Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker Review

///Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker Review

What are GPS trackers? These are the transmitters which enable you to keep an eye on your children, spouses, teens, elderly persons, valuables and on many other important things. Technologists have included a mobile app devoted to this tracker or a desktop program which permits you to keep track of everything. It also helps to identify the location of the tracker on your map. The amazing thing is that they are available in different forms, like watches and tag-like plastic discs. Such devices are compact in size and hard enough with two significant parts: cellular radio transmitter and a fitted GPS receiver. What their job is, that they identify their location from the GPS satellite network and then send the location’s information to a server making use of a cell provider’s network system. In short, this signifies that the users would call for a SIM card and a cellular service to use the tracker.

Such a technology is incorporated in couple of various gadgets these days, e.g. such a unit is installed in car. GPS receivers are included in many smart phones, but of course, this would reduce your battery as you would use in your phone. Plus, this would increase the data storage, which might become problematic for the user.

We have conducted research on various amazing GPS Trackers and have shortlisted some of them which were up to customer’s specifications and needs. One of them was Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker. This awesome product is GPS tracker, consisting of location updates and greater battery life, as specified by the users and potential users. This was important as one would not have to be troubled for putting it on charge daily before you sleep. It is well-built and is amazing for usage on daily basis. It is a perfect spying device and an effective one. This product enables you to have a check on whatever you want to whenever you are not around. This product is the right choice, whenever your little one is coming back home from school, a suspicious husband, or when you are worried about your valuable possessions, this STI_GL300 GPS Tracker with incredible technology will update you continuously and reliably.

It comes up with a water proof casing, that means you can bring it along for you escapades and various ventures. From all of this, we get to know that it is quite durable and would not let you down. Plus, it is not very pricey and is affordable for the masses, and it is very purposeful and practical to use.

Moreover, you can decide on for setting digital zones, which can be referred to GPS geofences, for your homes or your children’s schools, and the device would beep and give you a message once the tracker enters or exits the GPS geofences. This fence is a digital boundary which will make you alert about whatever is going in between the boundaries. The fence can also be located on entire city, or just the lane at which your workplace is situated. From this, you can modify the location gaps/intervals, that is, you can select to update you on every fifteen seconds or every hour. It gives you an option to ring manually on the gadget when required. This is a good idea as it will show you the device’s location in between the frequent updates about location.

Plus, you can attach it to the car, bike or can put inside your teen’s college bag, or whenever of whatever you are hopeless about. You can even make boundary through thisSpy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker, around your elderly father’s home and you will be made alert when she strolls quite far away from her home. You can geofence your child’s way from school to home, you will be given notice about any unanticipated stops. For married women, you can detect and track when your husband leaves the premises of the house. You can even track and get noticed where your teen daughter/son is going and ensure that she has not made any not permitted “side-trips”.

You would be even made alert, when one thing from your valuables will shift from wherever you have placed it before.

Hence, in every situation, this compact sized, yet ultimately purposeful device has you covered at every time!

Once you have purchased the device you have to get a monthly plan activated. The device would send this information to your account on Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker. There are 4 options – Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite. The device should be placed closer to any window or on the floor, which will not block the signal reception. It should not be put in the car’s trunk. One should observe that the signal lights to make sure that best possible reading is done. When the battery is about to die, it will show a red part with empty outline, so you must put the device on charge, right away.

The buttons at the bottom of the interface has many functions. The first on the left is for showing a real time view. The second one is for the toggle menu which conceals or displays the toggle menu to the up side from the left of the screen. You can even delete the geofences which are not needed anymore. While creating geofences, you can even select, remove or add the drivers on your GPS Tracker Network. This tracker can also generate mileage report, fuel report, DTC Report. Moreover, there is an option to save the real time data and view on your laptop/computer etc. for viewing it later on when you might face internet problems. You can even adjust the alert messages setting. i.e. to notify on specific situations.

Once you have turned on this gadget, the device will approach the satellite, the light located in the middle will commence to blink and it would report you consecutively if any movement is detected in time intervals as per the GPS plan says. It also comes up with an option to change the time zone, as keeping track of time is very important.

On the contrary, one of the negative points is that it does not have a smart phone app accompanied. All the users have to monitor the functions and tracking by logging on to Spy Tech’s web portal on its website. You must make sure that the browser software is updated as it might lead to various problems. All this means that if you do not have laptop or desktop computer or any mobile phone on which you have internet browser, you will not be able to keep an eye on where you need to e.g. on your children’s whereabouts. Whenever you are going to log in the portal, you would be able to see the recent history and device’s current position. Plus, it also gives you an option to change settings and alert messages.

A good point for you is that it can be synced with the Google Maps. You can track and map something or someone on the internet. Plus, you would be able to get a text, hen one of your dear relatives, being Schizophrenic, has gone too far away while roaming around the street, which can be a risky situation.

This awesome spying gadget makes the spies to feel ultimately relaxed and less anxious 24 hours a day. This product is not much heavy; approximately weighs around 2 ounces and 3 inches in length, this small sized tracker can be easily installed, in your husband’s car or in your child’s bag attached tightly to the belt. You can track your company’s vehicles with it, to ensure drivers on the specified routes.

Unfortunately, the device is not water-resistant. Although the user interface is quite easy looking with just one button on the front, that is the panic button. While assessing and conducting tests on various products, it seemed that the device is well-built, and hard and solid included in our shortlist of the Best GPS Trackers. In addition to it, its battery life is till two weeks and you are good to go. To improve your battery and the precision of the tracker, this STI_GL300 GPS Tracker comes with a fitted accelerometer which would sense speed, movement, and powers the gadget to turn on and of which again depends on whether the tracker is moving or not. Hence, the process is quite automatic. Simultaneously, this increases the chances of the battery to not die at an inconvenient and on an important time. What you have to do is, to just remain various tabs open from which you can spy on whatever you want. This is ultimately the best choice one can ever make.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker has a fantastic customer support service. They are on line and available to talk on chat, telephone or emails. Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker cares a lot about its customers and wants to stay loyal to them. It takes care of all the operations of the business and would release your tensions regarding the product, if have any. The device comes with a one-year warranty as well. This Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker has covered more than 100,000 orders which made satisfied customers; this assisted it to achieve amazing customer satisfaction ratings. Side by side, it also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy, of returning what customers have bought, including this device, not later than a month. Surprisingly, they will even return the shipping cost, which you have paid before to not to make customers to face losses.

It is one of the products which come up with the minimum initial price in the market. With no doubt, it is more than 2 times cheaper as compared to other GPS tracker, but the subscription charges are quite high which makes it little expensive for the users yearly. Hence, before purchasing you must think about your budget, whether it is affordable for you or not, though the initial price is quite less, but the maintenance and subscription charges make it quite expensive. You do not have to sign any contract with them; it is your choice when you are going to quit using this device. Every tracking plan is charged monthly and one can cancel whenever one wants to, so you are not bound to sign a contract.

Regardless of your tracking need, this fantabulous product comprises of all the needed features which are reliable too, to keep your loved ones safe and sound and to make you well-informed at the same time. This product should be a must for all which has a matchless price.

STI_GL300 GPS Tracker wants to have pleased customers as Spy Tec never wants their customers to pay for cancellation/activation.

As a conclusion, Spy Tec’s product – STI_GL300 GPS Tracker has proved to be truly one of the best GPS trackers available in the market due to its commanding and well-controlled tracking power and greater and longer battery. However, from our shortlisted products it is the only item which does not come up with an application accompanied and has a high monthly subscription price, this device is ultimately precise as well as comes with distinctive and useful and practical features. In short, it is a good choice, if you require a prevailing and a reliable tracker if you do not have issues with high subscription charges per month.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker



  • High degree of precision. It can easily detect and track even someone is 15 feet underground.

  • You would be kept updated real-time.

  • Not much weight

  • No cancellation or activation charges to be paid by users

  • Can be used for various situations

  • Not too pricey, initially

  • It is portable

  • Helps in creation of geofences

  • Releases stress of people as they remain well-informed

  • Excellent customer service; always ready to rescue.

  • Compact in size and can be easily hidden in your fist.

  • High subscription charges

  • No companion app

  • Need laptop or mobile phone to log into portal of Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker.

  • “Set Home Address” feature does not work.


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