Misfit Ray Review

///Misfit Ray Review
Misfit Ray Review

Fitness tracker manufacturers aggressively shrink the size of their devices. This is to ensure that people can wear their devices to work or play with comfort. While most of the manufacturers are focusing on cramping as many features as possible into their devices, Misfit is more inclined on the aesthetics and design of its products.

When you will first look at the cylindrical Misfit Ray, you will be puzzled how such a small device can track your health and wellbeing. But this fitness tracker gets most of the features of the Misfit Shine minus the bulkiness.

First, we thought why Misfit bothered to introduce another device with exactly the same features as its predecessor, but on looking at the Ray it dawned on us that with this device the basic design flaw has been amended. People only have two wrists and they cannot wear too many wearables. With devices like the Misfit Shine 2 problem was, it cannot be worn on the same wrist with your watch as it is bulky. Second wrist is an option but nobody wants to wear devices on both wrists as it looks way too odd.

With the Misfit Ray, the brand has done a nice job at solving this trouble for people. Its sleek and cylindrical design makes it possible to wear this fitness tracker along with other bands, watches or bangles. Also, it can be worn as a necklace.

Let’s take a closer look at how useful the new Misfit Ray fitness tracker is.

The Good and The Bad of Misfit Ray

The Good:

  • Slim and sharp design

  • Replaceable batteries that last for six months

  • Water resistant

  • Automatic activity tracker

  • Notification support

The Bad:

  • No GPS

  • No heart rate monitor

  • Minimal looks means no buttons or display

Features of Misfit Ray

Build and design

Misfit has ensured that the Ray remains unisex in its design. The dainty make and lightweight, this device suits small and big wrists alike. This is a fitness tracker that women will love for its design, especially the one with the rose gold color finish and sport strap. For males there is a black model available with leather strap.

As far as the build is concerned, the Misfit Ray is lightweight as a feather at just 8 gm. It is built to be smallest among all the Misfit devices at just 38mm length. Water resistant to 50 ATM, you won’t have to think twice before taking this device for a swim. On first impression it appears as if the Ray is a hollow tube but the straps are attached to the device on the sides with an 8 mm bar. Unlike the Misfit Shine 2 you don’t have to worry about this device detaching from the band and getting lost on the streets. The straps are well embedded on the each side of the Ray making it a sturdy device. There are two replaceable batteries in the device that can be accessed by pulling apart the fitness tracker.

The sleek and slim design of the Ray wins it first place as a comfortable fitness tracker. However, there are few compromises made to make this design possible. For instance, you don’t get the famous circle of LEDs, Misfit devices are famous for. There is only one multicolored LED in the device.

Misfit Ray Review

 Activity Tracking

The size of this fitness tracker should be evidence enough to tell you that this device is an activity tracker and not a sports watch. As such, it is a fitness tracker that will count your steps, estimate your calorie assimilation and measure the distance you cover. There is no GPS onboard this device and it makes use of a 3-axis accelerometer to measure the distance. It is capable of tracking activities like running, cycling, yoga, swimming and dancing. There is no heart rate monitor or stress level score in this fitness tracker.

Step tracking is a strong point of all the Misfit devices and the Ray is no exception. You can rely on the readings it send to the app while counting your steps. When we compared the step tracking data with other fitness trackers like the Fitbit Alta, we found the Ray to be closer to accurate. We were impressed how accurately this fitness tracker can measure the distance despite the absence of a GPS. But still it is not for serious athletes and no replacement for a GPS sports or hybrid watch. If you want average day-to-day tracking of your run, then the Ray is advised as a tracker. Calorie tracker is also helpful in understanding how many calories you are actually burning in every workout.

Your overall day tracking data is available in the Misfit app broken down into various segments based on various activities. There can be too many disparate activities showing up in your data, but you can edit them manually to remove inaccuracies in the readings. What we liked most, is the representation of the goals in the daily view. You get to how much more you need to walk, run or swim to reach your daily goal. Furthermore you can share your progress on Facebook and find other people you know using a Misfit device. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Misfit app to find friends who are in the Misfit community. Unfortunately, the community here is not large as the Fitbit community and we doubt if you will find many friends. To make the social tab interactive there is a feature that auto fills the data for average user based on your gender and age.

We missed the circle of LEDs that is present in the Misfit Shine that tells your goal progress at a glance. With the Ray you need to tap on the body that displays different LED color depending on your progress towards the goal. Red LED color displays you have achieved 25% of your daily goal, 50% achievement is displayed by orange, yellow represents 75% goal achievement while white is for 99-100% goal achievement.

A massive improvement over very other fitness tracker we have reviewed, the Misfit Ray’s sleep tracking is on the spot, at least what we found. We were amazed how accurately this fitness tracker monitored sleeping and awake time. It even included the bathroom trips in the awake data. There is an option available to manually edit the sleep and awake times, but we didn’t need it, and believe you won’t need it either. Sleep tracking with the Ray is highly accurate and the insights dug deep into your light and deep sleep data.

Misfit Move is a feature that will make you move when you are sitting for too long. You can set when this fitness tracker should alert you when you are idle for too long. The strong vibration and LED alerts were able to get our attention to complete the minimum steps per hour goal.

Misfit Ray Review

Alerts and Notifications

No display in the Misfit Ray doesn’t mean you won’t be alerted but the notifications are limited. To ensure that this device doesn’t end up as a passive tracker, support for text and call notifications is provided in the device. You can activate the alerts option from the Misfit activity app. For text alerts the LED turns blue with a gentle buzz while for call alerts the LED turns green. It is nice that Misfit has enabled alert support in the device, but there is a disappointed that there is no support for social apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. How often you text? I guess never. Today, people are using social messaging apps for text and Misfit need to consider that.

Limited notifications means an increased battery life, and we think it is the main reason why Misfit has kept the social notifications at bay. But from a users’ point of view we think little compromise on battery life to get email notifications is acceptable. The Misfit Ray also comes with a smart alarm. You set the alarm from the app and the Ray will wake you up with a gentle vibration without disturbing your partner. In case you are wondering why smart alarm, we think it’s because the Ray wakes you up whenever you are in light sleep before the alarm time.

Speaking of the sensitivity of the Ray, you get two options-a double tap and a triple tap. The former is already dedicated to showing you your daily points goal progress. But we have to tap really hard to get this device working. You can link up one or two controls to the Ray like a smart light bulb or control music player, but get it working or stop with a triple tap. Actions can be added via IFTTT. This feature shows vision of Misfit to design and make fitness devices with scope for future functionalities.

Battery life and charging

Like the Misfit Shine 2, you get a 6 month battery life on this fitness tracker as well but this time there are notifications too. No charging involved makes it a lot easier to manage the Misfit Ray. People often like wearables that require minimal to no charging. The level of the battery charge can be seen in the Misfit app.

There are two button cells in the Ray, that can be replaced easily. Given the option that button cells are cheap it is nice to have a fitness tracker that can stay up for 6 months before the batteries need replacement. Most fitness trackers with screens can’s even last a full week, on this front the Misfit Ray is a winner.

Reasons to choose Misfit Ray

First up: Design is the main reason to choose Misfit Ray over any other fitness tracker in the same price category. There is no other device as sleek and slim as this fitness tracker which is available under $100. If your fitness tracking needs are average and you want a tracker that you can wear on the same wrist along with your watch, the Misfit Ray is what you need.

You had enough of charging your tracker? You can take the device to vacations due to no charging option? Misfit Ray has a 6 month battery life before the button cells need replacement. Take this tracker anywhere for any duration without worry about charging. Oh yes, the Ray is water resistant to 50 ATM so  if you see a lake on vacation and want to dive in, don’t worry this fitness tracker will keep up with you.

For the ladies: There is a common complaint in the wearable market, that there is a lack of options for women. Fitness trackers are often bulky that are uncomfortable on small wrists of women. Well, not the Ray. It is just 38mm long and weighs only 8gm. You can wear it on your wrist and if you it round your neck, then wear it as a pendant, we bet it won’t look odd.

Notifications are a much needed update over the Misfit Shine 2. This fitness tracker alerts you with call and text notifications, though there is no screen to read the message or call ID, still it beneficial to have notifications in a device that you will be wearing at all times.

Sleep tracking is simply incredible in this device. Sleep is an integral part of your overall wellbeing and if you are looking for a fitness tracker that you can wear to your bed comfortably at the same time want accurate sleep metrics, the Misfit Ray should be your choice.


We would recommend Misfit Ray to anyone who loves style more than functionality. It is a simple fitness tracker that gets the job done nicely. It is a device that lasts for six months that give you a big relief especially, if you are frustrated over recharging your fitness tracker frequently. The Misfit Ray is a device that will motivate to keep you going and adopt healthy choices without looking ugly on your wrist.


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