Why Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life

///Why Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life
Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life

Night light for baby? What are you talking about? Well, this is how I used to think before getting pregnant. I wanted pitch black darkness to sleep, and I made sure my husband also follows suit. The break of dawn used to wake me up, and I would properly curtain my windows at night for this reason. I was never interested in any nuances of night light. However, things started to change in my life after I got the news of my pregnancy.

Once you get pregnant, the internet is your worst enemy and your best friend. That’s what I have learned this from my personal experience. You get all the grave and scary stuff that makes you worry while you also get to read some useful and interesting information related to your newborn. Amongst those times I get to know about this fascinating phenomenon of night light for baby. I got stirred a bit after researching on this topic but was still unable to apply it in my own life.
My baby was born in February, and I experienced a total shift in my sleeping habits. I had to wake up loads of time at night for my newborn. The dark, calm and sleepy nights were all transformed into diaper changes, feeding milk and lullabies. The worst part was even after all of the efforts I was unable to make my baby sleep properly. She would cry and won’t sleep no matter how you cater to her needs. I would offer a feed, lullabies and long tiring walks holding her in arms but nothing worked.

One of my friends recommended me a red light bulb. According to her my baby needs light at night and even in her sleep. I tried it for some days, yet it never helped in her sleep rather camouflaged her poop. I discarded this nuisance and switched it with LED smart bulb which was controlled by an app. However, it adds to my problem list as it is hard to get adjusted to it.

One of my intelligent friends came up with this great idea of nightlight baby sleep bulb. It was a miracle. Her idea took me back to the research that I did in my pregnancy period and which I totally forgot about my troubles. I was already a sleep deprived mother and was more than willing to try any new idea. Although I was skeptical in the start about this nondescript small yellow bulb, soon I started seeing positive results when I switched it on for diaper changes and nighttime feedings.

This yellow light created a calm environment and soothed my baby girl. She would remain calm while I put her back down and would go to sleep shortly. Not only this miraculous little light bulb helped my baby get her proper sleep but would make me and my husband go into a deep and better sleep at night. I salute the scientists and researchers that help in the advancement and digitizing of light that made many companies manufacture the nightlight bulbs.

The blue wavelength of light spectrum causes our brains to become alerted that in turns affect our sleep patterns. Our newborn babies get severely affected by this light as they are new to it. The night bulb technology greatly improves the sleep quality of babies and their parents who are already sleep deprived. The science of biology and its intersection with the light has produced this amazing technology.

How to get your baby to sleep?

You have come here when nothing else has worked for you just like I did. Be its airy rooms, soothing wall colors, dim light, or an astounding view of a river. Millions of parents across the world are making a simple yet a huge mistake regarding their baby’s sleep. It is inhibiting the child’s sleep and contributing to troublesome bedtimes and recurrent night waking.

Not only the parents even the nursery product makers are perpetuating this mistake around the world. When you realize the core problem, you must be shocked at huge piles of sale products that are only adding to prolong the issue rather than adding the problem. It is none other than the erroneous lighting.

A night light for baby in your baby’s room whether it is in the shape of any cute animal, some plug that emits a dim glow, a light show or a glowing thermometer; you are required to get rid of it as soon as possible. The reason is the wavelength of various color or lights. This wavelength has a huge effect on the sleep pattern of your child.

Different Colors of Night Light for Baby

The green, blue or white lights at night inhibit the melatonin of your baby at night no matter how much dim the light is. The sensitivity of light in the eyes makes the sleep hormone get release from the brain. The world which is unpolluted by the electric light would stimulate this hormone around the dusk time. The peak rise of this hormone happens between the times of 7:30 to 8:00 pm according to researchers. The hormone is essential for your baby to go to sleep at the start as well as for longer durations at night.

I can bet that the current nursery lights at your home are purple, pink, white, green or blue in hue. Many manufacturers take these colors as creating a calming and soothing environment but here is where most manufacturers are wrong.


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Science of Color Wavelength

The blue and white based light is the big cause of sleep deprivation in babies and adults equally. The light coming from laptops, smartphones, and TVs and every kind of lighting that we use at our homes contribute to the same cause. It inhibits the secretion of melatonin in the body by tricking your baby’s brain into making it believe that the daylight still exists.

There is only one kind of light that does not cause this problem. That light is the yellow light. Yellow lights have higher wavelength as compared to green, purple and white light according to research. The yellow light does not restraints melatonin and makes your baby sleep and long and quality sleep. This light does not interfere with the building blocks of your body. So turn one the yellow light for nappy changes and night feeds so that your baby’s sleep is not disrupted. Although the pitch black light is the best option for baby’s high quality and longer duration sleep yet it is an impossible phenomenon when you have to cater her needs all through the night.

Other than the nursery light do check the light of your bathroom as well. If your baby is exposed to the bathroom light which is the common blue or white light, then even this will cause the sleep issues for her. The usual regular white lights used in the bathrooms are worse than light emitting from energy saving bulbs. These white lights emit more blue light as compared to old incandescent bulbs.

Advantages of Night Light for baby

Every parent does think about their child’s night sleep while installing lights in their room. Some of them include, does my baby require nightlight? Will he be able to sleep in the night light? Won’t the light keep him up? Let’s discuss the advantages of the night light for baby to answer many of these questions.

To meet the Requirements of New Parents

Most of the new parents require the night light for them as compared to their newborn. They have to work through the night for catering to the needs of their child. This light is a great help to them while they give night feeds and diaper changes to their babies and help them to see what is going on in the room. Make sure the night light is not really bright for the baby. It must be as dim as possible.

No Fears

The night light for baby helps to battle the fear of boogeyman at night. It provides added assurance to the toddler when start to bump into things at night. According to research, the nightmares start from the age of 2 years in children. So when the nightly fear is developing you must add a night light to provide comfort to your baby. It is imperative to understand the reason which is scaring them at night. Try to address it first and then try to provide a safe and secure environment to the baby. The night light for baby is the best way to make aura safe and promote high-quality sleep.

Poop Training

When you are providing the night light for baby to your newborn, you are training them for their upcoming years of potty training and independent bathroom trips. When they are used to night light, they will be encouraged to take independent tours to the washroom and would not disturb their parents. So equipping the hallway or the bathroom with a dim yellow light will make their view clear which is a good idea.

Boosts Brain Development

The new research shows that the babies who sleep in night light experience a boost in their brain and visual development especially from their birth to the age of four months.

Avoid Early Bird Awakenings

The night light helps babies in sleeping for longer durations. Most of the toddlers they wake up early in the morning which is the typical sleep problem faced by many parents. The parents can give up anything to get that an hour or a half extra sleep. So let your baby sleep longer with the night lights and get a good long sleep till 8 am or may be later.

Compact Size

The perfect size of the night light is the best feature of all. You do not have to worry about the long wires or falling lamps. Just safely plug the night bulb into the socket, and they provide a soft and dim light across the room without coming in the way.  Lamps take a lot of space and often cause obstructions. They take up much-required desk and shelf space. The night light will easily illuminate your room devoid of causing inconvenience to you and your toddler.

Illuminate Passageways and Staircases

You can also illuminate the thoroughfares in your home with the night light. They are a handy device for lighting up your passageways, staircase, and corridors without disturbing the sleep of your baby or anyone. It will let you wander safely in the dark at night, and you won’t have to worry about the tripping or disturbing issue from your slumber by turning the lights on.

Night Lights are Cheaper

The ceiling lights take more electricity as compared to the night lights. Some parents leave the door of their child ajar to save few pounds. The cheaper way is to use night lights that provide the essential light in the room and saves you from paying a high amount of electricity bill.

The night light for baby is an unexpected way of utilizing technology for the betterment of our future generations. Not only it is handy for the parents but also meet the requirements of the babies. We are on our way to invent the new future for our babies and us. However, before installing night lights in the room of your baby, it is best to understand the motive behind. The night light for baby affects every child in a different way. You will never know if your baby can do with or without it unless and until you give a try.


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