Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator Review

///Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator Review


Keeping your children, your elderly parents and pets safe is very easy with the help of Gps trackers. And one of the best GPS trackers includes Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator. It can be attached anywhere on clothes of children or onto the collars of pets because of its small size. It allows to locate the location of your loved ones anywhere in the world only for a small monthly fee. If you plan to go out of your house or city or even out of country it will keep track of your children, pets, your elderly relatives or parents and important belongings. The price of locator is $129 and $4.95 a month (99€ for device and 3.95€/5mb a month). It is a very durable and user friendly device. It uses multiple systems such as GPS, GSM, CELL ID and Bluetooth to track the wearer’s location.

Yepzon inc is a company from Finland and this device was released in December 2014. Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is the best device as it has worldwide coverage in US, all European countries, Norway, Switzerland and Russia and there is a list of other countries where roaming time can be purchased. When Valdimir Putin the President of Russia went missing for a week or so the Yepzon donated a so unit to Russia so they would keep track of him.


The cost is $129 or 99€ other than the monthly service plans. It also comes with two types of protection charges it is your choice to choose which one you want that includes

• 3-Year protection for $8.95
• 2- Year protection for $8.70

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator Review

Working of Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator:

When you receive the device it is very easy to use as all you need to do is active the service plan for $4.95 dollar per month or 3.95€/5mb per month. Then you can download the app to your smartphone, it can be used on any type of smart phone, charge the device fully for seeing how much the battery life is and is clear of errors, attach the device to tracked target, give it a name and make sure it is working properly by testing it. It uses the phone’s manufacturer’s map for example Google maps on Android phones and Map app present on Apple devices.

Kind of smartphones and tablets Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator needs to work:

It can work on the following devices:

• Windows phone 8.1 + NFC (only Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator)
• IPhone 4s or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth smart-BT 4.0)
• Android 4.3 or newer + NFC or Bluetooth smart- BT 4.0


Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator has a lot of features as it is designed to have multiple features and very user friendly. Following are the features present in the Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator:

  • Motion-Tracking

    Motion tracking is the best feature a gps tracker can have as Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator tracks location every 10 second of movements and it automatically goes in resting mode after 30 minutes of no movement which helps preserve the battery life and active mode is on when the device starts moving. These modes are present to also check the frequency of connection and gives the reading that how often Yepzon connects to app differently or after how much interval of time.

  • Different from other freedom devices

    This device is designed basically for small kids, valuable assets and pets. This device is either attached to them or wore by them. What makes it different from other freedom devices is that Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator does not have a button to control on wearer’s device as the whole control is in the hands of the person who made them wore it for observing every move through mobile application. And it also contains the SOS alarm button which is very important feature present in Yepzon and makes it different from other Freedom devices.

  • App languages

    Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator app is available in many languages and it is very necessary if you have users and consumers form around the world. The app languages includes: English, Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Bokmål, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. The app rating on App Store is 4+.

  • Multiple device tracking

    Multiple device tracking can be done if the person gives permission to other person to keep check on his children or any other valuables. It means that your child can only be tracked by the people who you gave permission to. This feature is very helpful if both the parents wants to track their child therefore multiple device tracking becomes very useful for this purpose.

  • Battery life

    Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator ‘s battery life can last a very long time. Most of the time the locator is in resting mode and only activates when movement is detected by the device. Because of this reason the battery life can last up to several weeks or even months. From the app it can also be switched off so it means you are only using it when you want it, this will also save battery and it shows you when it needs to charged.

  • Portable design

    Its portable and easily moveable design makes it more convenient and it is designed for various uses and that are keeping track of anything you want as it is possible to attach anywhere because of how light weight it is.

  • Connection frequency

    Connection frequency is known as how often the device (Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator) is in contact with the app from the mobile app’s setting which is determined by the user himself. The user can determine when and how often they need accurate location information because connection frequency shows how quickly the user gets location information depending on the tracker has last checked the situation. It consumes battery but the right is given to user to use it. The connection frequency is divided into resting and moving mode which is very important as it is mentioned in the motion tracking feature.

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator Review
  • Accuracy of location

    Yepzon uses a lot of different methods for locating such as GPS satellite tracking, Bluetooth smart signal tracking (Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator), Wi-Fi indoor tracking , Mobile phone base station location based tracking, GSM, and CELL ID. In countries its accuracy is couple of hundred meters to a couple of kilometres. In the countryside where there are less supporting stations the location accuracy is 10 kilometres or more. GPS tracking needs at least 3 satellites to work and it had 56 Channels GPS/ Glonass modules, which makes it very accurate even if you are out of country.

  • Yepzon app:

    Yepzon app works with every smartphone with the basic requirements it needs and it does not require any password along with no registrations process. You can follow a huge number of Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator if you want to totally depend on the person and it will provide its complete controls with the help of its well architecture and user friendly app control which work smoothly in all environments.

  • Affordable

    It is very affordable with only monthly service plan charges which are also cheap. And does not require any contact payments and activation or cancellation fees and also provides the consumer first free month use.

  • History

    The device records accurate locations and history is recorded. So you can check the recorded history whenever you want to. It is very efficient in history recordings and giving alerts such as low battery alerts.

  • Privacy

    Using this device allows the user to do not provide any registration or passwords hence it doesn’t demand of any contact information since Yepzon does not save user Identification information which makes it very secure as no data is sent or taken by the company. The IMEI code on the device helps to keep the user distinguished from others as it works as their unique id. This also shows how Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is user friendly because no one wants to share its personal information most of the time so it also allows the user to trust the company more because of its professional approach.

Technical details:

It has a very small size with dimensions like (length of 85mm, width of 46 mm, thickness 17 mm and weight of about 46 g) with the access to 56 channels GPS and Glonass modules. It has 24 months warranty which makes 2 year warranty. It has wireless communication sources such as Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE) and NFC (Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator). It has built in sim function. It also is provided with a micro USB charging wire for the functionality of easy charging anywhere. It is durable because it is water, hit and dirt resistance which very important because of attaching it to bikes, cars, pets or even to children.

The GPS tracker can be shipped to any country where it has working coverage such as in US, European countries and many others. The item weight is 1.6 ounces and the shipping weight is 5.6 ounces. The customer ratings are 4 out 5 stars on amazon. It also has cellular communication service of Quad band GSM and GPRS module. Its battery is 850 Li-ion which means lithium ion battery (a type of rechargeable battery) . It has battery life of 2 weeks in average use up to months depending on the settings done by user as they can be customised.

Service plan:

So if you are convinced by how amazing Yepzon is then you are good to go towards the service plan of the device. It has very cheap monthly service plan, It is actually very affordable other than price range of $129 or 99€ it comes with a monthly plan such as $4.95 a month and price includes 5MB (1 month usage) of data additional if required for 3.95£ and actual monthly plan which is for 9.95€.

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator Review


  • Its small size is very durable for wearing and attaching it on anyone.

  • It also comes with case which works as a protective case.

  • It uses maps from the phones of the users and if Google maps are used tracking is made much easier and efficient.

  • The free data given may last a long time depending on usage.

  • Many people who have settings which  consumes less battery life are finding this Yepzon very convenient  as it needs to charged only once after weeks.

  • Alarm can be set to activate the device when required.

  • The device has no buttons which is a plus point as small children and pets cannot turn off the device intentionally or accidentally.

  • The whole control is in the hands of the tracker.


  • Some people who is use this very frequently often complain of short battery life.

  • If settings are done which includes connection frequency the battery life drops.

  • This device is said to heavy for small puppies and cats, some users cannot tie the devices to their neck which is a drawback.

  • The location is not accurate if the person wears the device inside a building because GPS signals are very low inside buildings.

  • The case which is given in the box for protection is not water resistant itself.

  • When the device is in sleeping or resting mode it takes some time to provide location when movement is detected by the device.

  • It lacks panic button, which is necessary if a kid is abducted.

Why Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is Preferred?:

Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator is the much easiest of all GPS trackers. It has an impressive and long lasting battery life which its company brags about. Not only it has variety of customise able functions which can be determined by its user, it also provides help centre services via email and also an European number is available for helping its customers.


Despite of all the cons people still like the functions and features of Yepzon One Personal GPS locator and prefer this device. The ratings on App Store, Play Store and is 4/5 stars. Some improvements are still needed for Yepzon One Personal GPS Locator to be in top 3 GPS trackers but no other tracker can give the convenience of what Yepzon provides because of its user friendly services.


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