Spot Gen3 Gps Tracker Review

///Spot Gen3 Gps Tracker Review

After thorough research we came up with Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker, an incredible piece of science and technology which has become a significant part of our list of Best GPS Trackers. It is one of the strong and hard GPS trackers, specially made for outdoorsy activities and adventures. It has a water-proof build and depends exclusively on GPS Satellites to receive signals. This amazing GPS tracker is technically designed principally to enable you to track the movement of your loved ones’ rides and expeditions. Other than that, Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker comes up with a reliable emergency function, making it a right and a constant choice if your children are fond of going for a summer camp or for boating.

Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker provides you with a vital and a significant source of communication and check when you are farther than the geographical boundaries of cellular service. This award winner Spot has designed this compact sized gadget which makes you family and friends aware and satisfied about you. In this case, if something unanticipated bad happens, you can send emergency responders your location through the tracker, which is just a push of a button away. You just have to add/attach this handy and strong tracker to your important gear and you would be able to remain connected, no matter wherever you are. An adventure wasn’t as easy as it has become now.

Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker surely has come up with tailored tracking features which will take your spying and tracking experience to the next level. This is the only device which first detects motion or any movement, and then gets activated, no matter whichever tracking plan you have chosen (Extreme, Basic or Unlimited). This also has a vibration sensor which notifies your Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker to keep you updated while it tracks when you are moving and to pause when you do so. This amazing pocket sized tracker is good at saving battery and you do not have to be reminded to restart your tracking after 24 hours have passed.

Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker has come up with awesome tracking options – Unlimited and Extreme tracking. In Unlimited tracking – you just need to adjust, set and simply forget about it. You can even set it in advance to send the tracks according to the exact progress of your trips and adventures. With that you can change the settings of your tracks from a range of options – 60, 30, 10 or 5 minutes. Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker will then notify you according to your adjustments and settings as long as your tracker is moving.

Other is Extreme Tracking where you can acquire all of the amazing features of Unlimited Tracking. With that you can change your tracking rate to as less to 2 and half minutes.

This device comes with an incredible and a reliable build quality which will not easily be damaged. The sides are wrapped with rubber around the orange plastic outer surface to safeguard it from any force or shocks. The buttons on its exterior also designed of that similar hard rubber. With that, all of it seems powerful and stronger with a good build.

However, it does not have features which are included in the normal GPS Trackers, such as, Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker does not have this feature of creating geofences, which will generate alerts when a device enters or exits that particular “geofenced” boundary. The battery it has is not a rechargeable one even, hence, this might create inconvenience at times. You have to replace those four AA batteries after a week or two. This small sized vital tool is made to track adventures and risky areas, and it has rough rubber casing which makes it heavier as compared to other GPS trackers. Similarly, it would be very hard to clip it on to a child’s leg or shirt. Hence, this device is appropriate for a bag pack.

This has a one year-warranty, which reduces the level of buying anxiety, initially. Plus, you can always have question and answer session on Spot’s website.
With this you would be able to keep an eye on your child’s GPS tracker being live through a cell phone app or through a web portal operated by Google Maps. Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker allows you to adjust tracking to keep on updating the location after every hour, 30 or 10 minutes. There is a good news for you, if you purchase the upgraded pack, you would be able to set the location updating gaps to as less as 2 and a half minute.

Just by pushing one of the buttons your children can send you and up to 10 people, a message on your mobile phone or an email. Once you check in, the check in button on the tracker will send a message notifying you that your children or loved ones are not in a dangerous situation. Whereas, The SOS button on it, will send an emergency message straight to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center. This would then tell the emergency organizations’ personnel in ones’ locality to track the location, for e.g. contacting 1-1-2 emergency responders in Europe. This button is only for emergencies. Hence, pushing the other button would lead to payment of fees.

This life-saving gadget operates by finding out its location through GPS satellites. This then transmits the information to commercial communication satellites, which sends the information to a set of connections, which again diffuses the emails or messages. This shows that, this works fantastically in locations where there is no cellular network coverage.

Spot Gen3 Gps Tracker Review

Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker comes with improved characteristics, such as, extended battery life. It lasts more than the battery of Spot Satellite GPS Messenger, which prevent any sort of inconvenience for you. It may lasts for few weeks.

It gives you various battery options i.e. how you will power your Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker –

1.Energizer batteries (4 AAA) NiMH which can be reused

2.Energizer batteries ( 4AAA) Ultimate Lithium 8 times batteries (L92)

3.Cable wire with a 5v USN connection

Moreover, with that you would be getting a Strap, Quick Guide (Manual), Batteries, USB Cable, and a Carabiner.

How does it work? First, GPS Satellite supplies signals. Secondly, Spot finds your location and transmits your GPS location and a pre-created message to satellites. Thirdly, these satellites then send your information to particular satellite antennas all over the globe. Fourthly, satellite antennas and the global network system send your location and message to the right network. Fifthly, your location and message are received through notification, message or an email, by the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre.

People have claimed that it is a great gadget and works amazingly if it is configured. While getting it configured it might require a little trial and might cause error at the same time. But it is rare, as a proof checking you can set your mobile phone first as a contact, then you will tell whether you are getting messages or not.

As far as the customer support is concerned, if you call Spot’s customer service, you could have get the issue to be sorted out faster rather than emailing or use their contact form, but you have to keep waiting for like 5 minutes to get to the line then you are good to go.

On the whole, Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker offers a simple way to share your trips and adventures. It also acts as a tremendous safety tool. Plus, it is easy to stay connected by sending your GPS locations to your dear and closer ones.

It does not matter, whether you are boating, driving or flying etc.; Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker will offer you the GPS trail of the route on which you have taken. It can be either public or private. By being public you can stay connected with people which are important for you at every mile of your journey, just like Chris did.

Chris Nicholas, the popular Endurance athlete and initiator of Speed per mile tracking in real time, said that Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker tracking was extremely helpful while I was completing my ride on a bike through United States. As I had shared Spot page, my fans were able to track my progress and had a meet and greet session with me in between the journey. It also provided huge comfort to his family and dear ones as they could monitor what specifically was his location at a particular time. It helped him a lot as they were concerned a lot about his safety.

Spot Gen3 Gps Tracker Review

Generally, if you wish to tell about tracks you followed then Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker has got three options to offer you:

1. Creating a Spot Shared page

2. Sharing your stories with Spot Adventures

3.Saving your tracks.

For a shared page, you can share your Spot position on on the Spot page which is shared. Basically, Spot Shared Page is an application on web which permits you to post chosen SPOT messages which includes following routes in real time to anybody you have selected through a personal or a secured web link. You just have to log in account you have created on Spot by king at the website of After that you have to go to the Shared Page button and do what is instructed and you are good to go to share your experiences.

To boast about your adventures and experiences, Spot offers a platform called SPOT adventures, where you can store your tracked routes and experiences in a well organized archive. This will offer you to create your own profile in Spot Adventures, where you can also upload photos, videos and stories with that. On these photos and videos you can geographically notify them through tagging on your Spot routes and covering your adventures in a blog.

Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker not only enables your other private contacts to track you, but it also offers the chance to make private adventure account. You can refer to the waypoint some other time in to the self-created Google Maps page in your account. Every saved waypoint includes the time-span, date and GPS location.

However, you must be aware of that SPOT files and store the information till one month. So we motivate store routes. All the SPOT saved adventures would be there for lifetime or else you can download your date to any storage device for use of other than the Spot Account.

In short, it is the best option for one’s adventurous and outgoing children, because of its rough and tough design and its ability to operate where there is no cellular coverage available. This tracker is mostly appropriate for group trips if somebody has a 2 way messenger or a satellite telephone. However, this gadget does not come with a rechargeable battery and area functionality, but it is considered to be the best GPS tracker available in the market if you are in secluded and isolated areas of the world, just for the sake of an adventure.


  • It operated by making use of satellite phoning network

  • It can show and display the GPS locations of areas which most GPS trackers basically cannot do so

  • All these features make it to be an enhanced performer or a safety tool for almost all situations.

  • Only gets activated when it detects any movement or motion activity

  • Offers various tracking plans, such as Extreme.

  • The non rechargeable batteries can even last for weeks.

  • Provides a USB Power cable wire.


  • Not appropriate to track ways and routes on daily basis

  • May cause inconvenience due to its non-rechargeable batteries

  • Might lack ability to create geofences while others generally do

  • Does not have the feature to make and receive phone calls.

  • Lacks the ability to offer you a location update when you want it

  • Little bit pricey comparatively.


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