Gym1 Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Gym1 Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Gym1 Review – Is It Really Worth Buying

Gym1 is a play set which is specifically designed for children. Manufacturers of this product claim that it can be used as an indoor playing equipment. This respective product consists of a sturdy steel bar and it is compatible with all the standard sized door frames. You can use a variety of attachments with this product and let kids swing or climb on. This product is a relatively new one to the market; it is launched in September 2017 through their official website.

Features of Gym1

Let’s take a quick look at the most notable features associated with Gym1.

  • Simple mechanism

  • The steel bar of this product can be installed within moments

  • It is perfectly compatible with all the standard door frames

  • Gym1 can tolerate more than 300 pounds

  • You don’t need to drill any holes to install this product

  • No damages as a result of installation

What we like and what we don’t like

There are plenty of products to consider when you need to purchase a play set for your children. Some products are pretty complex and expensive while others are affordable and simplified. That being said, the functionality of Gym1 is pretty simple and there is hardly any mechanism to explain deeply. We have noticed that there are several products with the similar functionality. Although this product comes under the name of Gym, it is a simple product that comprises of a strong steel bar and necessary fittings to attach to the door frame; so, don’t get misguided with the name Gym.

  • What we like

    This product doesn’t demand a complex installation process; all you have to find a strong door frame (which is obviously available in all the houses) and clamp the bar as per the guidelines. As per our belief, it takes moments only for any adult to install this play set. In fact, it is more of installing an exercise bar which you might have seen already.

    We also appreciate the compatibility of this product; it matches virtually all the standard door frames. These bars are made out of solid steel to offer better reliability, strength and durability; the manufacturers guarantee that it can tolerate over 300 pound of weight and we believe it to be true. However, the door frame must be strong enough to tolerate the weight you are going to put.

    Although Gym1 is a simple play set, it is compatible with a variety of accessories. It can be one of the best options you can consider as an indoor play set; during rainy days and winter, this is going to be a huge value addition.

  • What we don’t like

    The strength of this playset is significantly dependent on the strength of the door frame. If your door frames are not strong enough, the kids’ safety will be compromised.

    Fixing this bar on a door frame you regularly pass can be a disturbance; therefore, you have to locate an appropriate door frame.

Should you buy Gym1?

This can be a good value addition for kids to play indoors particularly during winters and rainy days. If you can locate a solid door frame with less obstructions, this is a good playset; it can keep your kids entertained, happy and physically active no matter what the outside weather condition is.


This product comes in two models (with different price tags of course). The 6-piece product (which is the Deluxe version) costs $159.95 and the 4-piece set costs $129.95. Multiple accessories are included in both the packages. Both the options are free of shipping charges.

Warm reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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