Lash Magnetics Review – Is It the Best Choice for Eyelashes?

///Lash Magnetics Review – Is It the Best Choice for Eyelashes?
Lash Magnetics Review – Is It the Best Choice for Eyelashes

Lash Magnetics can be a handy value addition for those who want to have attractive eyelashes within a couple of seconds. This product comes with a magnetized functionality and it doesn’t need any glue to get attached. The popularity of magnetic eyelashes tends to increase due to the user-friendliness and Lash Magnetic tries to grab a portion of this market since August 2017. Their official website is


Here are the most notable features associated with Lash Magnetics as per the claims made by manufacturers.

  • You don’t need to use any adhesives to attach these eyelashes (as it works with magnetic power)

  • It takes only a couple of seconds to apply them

  • No irritation experienced

  • It doesn’t harm your natural eyelashes

  • Can be uses repeatedly

  • They are compatible with all the eye types

  • They are secure and comfortable on the eye

  • Can save a lot of time and money for you

What we like and what we don’t like

First, we must say that the concept of magnetic eyelashes is not a whole new concept. It is been around for some time and several other manufacturers in the market currently offer magnetic eyelashes. Now, let’s take a good look at the most notable characteristics associated with Lash Magnetics. This information might become handy for you to get a clear insight about the product.

  • What we like

    We definitely appreciate the concept of magnetized eye lashes. Since they don’t use any adhesives or other chemical stuff, we believe that magnetic eyelashes are a way better option. As per the mechanism of this product, two sets of eyelashes stick together (because of the magnetism) against the original eyelashes and hold on to each other throughout the day. When you need to remove them, you don’t need any special solution to apply; just press the upper and lower lashes and pull them out slowly.

    Since these eyelashes work without chemicals or adhesives and you don’t use any other makeup material with it, you can re-use them without any problem. Therefore, what you spend on these eyelashes is a long term investment.

    Usually, it doesn’t take too long to wear eyelashes. However, when it comes to Lash Magnetics, you will find it even easier; you can put these eyelashes on within a couple of seconds and since there is no involvement of adhesive you will experience an excellent convenience with them.

  • What we don’t like

    In fact, we don’t have anything to really dislike about Lash Magnetics. However, we believe that the user needs some practice to wear the lashes properly. For the first timers, things can be even difficult.

    Some people prefer to use tweezers to wear eyelashes; nevertheless, if you wish to do the same with this product, you will have get a pair of non-metal tweezers.

    Also, there can be some delays pertaining to the shipping; this item is not available in the local markets and shipping delays are obvious.

Should you buy Lash Magnetics?

We believe that this product is ideal for busy individuals. They will find better convenience and be able to save considerable amount of time with these eyelashes. Also, this is good for those who prefer no-adhesive eye lashes. So, we think that there is no harm in purchasing this product.


The total cost of a set of Lash Magnetics is $25.98 ($19.99 + $5.99 for shipping). With each set you purchase, you get another bold set of eyelashes. The package also includes a mirror.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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