Top 6 Best Yoga DVD Review- Ultimate Guide for Yoga Lovers

///Top 6 Best Yoga DVD Review- Ultimate Guide for Yoga Lovers
Top 6 Best Yoga DVD Review- Ultimate Guide for Yoga Lovers1

The world we live in today is filled with stressful matters and tense related issues. Be it physical or mental, overcoming challenges related to the dilemma of everyday life is not an easy task by any means. From being overweight and lethargic to suffering from arthritis and mental disorders, the list of common issues is endless. The question worth pondering upon is what can be the ultimate solution? The answer believe it or not can be easier than you think. Suffering from challenges like these calls for a long term remedy and feel-good drugs is not the answer. Consideration towards the healing power of yoga is the track worth opting. Yoga, being introduced many centuries ago, is one of the most renowned forms of alternate therapy amongst men and women. The numerous benefits that can be obtained from incorporating yoga in your everyday lifestyle are something worth taking advantage of. If you’re planning on adding yoga into your everyday routine, a common question asked is how to begin. There are several choices you can make. Firstly, you can get yourself enrolled into a professional yoga center in your locality or even hire a personal trainer. This may seem convenient but timing and cost are two major factors worth considering. Another more convenient option is buying one of the best yoga DVD’s online. This is probably one of the better options out there as far as affordability and sustainability is concerned. Other benefits include premium categories to choose from, being designed to meet the specific needs of the masses. To make life simpler, we bring to you our informative guide of the top 6 best yoga DVD reviews for your maximal benefit. Let’s take a look.

Best Yoga DVD Review- Top 6 Brands of the Product

As mentioned earlier, yoga can be customized in design so as to meet the needs of the user. The following types of best yoga DVD’s are available.

Yoga for beginners

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Biggest Loser

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Power Yoga

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Yoga for Stress Relief

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Gentle Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga for beginners 

Being introduced to yoga for the first time can be intimidating. How to go about with the various steps involved, while trying to gain the numerous rewards of yoga requires appropriate guidance and care. For this, a Yoga DVD designed for beginners is just the thing you need to give you a kick start. Containing 10 to 60 minutes of yoga activity programs, this Yoga for Beginners Body Wisdom DVD headed by Barbara Benaugh is captivating. It possesses simple poses with clear cut instructions about the knowhow of yoga at the beginner level. The best thing being, it’s suitable for all age groups and skill levels.

Weight Loss Yoga 

Be it ridding obesity or helping to tone those problematic areas, yoga brings forth a number of benefits to help effectively aid in the process of weight loss. The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD is the perfect option recommended for those struggling to lose weight. Users can learn customized workouts with detailed and clear instructions. They can also benefit from 3 useful programs of workout regimes, led by a team of professional, friendly and motivated yoga instructors.
Want to shed some stones and be in shape again? Buy the Weight loss Yoga DVD here:

Power Yoga 

Power yoga is the name given to a workout regime that helps users create stamina and maintain their body weight goals. Power Yoga Total Body Workout with Rodney Yee is the perfect guide to a fun start to power yoga. Slowly and surely, users are able to benefit from increased endurance, greater inner strength, and improved flexibility. This DVD is not only cost effective, the sessions are long and pleasure filled. Power yoga is led by a knowledgeable and motivating instructor, guiding users at home in the best manner possible. Power yoga is also another ideal way of obtaining weight loss, especially those at the beginner level.

Enhance your energy and get a stamina boost with Power Yoga, grab the DVD here

Yoga for Stress Relief 

Yoga and relief from stress go hand in hand. In fact a majority of individuals take part in yoga for the sheer benefit of ridding stress from their lives. A yoga DVD for stress relief that is a must for users to try would be the Body Wisdom Yoga for Stress Relief. The DVD comes complete with greater than 20 easy to follow routines that help aid in the stress relieving process. We forgot to mention the tranquil half moon bay setup. The images are of the highest quality of display and sound. The instructor is nothing short of impressive, performing the simplest and fun filled routines to provide relaxation. An added bonus of purchasing this online yoga DVD is that you get guidance into the world of meditation by none other than the Dalai Lama. It’s the perfect method to let out all the worries in your life.

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Gentle Yoga 

Individuals who have reached the age of 40 to 70 years are recommended to follow a genre in yoga, commonly known as gentle yoga. Gentle yoga is uniquely designed keeping this age group into consideration. One of the best available gentle yoga DVD’s in the market today is Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40’s to 70’s). The following DVD is just what you need for poses that can add greater levels of stability, flexibility, balance, and strength. The routines are gentle in nature, short in duration, safe in performance and easy to follow. The best parts have to do with scenic music in the background and a flow of seamless yoga poses.

Revive your energy, vitality, and peace of mind through Gentle Yoga, grab your copy here

Prenatal Yoga 

Yoga is a great form of exercise and mode of relaxation when performed before the birth of a child. Prenatal yoga with Shiva Rea has poses of all kinds, aiding pregnant mothers with their customized requirements. Poses include those standing, on the floor as well as seated. The right amount of guided relaxation is needed to perform such an exercise and that is what pregnant women will get. Calming meditation with deep breathing exercises is just what they need to calm those stressful vibes. The segments are of short duration, thoroughly safe for performance during pregnancy. Users can expect minimal disturbances, plenty of relaxation and a feeling of content, all led by Shiva Rea.

What purpose does buying a yoga DVD serve?

Buying a yoga DVD serves a great number of known benefits for users of today. Here’s how buying Yoga DVD from Amazon aids to achieve ultimate mind and body fitness.

  • Strength Enhancer without hefty amounts of gym fee.
    It’s a powerful way of gaining strength and flexibility at your home’s comfort.

  • Exercise in Privacy.
    Not having to worry about an intimidating room full of people. Performing poses for the first time is scary as it is and watching your nearby crowd does it adds greater pressure.

  • Follow the Yoga DVD in your own way.
    A yoga DVD gives you the freedom to make as many mistakes as you desire, all at the comfort of your home. You can make as many errors and not worry about people judging your next move. Perfection and skill requires practice and you can gain that in the comfort of the four walls of your home.

  • No Time limit!
    The best thing related to home yoga through a DVD is the opportunity to become aware of poses, practicing smooth behavior from a certain position to the next.

  • Learn Balance and Coordination from Experts.
    Through a yoga DVD, every user can benefit from improved balance as well as coordination. This in turn means you’ll have to no longer fear falling down onto another individual’s yoga mat placement or planting on your face at the quiet studio for yoga.

  • Compete with Yourself
    With a yoga DVD, you will be your own competition. Your challenge will be amongst yourself, without worrying about others who are more experienced trying to pass judgments.

  • No Distractions
    In a class of yoga full of people at the studio, it may take no time for you to get distracted. You may find it hard viewing the instructor perform his/her poses with great depth and fine detail. This will never be the case when you have your own bought yoga DVD.

  • Practice as many times as you want!
    At home with a yoga DVD, you have the option of having your own chosen instructor. You also have the big advantage of pressing the buttons of pause and play whenever you want to take a break or repeat a pose that you find isn’t quite working out for you.

  • Retrieve the ultimate advantages of Yoga anytime!
    You can benefit greatly from relieved stress. With its precise movements, focused breathing exercises and comforting home atmosphere, you’re more in control of stress and your emotions. Being in tune with your inner senses, your awareness of what is going on mentally can be altered for the better.

  • No need to rush to Yoga center –Practice at the comfort of your Home
    Performing yoga at the comfort of your home is obviously more convenient as far as cost and timing is concerned. Hiring a personal trainer can be convenient but it could really blow up costs. Other than that, joining a yoga studio for classes would make time management a key deciding factor for the allotted days and times of the classes. These two issues can long be forgotten when performing yoga at home.

Top 6 Best Yoga DVD Review- Ultimate Guide for Yoga Lovers2

How to choose a yoga DVD?

Being on the workout circuit for so many years, yoga carries a multitude of benefits as mentioned above. The low impact nature of yoga poses and stretches is something that goes beyond the imagination of some people’s thinking. Yoga is an exercise that requires a lot of focus, thinking, practice and poise to master.

Taking a yoga class for the first time in your life can be a little intimidating for many people. The thought associated with mastering the perfect pose pictured on your favorite fitness magazine is dreadful for beginners having zero knowhow about the workings of yoga in general. To make matters worse, the names of poses associated with yoga like flying cow pose or downward facing dog can further complicate issues. So the real question lies relating to how one should choose a DVD for yoga. What features to look out for and what not to miss. Let’s take a look.

Clear and Valid Instructions

A beginner’s guide should possess thorough explanations on ways as to how poses are to be dealt with in an organized manner.

Proper Guidance is a MUST

The instructor should be clear cut on both verbal instructions and physical performance relating to how a pose should be performed. This includes a thorough description on how every part in your body should be feeling at a specific point in time. How a certain muscle is being used to hold a particular position and the muscles that will undergo stretch during pose delivery should also be covered.

Select the DVD Course that is Suitable to Your Current Physical Ability

The DVD should guide the user about the alignment of your body in the best manner possible. This includes tricks relating to position adjustment and how to judge whether or not the user’s position is accurate or not.

Set Your Goals before Purchasing

Always remember that before you opt out to purchase a DVD, your goals should be set in mind as to what particular benefit you plan on achieving by taking on yoga. If you’re new, then a beginner’s guide is best. However, after a certain point in time, your goals may begin to change as you get a hang of it. You may focus on weight loss only, aim to get rid of stress, or maybe your doctor has recommended you yoga for a general change in life’s outlook for the better. With so many options out there in the market today, know your niche before choosing and then go on from there.

Being in existence for a time span estimating to be greater than 5000 years, yoga with its many styles and types has really created a stir in the world of health and fitness. Each type of yoga offers some unique benefits and poses. Be it physical or mental, challenges can now be overcome through the simple practice of yoga through a DVD. It’s simple, cost effective, convenient and beneficial. Starting off with a beginner’s guide and then slowly and surely working your way up to greater intensities is the right way to go. There are numerous online options for yoga DVD’s, choosing the best one depends on your personal requirements and wants. Make a smart decision with yoga DVDs and keep your mind and body healthy, no matter how stressful circumstances may be.


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