Blu Breeze Reviews – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Blu Breeze Reviews – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Blu Breeze Reviews – Is It Really Worth Buying

Blu Breeze is a personal, portable air cooler. According to the manufacturers of this product, it utilizes the evaporative cooling mechanism to make you comfortable. Because of the portable size it comes with, Blu Breeze can also be considered as a tabletop device too. According to the claims made by the manufacturers, this product can necessarily cool down the air around you pretty quickly. They say that this product utilizes a special method called Aqua Cool Technology to make the air cool instantly using water. This product sends air through a waterlogged evaporative filter before blowing away refreshed air. The fan integrated in this device deploys a very quiet operation. Because of the fact that it is designed to be a very compact device, you can use it virtually anywhere you prefer no matter if it is your office or the bedroom. That being said, does it really work the way they claim? Let’s find it out.

Features of Blu Breeze

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with the Blu Breeze.

  • Compact size that perfectly fits on any table top

  • Uses a special technology called Aqua Cool technology for better efficiency

  • Ultra quiet operation that doesn’t disturb the others

  • Air cooled using water for more ecofriendly operation

  • Highly portable device that can be taken anywhere with ease

  • Refreshes air apart from cooling

  • Can save you a lot of money compared to expensive AC units

What we like and what we don’t like about Blu Breeze

It is true that most of the “As Seen on TV” products come with overstated claims to impress potential users. Only some of these products actually do what they claim, however. Currently, there are plenty of “As Seen on TV” products in the market and Blu Breeze is yet another item that entered this market pretty recently. This product claims to be a very small air cooler that can make your surrounding pretty comfortable no matter if you are in the office room or bedroom. In fact, at the moment, there are plenty of portable air coolers in the market and some of them can actually provide notable amount of comfort. Most of the portable, compact size air coolers significantly lack in performance compared to regular air conditioners we see every day. That being said, here’s what we like and what we don’t like about Blu Breeze.

  • What we like

    One of the few things we like about this Blu Breeze is that its small size. Compared to regular air conditioners, this product comes with a significant compactness. This product might fit on a table top pretty easily because of this small size. However, this compact size might influence its performance significantly.

    The affordability is another aspect we like about this product. Again, when compared to a conventional air conditioning unit, this is a very affordable product that can necessarily save you some money (if you can survive with an air conditioner). We also believe that it consumes less amount of energy in terms of functionality.

  • What we don’t like

    Firstly, we don’t believe that this product can actually replace the functionality of an air conditioner at all. Blu Breeze is just a small cooler that blows out relatively cooler air towards a certain direction; that is not air conditioning for sure. So, if you are expecting a significant drop of temperature in your room by using this item, you are mistaken. Performance wise, it is nowhere closer to an air conditioner.

    The functionality of this device is massively dependent on the amount of humidity level of the air. That means, when the humidity level is on the higher side, the effectiveness might decrease and vice versa. So, if you are living in an area where humidity level is too high, this is not the product for you.

    It can reduce the temperature around you only by a very little amount; all you can expect is a drop about 100 Fahrenheit and nothing more than that.

    The specifications provided about this product are not that clear. There are several features we want to verify about this product but we hardly have any way to do so. That prevents us from recommending this product for someone. For instance, they don’t specifically say the total area this product can cool down. Also, we were not unable to get an idea about its essential information such as the capacity of the water reservoir, if it has any preset levels, the availability of parts such as filter, the length of the cord etc.

    Last but not least, we are not too sure about its availability. Like with most of the “As Seen on TV” products, Blu Breeze is solely sold through their commercial website only. In this case, you might have to wait longer than usual to get the product delivered to your place after placing an order (as we know, “As Seen on TV” products get pretty late).

Should you buy Blu Breeze?

Well, we don’t think so. We cannot recommend this product to anyone who wants a powerful air conditioner. However, if you can be satisfied with just a small breeze that may or may not comfort you, this can be a good product to consider.


This product comes with a price of $29.99. There is no shipping charge applied.

Warm reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product”

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  1. Diana July 6, 2018 at 12:19 am - Reply

    Just bought this Blu Breeze and it’s a joke lol barely blows and you have to be right in front of it to feel any breeze.

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