Maxi Climber Reviews – Best Vertical Climber Buying Guide

///Maxi Climber Reviews – Best Vertical Climber Buying Guide
Maxi Climber Reviews – Best Vertical Climber Buying Guide

Maxi climber is a unique form of exercise machine that lets us engage in a vertical climbing activity. In fact, I personally prefer vertical climbing exercises because of the less space it requires, the overall effectiveness associated with and the low impact it generates. When it comes to vertical climbing machines, I came across several products (which were available on Amazon). Before I made the purchase, I happened to read several maxi climber reviews from various sources. Truth to be told, I was encouraged to purchase this machine after reading the massive number of positive facts emphasized in those maxi climber reviews in addition to the research I did. During my research, I found that the concept of vertical climbing exercises was introduced by maxi climber and now there are other products to follow it with minor changes.

Here’s what I experienced with Maxi climber

One of the major concerns I had when looking for a vertical climber is its height compatibility. Thankfully, max climber comes with an adjustable height feature and it is a massive advantage I must emphasize in my maxclimber reviews. As I experienced, this machine can be adjusted to be compatible with both short and tall users alike. Manufacturers were smart enough to include five different height settings in this machine and make it suitable virtually for everybody. This adjustable height feature was praised in several other maxclimber reviews I happened to read.

I wanted to be clear about the physical activity my body engaged in and keep a track on the amount of calories I burn using this machine every day. To serve my requirement precisely and show maxi climber results, it comes with a handy workout timer. This specific timer is capable of measuring the number of steps you make and the amount of calories I burn during each workout session. This is an automatic timer that starts as soon as I begin your exercises. Once I stopped the session, the timer stops automatically and shows the maxi climber results. This is a very handy feature for those who want to maintain a highly disciplined physical exercise.

As I mentioned earlier in this maxiclimber review, this machine works according to a unique concept. I experienced this uniqueness particularly with the special motion strategy called cross-crawl. This specific motion was effective enough to address the core muscles of my body with each and every step. In fact, this special motion made the muscles work more effective than I initially thought. In this maxiclmber review I must emphasize that this machine helped me to experience a ‘total body workout’ more effectively.

In addition to the effectiveness, I must appreciate the user-friendly design of this machine. The grips of this machine are made to be non-stick and the overall design helped me to engage in practically low impact exercises without feeing any strain or discomfort. Moreover, the design of this low impact exercise machine comes with a foldable design. As I mentioned, space was a prime concern when I was shopping around for an exercise machine and therefore, I love this collapsible design. It was a matter of folding it after the exercise session and sliding under the bed; it is that easy!

Does maxi climber work?

Now, let me answer the obvious questions you have; does maxi climber work? Well, in simplest terms, it DOES WORK for me. Every time I engaged in my workout session with this machine, I clearly feel that the muscles of my upper body, lower body and the core engage. I don’t need to utilize different sets of exercises to work out the different parts of the body; all the crucial muscles are worked out simultaneously with the cross-crawl motion and I have experienced it.

How much does a maxi climber cost?

One of the key things to consider before making the final decision is how much does a maxi climber cost. If you purchase maxiclimber Walmart, the initial cost will be $191.99. However, if you purchase maxixlimber Walmart with 2 year or three year protection, you will be charged additional $19 or $26 respectively.

Top 3 Vertical Climbers I Would Recommend

As I mentioned, there are several exercise machines that are manufactured based on the vertical climber design. However, not all these products are similar in terms of functionality, effectiveness, durability and price. I have reviewed the top three vertical climbers available on Amazon and the information consists in this section will be helpful when you shop around for your exercise machine.

Maxi Climber

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Sunny Health & Fitness

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01.MaxiClimber: The original patented Vertical Climber 

No matter whether you purchase a Maxi Climber on Amazon or go for a Maxi climber Walmart, you will be able to see a large number of positive customer reviews. All these reviews praise the effectiveness, the efficiency and the ergonomics of the design. The specialty of this exercise machine is that it helps you resemble the movement of a rock climber. Such movement targets a large range of muscles (in fact, it targets all the main muscle groups from top to bottom). The movement you make address the muscles of upper body, lower body and the core muscles. Maxi Climber helps you to maximize the strength of the muscles and promote the cardiovascular health significantly. The overall design of Maxi Climber does not take much space. Therefore, it is ideal for those who have limited spaces to do their exercises. Since the machine comes with a vertical design, you can do your workouts utilizing the available space more efficiently. The cost of maxi climber is lower than most of the other exercise machines in the market. Depending on the options you select (like protection plan) the total cost of maxi climber will be around $200 only (this protection is available even if you purchase maxi climber Walmart). The overall design of the product is impressive; it is user friendly and the isometric handgrips of the product ensures a very comfortable workout session. You can assemble the product with very less effort and time; you don’t need to be an expert to assemble this machine. This specific machine will match people of different heights. It comes with five different height levels; no matter whether you are a tall person or a not-so-tall person, you can make the best use of this machine therefore. However, this machine can tolerate up to 240 pounds only. Thanks to the silent operation of this machine, you can easily use it without disturbing the others’ privacy even if you live in an apartment. Storing is pretty easy; you can simply fold it back and slide it under the bed or place it inside the closet.

Features we like

  • Five adjustable height levels

  • Convenient design

  • Targets all the main muscle groups

  • Silent operation

  • Affordable price

  • Easy to store

02.Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper 

If you are still concerned about the price of the maxi climber in Walmart or Amazon, here’s a very affordable option to consider; the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper. In fact, the most notable advantage compared to the maxi climber in Walmart is the affordability. The design of this climber is a simplified one; therefore, the installation and operation process of this machine is very easy. Thanks to the compact design, you don’t need a large space to store this machine; you can easily store it in a corner without disturbing the available space. Even though it is a simple design, this machine comes with a very essential value addition; the fitness tracker. We emphasized the functionality of such tracker in our maxi climber fitness reviews because of the assistance it can offer to track down the critical aspects. It allows you to take a note on the calories you burn and the progress you make. The dual hydraulic system facilitates to change the resistance levels according to the requirement and that makes this machine compatible for most of the users. It requires a very low amount of assemble too; you don’t have to be an expert to get this machine assembled.

Features we like

  • Very affordable price

  • Simple design

  • Requires less space to store

  • Adjustable resistance levels

  • Fitness tracker with LCD monitor

03.Conquer Vertical Climber 

The third item on our list is Conquer Vertical Climber. This product too has a sleek design in order to facilitate better performance. If you are in search of a good vertical climbing machine that offers low impact workouts at an affordable price, Conquer Vertical Climber can be a good solution for you. This machine lets you perform both aerobic and anaerobic workouts with low impact. Thanks to the highly effective exercise strategy (rock climbing motion which we emphasized in our max climber fitness reviews), this machine can help you burn calories and fat easily. This is an ideal solution for those who are in search of an affordable, simplified way of noting the muscles in upper body, lower body and the core. When it comes to the construction of this machine, it is made with durable steel in order to assure better lifespan and stability. It also comes with a compact size and a foldable design; such design enables you to store it in a small space after engaging in the workout sessions. The silver finish adds some aesthetic value to the product. The stability of the product is ensured with the assistance of non-slip rubber pads. User-friendliness of the machine is good particularly because of the convenient grip handles. Although the exercises done with this machine are law impact, you can experience high level of intensity (just like you would do with Maxi Climber).

Features we like

  • Low impact, high intensity workouts

  • Convenient design

  • Non-slip rubber pads

  • Works for upper body, lower body and core

  • Foldable design

  • Beautiful silver finish

What to consider before buying maxi climber

One of the most important things you must know before purchasing a Maxi Climber is the weight of your body. In fact, if you weigh over 240 pounds, you should probably need to look for another alternative; Maxi Climber can tolerate up to 240 pounds of weight only.

Read the Maxi Climber Fitness reviews before you make the final decision. Large number of users have posted reviews on websites like Amazon. These reviews signify their real-life experience.

Consult your physician if you were not into physical activities for a long time. Also, if you have special health concerns, have undergone surgeries or are recovering from an injury, just consult your physician before you commit to purchase this machine. After all, this is a machine that facilitates high intensity exercises.

Why You Need The Maxi Climber?

If you need to burn calories and fat, tone the muscles and engage in some effective physical activities easily, this machine can be your best match. There are significant improvements of the physical health when you compare maxi climber before and after. However, to make a good comparison on maxi climber before and after, you must be frequent on your exercises.


Is it safe to use a MaxiClimber?

Generally, this is a very safe mode of cardio exercise with very low impact. However, if you have special health concerns, you may consult your physician before involve in any form of exercises.

Is it difficult?

Since this machine comes with an option to adjust the intensity levels, you can always start from a level that is convenient to you.

I live in an apartment. Will this machine suit me?

Yes! It has a silent operation and requires very small space to store (thanks to the foldable design). Therefore, it will be ideal even if you live in an apartment.

Are there any maxi climber complaints?

There are a couple of maxi climber complaints made about wobbling. However, if you maintain a correct upright position during the exercises, wobbling will not occur (you mustn’t lean when you are on the maxi climber).

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