Do Not Buy a Plasma Lighter Until You Check This Review

///Do Not Buy a Plasma Lighter Until You Check This Review
Do Not Buy a Plasma Lighter Until You Check This Review

A lighter is a very helpful utility for campers and DIY enthusiasts, not to mention if you smoke then lighters are an inevitable inventory for you. Well the conventional lighters are good and all, but they are cumbersome to use in windy weather. This is why markets have the plasma lighters that are an improvement over the traditional lighters. In the markets, there are single and double arc plasma lighter.

In this review we are discussing about the plasma lighter in detail. Essentially plasma lighters produce an arc which is a lot hotter than a flame. The arc is produced with the electrical charge between the pair of electrodes. This is how a plasma cigar lighter works basically. As there is no open flame like traditional lighters so they can be used in winds as well. When you are in the market to get an electric arc lighter you will have to make the choice between the single arc with two electrode lighters and double arc with four electrodes lighters.

If your requirement is nothing special, for instance, if you are smoker than a single arc lighter is ideal for you. However, if you are looking for more heat intense tasks then a double arc plasma lighter is more suited for your camping and hiking needs.

In this plasma lighter review we are going to detail how you can choose the best plasma lighter. We are also listing the top six plasma lighters available on Amazon.

Top Six Plasma Lighters on Amazon

Tesla Coil Lighters

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Novelty Wares

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1. Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter  

This plasma beam lighter is at the top of the list because of the quality and sturdy gun metal built. The Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter is an effective gadget for multipurpose use. Unlike most electric lighters this one is provided with a safety lock feature that ensures the lighter does not light up when the lid is closed. Simply the best arc lighter, this Tesla Coil product is available in six different color variants.

Heavy gun mental construction separates it from those flimsy electric arc lighters. Most of the users report that it lights cigarettes much faster than they expected. The arc it produces is very hot and strong, the only complain of the users is that the electrodes of this lighter are very close that makes it difficult to use sometimes.


  • Quality and reliable plasma lighter

  • Heavy construction

  • Works efficiently and easily

  • Lighting cigarettes is super fast with this lighter

  • Rechargeable

  • Six color variants are available to choose from


  • The contacts of the electrode are too close

2. Ralix Electronic Flameless Plasma  

If you are in the market looking for a reliable and handy single arc lighter, then the Ralix Electronic Flameless Plasma is the best flameless lighter you are going to get. There are many reasons why people are recommending this product as the best arc lighter. The very first reason is because of the USB recharge compatibility that makes it easy to use for almost anyone. As there is no fluid or gas, maintaining the Ralix Electronic Flameless Plasma is never going to be a problem.

As a plasma lighter this gadget is wind resistant. The construction is of durable zinc alloy that makes it highly heat resistant and you can rest assured that it won’t fall apart. The matte finish and stylish curve makes this well-built single arc lighter the best choice for your needs. The only caveat is as the arc is small you cannot use it to light standard size cigars.


  • This plasma lighter works as supposed to be

  • The built is solid

  • Rechargeable and reliable

  • Makes an ideal gift


  • You cannot use this lighter with regular size cigars or to light candles in holders

3. Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter  

Another quality plasma beam lighter, the Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter is praised as a windproof plasma lighter. The design and effectiveness of this product makes it one of the best plasma lighters on our list.

It produces double arc using the electric charge which is incredibly powerful. It is not common to see such lighting power in a flameless and butane free lighter. Being USB rechargeable extends its scope and functionality as well as its fast recharging capability makes it very effective. The body of this plama lighter is built from corrosion resistant metal and it is available in attractive six color variants. The Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter makes an ideal gift for sure.

The electric arc is windproof and on a single charge the lighter lasts up to a week that makes it a highly useful product.


  • Incredibly powerful and effective

  • On a single charge lasts for almost a week

  • Gets fully charged in less than 2 hours

  • Elegant and sleek design

  • Six color variants available


  • You need to be careful while using this lighter

4. Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter  

This plasma lighter review covers only the best products that are available on Amazon. The Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter is one such best dual arc lighter that is rated as the best seller on Amazon. What makes this Saberlight product better than most electric lighters is that the redesigned and exclusive flameless plasma design that is large enough to light large items. Unlike narrow arc lighters you can easily light cigars and candles in glass holders with this lighter.

The technology behind this lighter makes it better than most electric lighters as it produces a powerful dual plasma beams that too in the open and not between the electrodes. If you are looking for a really powerful and efficient flameless lighter then there is no better product than the Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter.

Buyers also like the stylish finish and fast recharging capability of this lighter.


  • Sturdy and rugged built

  • Efficient lighter

  • Can be used to light cigarettes as well as cigars

  • Very fast recharging

  • Stylish and elegant look


  • The lid is loose in some pieces as come purchasers complained

5. Pard Windproof Double Arc Lighter 

Another quality plasma lighter on the list, the Pard Windproof Double Arc Lighter is flameless as well as energy saving. This lighter is the best dual arc lighter which works with a touch of a button. Fast and convenient, you can use this lighter to light almost anything.


  • Energy saving

  • New ignition mode

  • High temperature resistant

  • 3D design


  • Charging takes long

6. NOVA Electric Plasma Lighter  

An electric arc lighter is expected to light things faster and without much hassle. The NOVA Electric Plasma Lighter does exactly the same. This product is a value for money plasma lighter than can be used to light almost anything. With its USB recharge capability and faster charging, buyers find this plasma cigar lighter very useful and effective.

The double arc it produces makes it two times powerful that most of the single arc electric lighters. You won’t have to think twice before buying this product on Amazon as it is offered under 60 day warranty. Being an electric arc lighter this product is both flameless and windproof. It makes ideal gift and is available in five attractive colors. You can use this lighter for long on a single charge and it also looks stylish and attractive in your hand.


  • Designed to be useful

  • Can be used in all conditions

  • Powerful arc lights things easily

  • Fast recharging

  • Five color variants all of which look attractive


  • Some users complain of the charging not lasting long

How to choose a good plasma lighter

A plasma lighter is a lot better than most traditional lighters as it is windproof and safer. If you are out in the market to buy the best flameless lighter, here are the points to consider:

Single or Double Arc

Plasma lighters either produce single beam or dual beams as arcs. Depending on your need you might want to consider both the variants. While both are useful, double arc plasma lighter can ignite things that take longer to light more easily.

Type of charging

As electric lighter depends on the charging to work, you also need to consider the type of charging a plasma electric lighter uses. The one with USB charging is recommended as you can charge it almost anywhere. Also, pay attention to the length of charging as well.

Design and Weight

Finally, you might also want to look for a plasma charger which is both well-designed and stylish.


Best plasma lighters are the ones that are useful, easy to use and durable. The products listed in the plasma lighter review are exactly the same.


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