How to Use Special Effects Hair Dye – Ultimate Guide for You

///How to Use Special Effects Hair Dye – Ultimate Guide for You

Experimenting with hair color is a trend followed many people across the globe. From cupcake pink and crimson bomb to octane auburn and nuclear scarlet, you name it and you’ll get it. Making bold fashion decisions when it comes to hair can be a risky business as the results may not turn out the way you expected in the first place. The first step in the right direction when it comes to hair dye starts with choosing the right product such as the Special Effects Hair Dye. This can’t be emphasized enough as the end result is mostly dependent on what product you’ve used in the first place.

Other than that, executing beautiful hair color requires a set of proper steps to be followed. Only then can you expect to achieve the hair you’ve always dreamt of. Let’s take an in depth look at some great tips and tricks on using Special Effects Hair Dye to give you that perfect hair color.

How to use the Special Effects Hair Dye in the correct manner?

How to Use Special Effects Hair Dye

The Special Effects Hair Dye is a wonderful dye that gives desirable and promising results when used in the correct manner. The best thing about this product is that it’s of a thicker consistency than your usual hair dyes, giving you access to non-drip application. The following steps will help guide you in using the Special Effects Hair Dye.


Always set up a consultation with your hair stylist so as to determine what sort of results you can expect with the type of hair texture, color, density and porosity you possess. This will also give you a better understanding of how much product your hair will be requiring.


Next comes the formulation of your Special Effects Hair Dye, of which the first step requires complete hair shampooing. Rinse and thoroughly dry your hair with a dryer.

Preventive Measures

Use a separating medium such as petroleum jelly and apply around ears and hairline to prevent the product from entering this area. It’s always recommended to wear plastic gloves to avoid staining of your hands.

Color Application

Next, empty contents of the Special Effects Hair Dye bottle into a mixing plastic bowl. The exact quantity required depends entirely on the density and length of your hair. About ¾ of a bottle is need for long hair, while ½ bottle is sufficient for hair of short length.

The Proper coating

A tint brush should be used to apply evenly on hair strands. The quantity should be enough for proper hair saturation. The hair with dye application should be left for a good 20 to 25 minutes.

Rinse off

The hair is then rinsed away from the face with cool water and then shampoo should be used as normal.

Special Effects Hair Dye Review- Top 6 Colors

The following hair dyes are the best rated Special Effects Hair dye on The links placed below help to give you a better understanding of which color is selling well.

Atomic Pink

  • see detail

Pimpin Purple

  • see detail

Blood Red

  • see detail

Octane Orange

  • see detail

Cherry Bomb

  • see detail

Wild Flower Purple

  • see detail

1.Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye- Atomic Pink

This product is the ever popular Special Effects Hair Color dye in the funky atomic pink shade. It is the semi-permanent cream formula range which conditions hair as it colors it. A unique added feature with this color is the fact that it glows when put below black light.

2.Special Effects SPX Hair Color Hair Dye- Pimpin Purple

This product of the Special Effects Hair Dye is in the shade of pimpin purple. It’s a crazy purple that is great to make heads turn. It is the semi-permanent cream formula range that conditions while it colors your hair. This product is the most intense you’ll ever find. The best part of this dye is that when it fades after a span of several months, the shade that is left is a myriad of pinks so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

3.Special Effects SPX Hair Color Hair Dye- Blood Red

If you love red, there’s no denying the fact that you will absolutely love it. Just like other products from Special Effects, this hair color dye conditions hair as it colors, giving you hair you’ve always dreamt of. The shade produced is a bright berry red. It looks great on light colored or bleached hair.

4.Special Effects SPX Hair Color Hair Dye- Hi Octane Orange

Those who wish to dare to go orange this season should definitely try out Special Effect’s SPX hair dye in Hi Octane Orange. It’s a shade you won’t forget, giving you a bright orange red, mixed with a tint of red shade. This hair dye is one of the best ones out there, giving you long lasting color that conditions your hair. Let’s not forget that you’ll have hair that glows in the dark with this shade.

5.Special Effects SPX Hair Color Hair Dye- Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is definitely a winner for color of the season this year as it’s that shade of red you’ve always dreamt of. Bright and vibrant are understatements of this gorgeous red that will fade out into beautiful pinks after several washes over a span of few months. The SPX hair color hair dye is again fascinating in every aspect with its glow in the dark feature adding to its greatness.

6.Special Effects SPX Hair Color Hair Dye- Wild Flower Purple

For all those looking for a dash of purple, not too intense, this wild flower purple by Special Effects is the color for you. It is a much lighter tone when compared to Pimpin Purple of the similar range. The shade resembles a pale lilac, closer to blue than magenta. It goes in symphony with bleached or blond hair. Just like all the other great products from Special Effects, it’s a keeper with its conditioning with color ability.

What should be considered before buying Special Effects Hair Dye?

Before you get your hands on the Special Effects Hair Dye, it’s very important for customers to realize a few important pointers that need to be taken into consideration.

  • There are over 30 shades to choose from the Special Effects Hair Dye catalogue so make your decision wisely.

  • The Special Effects Hair Dye longevity varies from shade to shade. Colors that lean towards the paler side last for about 4 weeks on hair that has been bleached light blond in color. Other colors such as Deep Purple, Atomic Pink and Blue Velvet last for a good several months to come.

  • Bleaching hair before applying the Special Effects Hair dye not only allows the color to last a longer duration (more than 8 weeks) but also allows certain darker shades to stand out better.

  • There are certain shades in the Special Effects Hair Dye range that allow your hair to shine under black light. These include Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Cherry Bomb, Bright Yellow, Hi Octane Orange, Cupcake Pink, Joyride, Napalm Orange.

  • Hair length affects the amount of color that obviously means longer hair requires more product as compared to hair with shorter length.

How to make the Special Effects Hair Dye give you long lasting color?

The excitement regarding usage of special effects hair dye can often lead many users to carry out the wrong procedure. The ultimate result you may ask is undesirable or if we may simple put it as hair that was worst than what you started with. For this reason, it’s crucial to read up on the following tips before your first attempt at hair color using Special Effects Hair Dye.

Rinse with cold water

After application of your Special Effects Hair Dye, the hair should be rinsed with cold water. This step helps in locking your color in as it seals the hair cuticle. If hair is rinsed with warm water on the other hand, the hair cuticle swells and opens up, leading to drainage of color.

Give it adequate time

Always go beyond the recommended hair color processing time to ensure the best results.

Pre-application chores

Hair should be dry and clean before the Special Effects Hair Dye is applied. Any hair cuticles filled with water will prevent color from saturating your hair thoroughly.

Avoid conditioning before color application

During hair prepping, only shampoo hair. A conditioner should be avoided for best results.

Use Color after color treatment products

Another great tip for long lasting color is to use Kerastase Concentre Pixelist. This product is one of the best after color treatment goodies as it aids immensely in locking in color. It also gives your hair great added shine as well as helps in sealing the cuticle.

Maintain a Hair Care Regime

Always emphasize on spending a little time to understand the significance of proper after care. So much money, time and effort is invested on using a hair dye so it’s useless if you don’t give time to proper aftercare. Use your salon’s advice on which product is best for you and other ways you can maintain best results. Examples include a color safe shampoo with conditioner as well avoidance of factors such sunlight and chorine. It will definitely be worth it in the long run.

How to choose the right color from the Special Effects Hair Dye shade selection?

Choosing the right hair color dye can turn out to be a daunting task for many individuals out there. It’s always great to experiment and be versatile at accepting changes. With that being said, only specific hair colors suit specific skin tones. For this reason, every individual needs to think twice before choosing their hair color in order to get the best outcome and appreciable results.

1.Know the undertone of your skin and go on from there– The right hair color totally depends on what skin tone you have. If you have peach and yellow undertones, you have warm toned skin. On the other hand, if you have pink or bluish undertones, you’re bound to have cool toned skin.

2.Opposites attract- Yes you heard that statement before and it does apply here too. Always remember that warm skin undertones should opt for cooler shades of hair color while cool skin tones should opt for warmer shades of hair color. If you’re lucky enough to have skin undertones that lie in between of the spectrum, that gives you the signal of being neutral skin toned and hence you possess the freedom of choosing any hair color that looks great on you.

3.What to pick? Here’s our guide to picking the best hair color, suited to perfection depending on your skin’s undertone.

Cool undertones:

How to Use Special Effects Hair Dye
  • Fair skin– Peach and pinkish hair colors look best

  • Medium skin– Burgundy and magenta hues would rock

  • Dark skin– Opt for shades such as the vivid violet shade.

Warm undertones:

  • Fair skin- Blues, purples and lavender would definitely make heads turn.

  • Medium skin- Emerald and aqua blue are a must for everyone.

  • Dark skin– For individuals with darker skin, you should opt for darker shades too. Examples include a deep dark plum shade.

Tips for the perfect hair color using Special Effects Hair Dye

Know your hair’s level

Knowing the natural color of your hair is crucial to begin with as only then can you expect to gain the results you desire. Level 1 is considered the darkest while level 10 is the lightest.

Determine whether to keep or lose the underlying hair pigment

Whether or not you should utilize or give up your hair’s current underlying pigment is determined on the basis of what color you expect to achieve with your Special Effects Hair Dye. Those who desire a darker tone can utilize their current underlying pigment while those aiming more towards a lighter shade need to lose the underlying hair pigment.

Always be aware of your hair’s properties

Knowing the exact texture, porosity and density of your hair is an essential aspect to getting the hair color you want. Thicker and coarser hair requires more color. Also hair that is more porous will absorb a greater amount of color than its counterpart. Sometimes professional help from a salon may be required in this aspect.

Always organize yourself before you apply color

The rule of thumb to keep in mind is application with organization. Only mix the quantity you desire as dye doesn’t come cheap. Make sure all areas are saturated with color, especially the hairline as this area gets missed quite often.

Color before cut

In case you plan on getting a great haircut, always opt to get your color done first, followed by your haircut. This way, you don’t have to shampoo your hair twice, giving the best results.

The key to beautiful and bold hair starts with opting for the right product. The best Special Effects Hair Dye is the product to use when it comes to semi-permanent hair color. The vast variety of shades in its color line give you unlimited choices to color your hair in the most funkiest and craziest hues. Its conditioning with color ability gives your hair the texture and care it deserves, alongside color that is true and long lasting. So what are you waiting for, experiment with no fear whenever coloring with your Special Effects Hair Dye.


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