Trax GPS Tracker Review

///Trax GPS Tracker Review


Pets are bundles of love, wrapped in fur and if you love your pet and always afraid to leave him alone at home so, don’t need to worry about it anymore. For this problem we are introducing the world’s smallest GPS tracker which let you keep eye on your pet or anything that values the most. Trax is the Swedish company, which have introduced on April 26, 2016.

If you are planning to go abroad and also doesn’t want to leave your pet, important assets and children alone at home then Trax GPS Tracker is also the solution of this problem. Now you can monitor your precious things and loved ones out of the country in which there is the coverage of Trax, a durable GPS tracker, because it is working in more than 39 other countries. Now you can travel without any fear as you would get text and email alerts by this GPS tracker wherever you go. This is the smallest GPS tracker in the world with the amazing features. No any other tracker is using three satellites system but Trax GPS Tracker uses these systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo). This is why GPS tracker produces the most accurate readings.

Trax GPS Tracker Review

This little device can be slotted into the belt holster of your pet or hook the device with the pet’s collar. There is also a clip comes with device, which can be attach to the clothes. You can also put the device in the uniform’s pocket of your kid, so you can get updates of her/his location when he/she goes to school.

Coverage in 40 Countries

Trax GPS Tracker works in 40 countries and it includes: Australia, Austria, Belgium Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Czech, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA.


Trax comes with new extra ordinary features than the other traditional GPS trackers. These features Includes:

  • Real-Time GPS tracking

    Trax is the most advance form of the GPS tracker technology. This is the most upgraded tracker with lots of new extra features. This GPS tracker offers the smart real time positioning. You can see the accurate position of the tracker in real time. You can use android app or iPhone app for monitoring the location on the map. This app is very easy to use for everyone. If you mostly work on laptop or computer, then you can also use web monitoring for the tracker.

  • Geofences

    Now days, everyone look for multitasking devices and Trax GPS Tracker comes with this systematic feature. You can set Geofences for several trackers. Geofence is a tool in which you define ‘safe zone’ and if the tracker enters or leaves that area you would get a text and email alert. It can also be scheduled, as at what time it should be activated and you would get alerts when the tracker leaves or enters that area. You can also change the size and style of the Geofences at any time by dragging on smart device. So, now you can monitor several areas by setting fences. By using free form, polygonal, circular and rectangular drawing tools you can easily draw geo fences.

  • Proximity fence

    There is a great panic situation, when your kid suddenly gets disappear in the market of the park. To get rid of this situation, you could create a digital fence around you and if your kid leaves the fence, you would get immediate alert using Trax GPS Tracker.

    Similarly, if you afraid to take your dog to the park in this fear that he would get lost then don’t need to worry about this just setup the fence and let your dog off the lead.

  • Scheduling

    If your kid is school going and you want to keep track on him in that time, then you can schedule the school timing and get email and text alerts if your child enters or leaves that ‘safe area’.

  • Motion-Tracking

    Another incredible feature of Trax GPS tracker is the Motion-activated tracking in which the tracker doesn’t work when there is no movement of the tracker, which results in low battery consumption. However, how faster the tracker moves it gives more often faster updates within seconds.

  • 24hrs History view

    In this app, you can see where the tracker was at certain area at specific time. You can view history of tracker for last 24 hours. So, if you were busy the whole day and didn’t track your child’s location, where he/she went the whole day then you can see the history of past 24 hours.

  • Speed Alerts

    If your child drives the car fast and you always get worry about him/her, then you don’t have to worry about this anymore. On using Trax GPS tracker you can set a speed limit and if the tracker would exceed the limit, you will get the text and email alert immediately.

  • Multiple device tracking

    Want to monitor several trackers at the same time? Don’t worry because now you can get updates of several trackers at the same time. So this is like mom and dad, both can track the child.

  • Sharing information

    Nobody really wants to share his/her personal information. Need to share information of the tracker with other people without sharing your login account information? No problem! Just turn on the sharing option on in the setting panel of the app, and let others to track your follower.

    Now, you can get emergency alerts by using Trax GPS Tracker. If you  fall somewhere, and unable to use your mobile phone then the connected trackers with your mobile phone would get alert texts as the Trax has built-in Gyroscope that scenes and send alerts if the tracker fall down.

  • Augmented Reality

    Another amazing feature of the app is augmented reality through which you can find your lost tracker. With the built-in camera, you can locate the distance in the right direction, just pan the phone around you and it will show you pointing the right direction on the screen. This is can use for some elders who suffer from lapse in memory.

  • App languages

    The intuitive application “Trax” has also several languages options which includes; English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish. Now use the app in language that is easier for you.

Service Plan

So, are you looking for any reasonable tracker with affordable monthly plans? Then, you came to right place. Trax GPS Tracker is providing two years of free data and service with the purchase of new device. It means that, there is no monthly fee for first two years of device. After two years, this would be your choice to subscribe the monthly plan. You can also continue the usage on monthly fee of $5.00. With the SIM card built-in, you just have to activate the device and start it to use. There are three service plans in which you can get unlimited data.

  1. 8 months package for $54
  2. 16 months package for $72
  3. 24 months package for $96
Trax GPS Tracker Review

Technical Details

The smallest sized device of 55*38*10mm can listen to 4-14 satellites. The information transmits, sends position, speed and direction, through GSM networks directly to your phone. The application, Trax play, connects to the 2G T-mobiles. The device is charged by the usb cord charger into any usb port. The micro usb cord makes easy to charge anywhere.

The device is water resistant, stains resistant and very durable. Trax GPS Tracker is really a very reliable outdoor tracker, it can holds out temperatures between -10 degree Celsius and +40 degree Celsius.

Powerful 515 mAh LiPo (Lithium polymer) battery uses for the device.

On shipping, the company provides one year hardware warranty. The GPS tracker is not allowed to ship internationally and can be shipped within USA. The shipping weight is 5.6 ounces, although the weight of the device is 1 ounce.

How to start the device?

Getting start is just like piece of cake! Trax GPS tracker is very easy to use for both Android and IPhone users. Following are the simple steps to start the device;

  • First of all, charge the device and when the device would fully charge then turn on the device.

  • Install the initiative application on the phone. Search the application ‘Trax play’ on the app store and then follow the installation instructions.

  • To start the account, you have to add the Trax GPS Tracker ID and pin code which would be provided on the box of the device. Create the account and then add the device on the app.

  • Later through, you can get the data plan on our website and also through the tray play application.
    Both the iPhone and android apps are easy to use. After setting up the app, a map would appear of the screen and you can set the geo fences by touching the screen.

You can see the video below in the link if you want to take some tips to hook the device with the pet’s collar.

Packaging Details

You would get two silicon chips, (one for belt and one for cloth) with the device, Mountings for the attachment of the device with the pet and usb chord charger.

Trax GPS Tracker Review


  • Smallest size of tracker

    This little device is so helpful for the tracking of the children and the pets because of the size. The Trax GPS tracker can be attached to the clothes of the child and you can hook the device with the pet’s collar.

  • Real-time tracking abilities

    Within the 10 seconds of intervals, you get updates of the tracker and the current location at that time.

  • Free data and services for two year

    Every month starts with lots of expenditures, but you wouldn’t be worry about the monthly fee of the tracking device as for the first two years, you would get free data and services.

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  • International tracking (39 countries)

    Now, the coverage is available in other 39 countries in very low rates, which would be beneficial for your summer vacation plans if you are planning to spend vacations in one of the 39 countries.


  • Lack of panic button

    This tracker lacks panic button, which is the major con of the device.

  • Short battery life

    Other GPS tracking devices come with long battery life and the battery life of Trax GPS Tracker is not long as other devices. It provides 24-48 hours of charging. But if you charge the device on the daily basis, it would be really beneficial device for you as it doesn’t consume battery when the tracker doesn’t move with motion-activated tracking ability.

What are the qualities of good tracker?

A tracker should be light weight and easy to carry. The application should be easy to use so that it can become easy to monitor the tracker. The network coverage of the device should be very efficient.

Why Trax GPS Tracker?

The little device with most upgraded features and best network coverage is hitting the market. The accuracy is 100 percent as it is using three satellites. With the prepaid sim card, the user can use free data and services for two years. No other tracker is providing this offer like Trax. No other device can track your pet as Trax does, so you should really go for Trax GPS Tracker if you love your pet and always want to get updates of him/her. I would really recommend you to try this tracker if you want peace of mind in real meaning.


No matter this tracker lacks the panic button or has short battery life but the full featured tracker with incredible size really very easy to use with accurate monitoring. No other tracker would let you keep track on your pet or kid alike Trax GPS Tracker. Peace of mind comes with using this GPS tracker.


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