MagicBax Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///MagicBax Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
MagicBax Review – Is It Really Worth Buying

MagicBax is a handy tool that can rectify the imperfections of your earrings. These simple devices can put right saggy earlobes and defective piercings by correctly lifting the earrings from behind the ear. This product was initially launched in September 2017 through their official website.

Features of MagicBax

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with the MagicBax.

  • A superb solution to address imperfections like bad piercings, saggy earlobes etc.

  • Can be used when wearing heavy earrings too

  • No discomfort when wearing

  • It is very easy to wear (matter of sliding it over the existing earring post)

  • It is made with hypoallergenic material

  • It is made to be compatible with all the earing posts

  • It is made of sterling silver with a coating of 18K Gold

What we like and what we don’t like

Here are some of the most notable characteristics associated with MagicBax. This information might become handy for you to get a clear insight about the product. In fact, slight imperfections in the piercings in ears are not that rare in the society. Due to various reasons, people experience such imperfections and saggy earlobes. As per the claims made by manufacturers, these imperfections can be rectified using MagicBax.

Features we like

  • What we like

    One of the most significant characteristics we notice is the compatibility. This product matches with all the earrings you would come across. Thanks to the extended base of this accessory, it can perfectly fit in to the backside of the earlobe. With this functionality, the earring you wear will not sag or lean forward. Because of the same functionality, you can use this accessory when you wear a heavy earring.

    Since it is made out of sterling silver and coated with 18K gold it is friendly to human skin. That is why they call this accessory a hypoallergenic one. As long as you can wear a gold or silver accessory without experiencing any allergy, MagicBax will be a safe option. In addition to that, this product is easier to wear; you don’t have to involve in complex process to wear this. Just slide it across the existing post of the earring.

    We also appreciate the fact that it doesn’t make any uncomfortable experience when you wear it; it just corrects the position of the earring by providing gentle support. Such functionality can become handy particularly to prevent slow tearing of the piercing over the time even if you frequently wear heavier earrings.

  • What we don’t like

    On top of all those benefits, we notice a slight disadvantage associated with this product. It is still a test marketed item and therefore it leaves a fair doubt in mind. Even when it comes to shipping there can be delays (which is common when it comes to test marketed items).

    Also, the product is not available in local stores yet. You have to purchase it though their official website only and that can be another slight disadvantage.

Should you buy MagicBax?

We can conclude with a definite YES to this product. We believe that it is a quality product made with quality material to be friendly with human skin and offer precious support to rectify common imperfections. However, as a buyer, you must be prepared to accept the fact that it can get delayed when shipping.


The price of MagicBax is $24.98 ($19.99 + $4.99 for shipping). For this price, you get two pairs instead of one. Also, they offer you three varieties to select from (based on the material).

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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