Trackimo GPS Tracker Review

///Trackimo GPS Tracker Review


Trackimo GPS Tracker is the top class personal tracker with low prices. It can locate and track everything that is precious to you and you never want to lose it. It is easy to use and its small size and broaden features makes it distinguished from other trackers. This is the state of art tracking technology and its efficient GPS and GSM connections offers accurate and exact location and history. You can track everything about which location you are curious or want to keep track of the location with real time tracking. With Trackimo GPS Tracker you can now cheek the location of yours every important thing anywhere, anytime. If you need to look after young children or elderly family members then you can check their current location easily with it. It can get you out of the tension and provide the location of your beloved asset. With this device you are able to prevent the accidents that can happen due to unreliable or teenage driver.

It can track tiny object that are important to you and might get lost or stolen like Drones.

Reason to Choose Product:

Security, safety and savage of time are at the top list of the factors that call the need for any new technology. In GPS systems and trackers these factors have equal weight. Most people think that why they need a GPS device to look after their assets? Answer may goes in bulk of file and proves that GPS tracing devices are essential to get real time results. GPS or GSM tracking systems are on the increase but only efficient one can fulfill the main objective of the tracking system.

User want comprehensive user interface, real time results, accurate location with time, worldwide access, reduces operating expenses, mobile compatibility and many more exciting features. What if they found one single such device in the market with all functionalities they most want? Obviously they make the choice of using that product.

Trackimo GPS Tracker is the globally best GPS tracking device with splendid features. Our clients love to use and giving it high rank and positive feedback due to its smooth operability and accurate results. With this tiny GPS device you are able to track the location of your devices or machine or beloved one with customizable time range, customization is the big reason to choose the Trackimo.

Trackimo GPS Tracker

Real-time Fleet Monitoring

Trackimo GPS Tracker enable you to track the location of your vehicles and unreliable derivers without requiring any additional device or operating resources. As it is compatible with many mobile application, it’s easy to manage and view the location of the tracked objects. Just put it with the asset you want to track and view their location with real time history to get idea where they were and where they are anytime, anywhere. Teenage drivers always waiting accidents to happen and you have to pay for the consequences. Here Trackimo can help you to get peace of mind and mitigating the risk. You are able to know that your fleet is optimized and safe at any time. To get maximized the vehicle utilization is the major reason to choose Trackimo , along with providing real time location history it can stop fuel wastage and help to reduce over-speeding in this way it can help to eliminate your vehicle idle time.

Accurate analysis and correct action can manage field staff and drivers in an effective way. The exact calculation of the services time can make your client happy .In this way it can increase the no of trips.


Real time monitoring with accuracy and safety is the objective of Trackimo GPS Tracker. It is more than a simple GPS tracking devices. There are many exciting features with it. As just the current location is not enough customer need complete real time history data and backup of that data to review it whenever they want. And of course they prefer an easy way to do this .Trackimo is here to fulfill your all GPS tracking needs with innovative features. Its size and quick and easy to use interface is one of the best features.

It is smart enough to sense the location and generate results in unfavorable conditions or when getting distress signals. It is intelligent enough to provide exact location with digital time to keep track of your precious assets.

Trackimo GPS Tracker
  • Real time tracking:

    Real time monitoring is the first demand of every client, with Trackimo GPS Tracker you can view accurate and real-time location history of your objects. Real time tracking is much important feature to remain connected with the tracked asset no matter how far it is from you? You can see their current location and previous location history to get idea where they were? By setting alarm with digital timekeeping it can help to get notifications.

  • Smart Alert:

    Automated generated alerts to inform when asset exit or enter the set parameters. Once you set the parameter or digital shelters for your asset ,this devices will generates alerts to let you know when your assets goes out of the secure zone. It can help to make service call with the help of M2M technology.

  • SOS Buttons:

    Single click feature is SOS button to get broadcast the location immediately with the help of notification, email or text. Trackimo GPS Tracker provide easy processing and this feature make it user friendly.

  • Worldwide Coverage:

    Worldwide coverage is one of those features that make it best tracking devices all across the world. It can be tracked with any portal hence reduce the need of the operating expenses. It is also compatible with most of the mobile and desktop applications. This device can be tracked with the use of Smartphone app or web, anywhere GPS/GSM cellular reception is present.

  • Peace of mind

    You spend most of the time at working place but need to keep track of your pets, vehicle, children, and elder family members that can be lost due their weak mental state or due to any unfavorable situation. Then you just need and afford able tracking device Trackimo GPS Tracker. This tiny size device can provide you peace of mind it can feel you to near and in touch with your beloved one or precious asset that you never want to lost. You are able to view the exact location of the asset and get rid of the tension of getting damaged or lost.

  • Low annual services cost:

    It is a tracking device in the market with low price and high efficiency. Trackimo GPS Tracker is offering lowest annual services cost of any other tracking device globally. Enjoy 100% FREE first year and thereafter just set $5 per month. No contractual activity and no others fees or charges

  • Mobile Solutions:

    It is designed to be adapted a variety of mobile devices. No matter which OS version they are using and how they are running mobile workforce, it have tool or apps to get help in this matter.

  • Ground breaking security:

    It provides real time tracking along with alerts and notifications based on geo-boundaries, acceleration and sudden changing speed.


Along with basic GPS tracking features Trackimo GPS Tracker provides some add-on features that makes it distinguished from other devices. One of its strength is long battery life. This tiny device offers various setting for customized operations, the length of the battery life depend on the setting. If you want to keep devices awake for long time, then it requires settings with minimum update interval, minimum usage and clear skies. The battery timing is too good but like other electronics devices its need power to run functionalities, more task you will do with it more it need power. That’s why long battery time can be achieved with low application usage. Its battery can last up to 14 days on single charge if minimum usage is recommended.

Small size and good design make it best tracking devices to manage. This instant location reporter technology addresses the today’s increasing demand for wireless connectivity. You want to be with your precious thing all time. It is able to provide location, routing automatically from pre-setting outlined by the user.
Unlike traditionally tracking devices that used static user profiles, it is with Dynamic user’s profiles, it can make decision for the user and meeting their requirements in real time.

It is leading SIM card tech that reduce roaming coast. With m2m technology usage cost of global wireless connectivity is reduced. As a result lower the energy consumption for devices usage with effective communication and connection. Its usability increase and coverage increase with its feature of working smoothly even with low signal strength.

Strength of Trackimo GPS Tracker is its light weight. Furthermore, worldwide connectivity services make it top class tracking device all across the world. Included accessories help you to secure your device.

Device design is perfect for outdoor use. Its availability on all PCs and smart-phones offer full time accessibility for users. It delivers alerts or notifications in-app, text message, email and making updates and tracking possible even without accessing app itself.

A light weight and compact GPS tracking device Trackimo with worldwide services globally top class devices that provide real time location of your important assets.


The biggest drawback of Trackimo GPS Tracker is lacking the tow way or one way calling option. If the user presses the panic button for 4 seconds then it will automatically send alerts to all recommended contacts via email, text message or in-app alerts. But it does not provide the facility of making call to the contact list with mobile numbers.

Perhaps its other weakness is uncovered charging port. It may damage if water gets in from this open port. Rest parts of device are waterproof. But this can avoid with waterproof casing.

Trackimo GPS Tracker

Reasons to choose the product

The choice to use a GPS tracking device deserve analysis of cost and functionality comes with the device. The type of tracker you need depend on your needs but they all should have some native features.

GPS tracker is to view the location and real time history of your precious objects/assets. Users are demanding highly responsive and worldwide accessible tracking devices with user-friendly interface and low prices. Trackimo GPS Tracker is meeting the users’ requirements with simple user-interface and affordable cost.
Its single-point interface for configuration, management and tracking objects making it first choice of the user globally. Parallel tracking of all devices that a user owns with single account is the reason why user love Trackimo app? Other factors that are important while choosing GPS tracking services provider are the battery life of the device, minimum update intervals, compactness of the device and portability.

Trackimo GPS Tracker is accessible through all type of portals. This tracker has both android and iOS, apps even provide web portal login facility to keep user up to date with the location of the tracked object. Exceptional battery timing is reason why people love to use this tracking device.

Trackimo is all in one GPS tracker to take care of your all needs. Provide complete package, customers looking for with a tracking device.


The Trackimo GPS Tracker is well designed, light weight, small size and compact GPS tracking device with exciting Trackimo app (android, Web, iOS) with few drawbacks. Overall it’s the best GPS tracking solution to get real time location history. Dues it stunning features it the best tracking device for children, elder family members, teenage drivers, pets and other precious assets in the market.

Worldwide connectivity and low price are the points make it better. This small tracking device can offer you the peace of mind with real time location history to know exactly where your important assets were. Best solution to manage vehicles in your fleet. With PGS and GSM tracking source a highly responsive device with real time monitoring to provide excellent tracking functionality. Making it one of the innovative values you will find in a tracker. It is providing best tracking functionality with affordable cost. These healthy features have suppressed its limited weaknesses and it has proved as best solutions for real time, online tracking all across the world.


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