Nulastin Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Nulastin Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

Nulastin is a special solution that claims to have the ability of conditioning your lashes. According to the product descriptions of the manufacturers, this product comes as a natural follicle serum that can uplift the condition of your lashes. The also claim that it can help grow the lashes giving it a thicker and longer appearance. They further say that you don’t need to apply mascara or any eyebrow filler if you use this Nulastin lash conditioner. The special serum of this product makes sure that your hair grows naturally. This product is manufactured in the USA and as per the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers, it has naturally derived ingredients. They further claim that this product doesn’t cause any side effects. It is promoted and sold through their official website. Let’s see if this product does what it says.

Features of Nulastin

Here are the most notable features associated with Nulastin.

  • Clinically proven serum that can easily rejuvenate hair follicles

  • All the ingredients are made to be safe for the humans

  • It is capable of supporting the restoration of elastin

  • This product is really easy to use compared to fake eye lashes

  • It is manufactured in the USA assuring the quality of the product

  • It is guaranteed to be a cruelty-free product

What we like and what we don’t like about Nulastin

There are plenty of options to consider when you are shopping around for eyelash care products. However, the problem with majority of those products is that they deliver short-term results. Meanwhile, there are some other products that can deliver side effects. Therefore, you must be very careful when selecting a product to care your eyelashes. It is always better to select a product that comes from a reliable vendor instead of picking an unknown product from a random seller. Nulastin lash conditioner, as they say, is made in USA and that doesn’t come with any harsh chemicals they say. However, this is an “As Seen on TV” product; like with many other “As Seen on TV” products, we take what they say with a grain of salt. Well, despite the claims they make, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with Nulastin. We believe that this information might become handy if you are looking for a good eyelash conditioner.

  • What we like

    It has a clinically proven efficiency when it comes to conditioning eyelashes. It claims to have the ability of increasing the density of your eyelashes by a volume of 120%. Although we are not too sure about an exact percentage, we believe that it can provide a substantial support to the eyelashes and boost the overall condition and the density.

    In addition to the density, this special eyelash conditioner claims to have the ability of increasing the length of the eyelashes by more than 60%. In fact, according to the sources of information available in their official website, this product can actually increase the length of the eyelashes. Therefore, their claim of “backed by science” is pretty much acceptable. In simplest terms, it is a natural eyelashes conditioner that is backed by science.

    All the ingredients used to manufacture this product comes with a human-friendly nature. This product doesn’t have any allergens, toxic substances or strong chemicals and therefore, you can use it no matter what sort of a skin you have. As per the manufacturers, this product is made to be a gluten-free one. In addition to that, it comes as a colorless and odorless product.
    As opposed to most of the other products in the market, this product comes with a lifetime guarantee; the creator of this product (Leah Garcia) confirms the result of this product and she backs it with a lifetime guarantee. Well, as we realized, offering a lifetime guarantee is a really encouraging aspect for any potential buyer.

    It is a painless and mess free product. Application of this eyelash conditioner is exceptionally easier compared to most of the other eyelash enhancement products.

    In addition to that, the manufacturers of this product say that the adhere to no-cruelty manufacturing process; that means, they haven’t used any animals to test this product. Also, it confirms that none of those ingredients were tested on animals ever. So, if you are concerned about animal cruelty, Nulastin is a good product you should consider.

  • What we don’t like

    If you expect an overnight result or a really quick eyelash enhancing experience, this is not the product for you. After all, this is a serum made to condition your eyelashes and it takes time (though the results are long lasting). To see a notable difference, you will have to wait at least for a week. Still, we believe that the results are pretty impressive.

    Although the product delivers long lasting results, if you stop using it for some time, the condition of the eyelashes might come back to normal.

    Compared to other eyelash enhancers we see in the market, Nulastin is pretty expensive. However, as we believe, we get what we pay for.

Should you buy Nulastin?

Yes. Although it is relatively expensive and takes time to deliver results, this is a good product for those who wish a side-effect-free, top quality product.


The price of this product is $79.95. Additionally, you have to pay a shipping fee of $9.95 (at a specially discounted rate). However, it is available in Amazon with its original price; $149.95.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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