering the angle of the support rail. However, there are some models that come with resistance bands to change the resistance level. In addition to that, some models are made to be compatible with weight plates too. These models can create additional resistance for the user if, by any chance, the body weight is not sufficient. Practically, these machines are the best home gym products for those who have comparatively smaller space.

What to consider before buying best home gym

Here are the important things you should consider when shopping around for the best home gym

The price of the home gym

You must have a clear idea about the amount you are willing to spend on a home gym. However, you should always remember that you cannot expect the best results from the cheapest product. However, you can purchase a good gym for less than $2000 if you do your research well.

The space available at home

Be sure that you purchase your gym to match the available space at home. There should be some free space around the gym when it is placed in the room. Therefore, have the dimensions of the room written on a paper and compare it against the size of the gym before you make the final decision.

How many exercises you can perform with it

Different machines facilitate different number of exercises. Be sure to know how many exercises the potential machine allows you to do. Also, have a good idea about the nature of the exercises it facilitates.

Apart from that, you should consider the facts like how easy it is to assemble the gym, how many people are going to perform at once, the duration of the warranty, the level of resistance it provides (and if it is upgradable) etc.

Why do you need home gyms?

  • It is easy for you
    One of the strongest reasons to have a home gym is the convenience it delivers. You don’t need to visit a gym every day when you have a gym at home don’t you?

  • It is affordable than you think
    Although purchasing the best home gym might cost you some money at the beginning, it can save considerable amount of money on the long run (no membership fees or monthly fees are required)

Apart from that, owning the best home gym will let you enjoy the freedom and privacy. You can select own time schedule and do your workouts as you wish. You don’t need to reserve special time in advance and have the stress of limiting your exercises when you have such machine at home. Having considered all the facts, owning the best home gym is a precious thing for any fitness enthusiast.


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