Best Night Light –Sleep well in soothing illuminations

///Best Night Light –Sleep well in soothing illuminations

Every properly designed home consists of night lights mounted in the hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. to provide a safe light source in order to keep the house well illuminated when the sun sets. Night lights should not just be confined to the house’s interior. Outdoor patios and porches can really benefit from a night light. We all have late nights. Imagine coming home one of those nights and being unable to find your keys amidst the darkness. In situations such as this, a motion-sensor activated night light installed next to the main entrance door will be an instant solution to your problem and your quest will be overcome in no time.

Night lights help prevent chances of accidents around the house. The elderly specifically are prone to accidents and serious outcomes such as broken bones, cuts, bruises, etc. A well-illuminated house immediately decreases the risk of falling incidents especially in the bathrooms and on the staircase. According to many doctors, night lights constitute in a crucial safety measure protocol that must be followed by every household to prevent any incidents. There is a numerous range of night lights to choose from. A simple guide will help you with your decision about which one is best suited for your home.

What to Check while Choosing the Right Night Light

Light Source

People have different preferences when it comes to lighting. Some prioritize incandescent light that possesses a yellow tint, while other place preference over LED nightlights that are generally brighter and white.


The battery operated LED night light is by far the easiest, most convenient option available. They are portable hence they can be installed pretty much anywhere regardless of the fact that the setting is indoors or outdoors. These lights are run on batteries that function quite well and run approximately a course of 1 year. Such battery operated options are perfect for those who live in homes with no free outlet space. Traditional night lights can be plugged into the socket directly which are perfectly fine too. For an in-wall settled option, in-wall nightlights are excellent as they mount flawlessly inside a vertical wall box and there are numerous models available that give you an extensive range of options to choose from.

 Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life


This is where it all comes down to personal preference. While some might wish for a night light that turns as soon as night falls and stay on until the next morning, others will appreciate a conventional nightlight with a simple on/off switch. Whether you are looking for a nightlight equipped with a day-to-night sensor, one that is motion-activated, or one that simply utilizes a basic control switch, know your preference when making your selection.

Who Needs a Night Light?

The question about who needs a nightlight has sparked numerous debates and heated discussions. The general need for a nightlight is quite evident. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, you want to be able to see and not run into your wall or the corner of your dresser. Nightlights are immensely helpful during such times by serving as an important guide because they potentially prevent many unwanted accidents.

Infants, Toddlers and Young Kids

If strictly taking the above mentioned reason into consideration, nightlights are crucial for children and the elderly. Children, especially infants, are prone to disturbed sleeping patterns. They wake up multiple times in the middle of the night. In such situations, a nightlight is extremely useful. Children often get frightened when alone in the dark. A dim nightlight can help the baby stay calm and prevent an untimely outburst of panic and cries in the middle of the night. Not only that, it will be easier for parents to check up on their child late at night without disrupting their sleep.

Elders of all Age

Much like children, the elderly also tend to have very different sleeping patterns. Many have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Many amongst these older individuals struggle with impaired eyesight and arthritic joints which can already make things more difficult than they already are. A nightlight is extremely helpful in a household with the elderly because it can light up the way to the bathroom for example and prevent some serious accidents such as falls that can furthermore lead to fractures, bruises, cuts, and other pressing concerns.

Night Light Therapy for Insomnia and Depression

Our body clocks are synchronized with the light cycles that determine our wake and sleep cycle and can heavily impact sleeping patterns. Light therapy is a treatment undertaken for those who suffer from circadian rhythm disorders. Circadian rhythms include temperature, alertness, and daily hormonal release cycles. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders can cause natural sleep time to overlap with activities undertaken when an individual is awake. The primary goal of light therapy is to syndicate a healthy sleeping pattern with a correctly set internal clock thereby resulting in more sound uninterrupted sleep.

Light therapy utilizes light by exposing one’s eyes to intense but safe amounts of light for a specific period of time. Sunlight remains the preferable source; however, artificial light may be utilized in the same manner as natural sunlight. A nightlight can be used to simulate natural light and thus contribute to sleep therapy.

While some may argue that bright lights, specifically blue and white light, may interfere with melatonin production. Research proves quite the contrary. According to research, melatonin production is unimpeded when exposed to red light. Therefore, if you are concerned about your child’s sleeping pattern and want to avoid any conventional nightlight-associated health risks, but still require a nightlight, then this is the route you should opt for.

Children and the elderly are the two primary candidates who truly require a nightlight but it truly comes down to your personal preference. Many amongst us are scared of the dark and it triggers very pressing anxiety and panic attacks. For that reason, it is alright for them to have a nightlight in their room on in the hallway. Again, know your preferences to make things easier for yourself.

 Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life

4 Basic Types of Night Lights

Nightlights are like little guardians who watch out for all those imaginary monsters that lurk in the dark. For those who do not know much about nightlights but are looking to invest in some for their homes, here is a comprehensive guide to make things easier for you.

Starting off with a basic assortment of items, we have.


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Mr. Beams

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Electric Night Light:

Conventional pieces that consist of a dim yellow-orange bulb, fitted into a wall

LED Night Light:

Electric Night Lights tend to heat up quite a lot. LED night lights do not necessarily illuminate their surroundings but rather serve as an indicator in the dark by giving off a soft, blue-white hue that is enough to keep children from feeling frightened.

Portable Night Light:

Safer and longer lasting, these are convenient for everyone.

Motion Sensor Activated Wireless Night Light:

Switch on themselves when they sense company at a certain distance. Potentially lifesaving stuff because it also works as an alarm.

Top 10 Best Nightlights –Our Picks on the Most Popular Night Lights

Moving on to the specifics, here are some of our suggested favorite nightlights that are affordable, effective, convenient, stylish, and totally worth your investment.


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The Kitchenry

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Safety 1st LED Night Light, 2 Count

LED lights are not super bright which makes them perfect for a nightlight. This nightlight costs up to 87% less than standard bulb nightlights to operate. Equipped with an LED bulb that lasts a staggering 25 times longer than an average light bulb, these are compact, handy and very elegant to look at. Easily plugged into a nearby socket, these lights do not heat up when switched on; therefore, touching the light will bring you no harm hence making them a very safe option.

TK LED night Light

This LED nightlight is an investment that will last you years. A simple plug in number, this nightlight costs a measly sum of 0.25 cents per annum to operate and an expected life of 100,000+ hours (Approximately 10+ years). With a maximum lumen power 60% less than other brands, these test at a record low of 0.2 watts. Integrated light sensors allow these lights to turn in automatically as soon as night falls and switch off at the break of dawn. Soft light spectrum emission is guaranteed for maximum visibility that will not hinder sleep.

LED Mushroom Lamp Night Light

Manufactured with high quality soft silicone and rubber wood, this LED light emits soft, opulent light that can instigate deep sleep in children. Drawing inspiration from nature, this lamp is simple yet rustic and beautiful.

Plug In LED Light with Light Sensor

This energy saving item utilizes only 0.5 watts power over 12 hours daily. With a life so long, you will not have to replace the bulb ever. Automatic light sensors switch on and off depending on the time of day eliminating the need for a switch button. This emits a soft blow glowing hue that is just right for any room.

Sycees Plug Sensor Baby Night Light

This bedside nightlight is durable, waterproof, and baby proof. Sturdily constructed, these carry eye caring LED bulbs that do not harm the eye and have adjustable color between cool white and warm white. Simple tap mechanism eliminates the need for a conventional switch. With a life of 80+ hours, charge this portable number and take it with you wherever you want.

Color Changing LED Heart Romantic Love Night Light

A heart-shaped light adorned with stained glass with a hanging heart charm, these are perfect for gifting or decorative purposes. This mood lamp piece is simply plugged in to give off a warm hue and create a mesmerizing feel in any setting. It is durable, has impeccable quality, and is safe to touch.

Starry LED Night Light

Powered by 2 batteries and a nominal voltage of only 3V, these are energy saving lights that are flexible, malleable, durable, heat repelling, romantic, and simply stunning to look at. These are multipurpose and can be utilized for decoration purposes as well.

Sleep Soother Aurora Protection LED Light

A dome covered nightlight; this galaxy aurora projector emits multicolored realistic aurora borealis and nebular light that is enjoyable, relaxing, and soothing. Equipped with an audio cable, you can plug in your device to make your child listen to lullabies, as well as a timer feature to save energy.

Portable Soothing LED Kids Night Light

Designed to illuminate in the specific wavelength to give of a soothing and relaxing feel, this soft orange-yellow light is excellent for inducing deep, uninterrupted sleep. Portable and light weight, these can be placed anywhere and travelled with everywhere. These do not require batteries as they can be recharged and he brightness levels can be adjusted. Safe, durable, energy conserving, and easy to clean, these are excellent for children’s rooms.

Motion activated Toilet Night Light

Colors variety to match with your wash room tiles and theme, this motion sensor LED Nightlight is perfect for kids and elders who can’t hold and wait to turn on the lights in night. GlowBowl Toilet night light is an absolute aid for potty training your kids.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Night Light?

The search for the right nightlight calls for serious thinking and background study in order to assess the pros and cons that go into it. Here are some of the things you should take into consideration before investing your money on one.

Power Outlet Location

First thing first, does the room you wish to install a night light in have a power outlet available? If not, you may need to opt for a battery powered, portable option. A portable nightlight can be placed anywhere in the room. If yes, before going out to choose nightlight for your room, it is essential that you take a quick inspection tour to assess the location of electric sockets near the bed. Another important aspect often left ignored is the length of the nightlight power cord.
The cord length will help you in deciding whether the nightlight of your choice will work in your desired location. If the cord length is too short, the light might be too bright and if the cord is too long, the light may come off as quite dim. Therefore, take all these aspects into consideration before finalizing on one design.

Light Color

As mentioned above, the color of your choice of nightlight leaves a significant impact on your sleeping pattern. Light operates over a range of frequencies of differing wavelengths and thus, different colors. Similarly with nightlights, you have many different colored options that you can choose from. There is a common misconception with the aura of the color blue.

Many people mistake it for giving off a very calming and soothing feel. The truth happens to be the exact opposite however. The color blue is said to in turn instigate and enhance reaction and attention times. The general sleep mechanism is obviously disrupted by this constant stimulation so naturally, we would strongly advise you against the blue end of the spectrum.

The same applies for a white night light. Falling under the same category as the blue light, white light happens to be just as bad for your sleep. Steer clear of both of these in order to maintain a healthy and peaceful sleeping pattern.

Your best bet has to be a red or orange light if you care about a good night’s sleep. Embodying the striking beauty of nature’s very best, this color palette imitates a sunset that automatically induces a calm slumber inside your mind. Our minds work in conjunction with natural daylight settings. As soon as night falls, our brain starts to slow down and habitually prepare for sleep. Red light has been proved to induce a similar kind of feeling that is comforting, relaxing and familiar.
How, you ask? According to some experts, when in the womb, a child is only exposed to red colored light so babies naturally when around that similar color spectrum, they supposedly start to fall asleep.

Timer Feature

Timers are not a necessity but they are extremely helpful. When switched on, your night light can be programmed to remain on until a specific period of time. The timer ticks down during the course of the night and eventually switches off. This mechanism allows one to reduce electricity consumption and conserve on your night light’s battery. The more battery life you conserve, the longer it will last.

In addition to saving electricity and conserving battery, a timer feature alleviates one from a sense of responsibility and duty to attend to something. Whether we like it or not, whenever we leave anything on, there is a feeling of responsibility and unease that comes with it. Uneasiness disrupts a good night’s sound sleep. A timer relieves you of that feeling in the back of your head and you can sleep peacefully.

Type of Night Globe

Never forget about the night globe or bulb that goes into your nightlight. It is crucial to understand what type of night bulb goes into your nightlight. Certain night lights feature a replaceable bulb whereas others constitute of irreplaceable ones. When the globe of such a nightlight has run its life course, the complete nightlight must be replaced. While the cost of nightlights with irreplaceable bulbs does fall on the relatively more affordable side, we suggest investing in one that allows replacements.

It is preferable to invest your money once in something that can be reused as opposed to something that truly has no guarantee. If you are lucky, it might last you a whole year, however, if luck is not always on your side, it might die down in a month tops. Spend your money wisely because a good investment ensures longevity and reduced stress.

Light Brightness

Perhaps the most important aspect to take into consideration amongst all is regarding the light brightness. The amount of brightness given off by your night light is extremely crucial because if it is too bright, it might disturb you and might even make you wake up, however, if it is too dim, it might not illuminate anything and hence that would simply defeat the true purpose of purchasing a night light altogether. No one wants to deal with a grumpy child especially that too in the middle of the night. Here is how you can assess the brightness of your night light.

As soon as night falls, switch on your night light. Lie in your desired sleeping position, close your eyes and position your face towards the light. If the light given off by the night light can be vividly detected with your eyes closed, you know your light is too bright and is bound to interfere with one’s sleep. Do not opt for one that is too dim either because if you are installing one in a child’s room, for example, you need to be able to attend to your child and not be left blinded. Same applies for the elderly because many happen to struggle with bad vision and extremely dim light harbors no benefits for them.

Additional Features to Consider

Every day there are new innovative designs that are being introduced to the market. Whilst the primary purpose of a night light is the same i.e. to softly illuminate a room, there are other features that are quite interesting and often handy. Such features include built-in thermometers to help you assess the room temperature, color changing bulbs, motion sensors that allow a night light to switch on when someone walks into the room, handles for easy handling, and an integrated white noise machine or music box that can help one to relax and promote deep sleep.

Normally, these additional features add to the price, therefore, if you are in search of a simple conventional night light, you can simply focus on other features and omit these completely.

 Night Light are so important in a mother and baby’s Life

Usage and Benefits of a Night Light

A night light brings with it multiple benefits. If you plan on installing one in your child’s room, rest assured, it is a good investment because it will help you out immensely as a parent as well.

Let’s begin with its individual benefits as well as those that cater to parents.

Reassurance in the Darkness

People are afraid of the dark. It is a very natural phenomenon. Be it a baby, toddler, child, teenager, or adult, there are many amongst us who deal with severe anxiety when exposed to darkness. An opulent soft night light gives one that feeling of reassurance and in turn makes you feel somewhat safe and secure. For one to sleep peacefully, his or her mind must be at total ease. If you are frightened, you will never be able to relax. The terror only makes it worse. In such situations, a night light is extremely beneficial to keep one’s nerves at bay.

Children often have issues coping with separation anxiety. Couple separation anxiety with a dark room and you has officially signed up for an unplanned all-nighter because you will have a crying baby on your hands. A night light is your best friend in situations such as these when you are just looking for a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep.

Fuss Free Late Night Check Ins

This applies specifically for children. Children often need to be checked upon multiple times during the night. During these encounters, every parent hopes to keep the interaction down to a minimum in an attempt to keep the baby from waking up completely and have a good night of uninterrupted sleep. With dim lights around, you can make your late night visit extremely low profile as dim lights do not disrupt sound sleep.

Our preference is a light that falls under the red-orange spectrum primarily because red hues do not interrupt melatonin production and thus do not contribute to sleepless nights. Avoid switching on a bright light at all costs because it might startle the baby allowing him or her to wake up before due time frightened. Putting a frightened baby back to sleep is nothing short of a challenge. A dim night light is great for both you and your child.

Avoid Early Morning Awakenings

Toddlers love to wake up early. It is typical behavior. For adults, the struggle is real because we are sure that almost everyone craves that extra half hour of sleep in the morning. A timed night light can substitute for an alarm in the case of a child. There are various options that you can look through to find your perfect choice.

Easier Falling Back to Sleep Process

It is the middle of the night and you came to check up on your child as per routine except today your child woke up. Now, there is a way to diffuse this situation. Switching on a bright light is not one of them. An already switched on dim light will rescue you from a night of crying and general tantrums. If you switch on your regular light, your child will most likely wake up right away out of his or her slumber and will be ready to seize the day.

A dim light will prevent this chain of events because the lack of light will allow your child to continue to stay in his or her slumber because it will not alert the child’s brain. A dim night light can help you avert such crisis in a matter of moments.

Fewer Accidents

As mentioned earlier, getting up in the middle of the night out of your comfortable bed to go to the bathroom for example is no less than torture. Let alone the personal struggles, the darkness of one’s room poses an immediate threat as one is automatically prone to more accidents when in the dark. Despite habitually being aware of your immediate surroundings, when in a slumber, our brains do not exactly cooperate fully. For that reason, it is crucial that you equip your room with a night light according to preference. Avoid any ate night horror stories of stubbing your toe into furniture, falling, or hitting your head against the wall.

Cost Effective

Saving is a practice that we should all engage in regardless of our financial status. A night light is a sure fire way of saving up on electricity costs. By investing in a night light, you are essentially going to be conserving electricity by switching off ceiling lights, hallway lights, room lights, etc. Battery operated night lights are even better because they do not consume electricity to begin with and they consume utilize less energy than traditional night lights.

Mall, compact, simple, and convenient, night lights are the humble savior every household needs. Easily adjusted without occupying much desk space, a night light is very handy because they effectively light up corridors, hallways, staircases, and passageways to allow you to safely roam around the house in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone’s sound sleep. They contribute massively to a child’s peaceful sleep and a parent’s good night of uninterrupted rest.
Finding the right night light is difficult but also interesting and fun as you get explore the seemingly unlimited options of models as well as their new and innovative features. So what are you waiting for? Find your ideal pick and make your life easier.


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