KidGPS Tracker Review

///KidGPS Tracker Review


Keeping an eye on children is very important nowadays as they are not only very weak to defend themselves and also they act rebellious when they don’t want to listen. The solution to keep your children safe and under observation is KidGPS which helps the parents keep track of their children by smartphone or tablet. It is a very helpful device for parents who are really busy with work or have tight schedules. KidGPS Tracker gives a very user friendly support as it is created by a group of tech enthusiast parents in Nashville, TN who wanted to bring the convenience of keeping track of children for parents. Now by the help of KidGPS Tracker if your kid is out with friends or is on sleepover you can observe their every move as well as set safe zones which will let you know by alert in the form of text message or mail, if your kid enters the restricted areas. It also has built in help button which allows the kid to instantly alert you if they are in trouble.

It battery life is good compared to many Gps trackers which lasts up to 7 days and can be easily charged via usb port. KidGPS is not only authentic device but a very user friendly and very liable as it helps to track children very easily it can be used anywhere in American states. KidGPS uses GPS to determine the position of the children. The user friendly KidGPS Tracker is a palm-sized tracking device that can be easily tucked in pocket or clipped to a bag pack.

What comes in the box:

The shipping weight is 5.6 ounces and the box in which the device comes in includes KidGPS tracking beacon, a lanyard, belt clip for attaching it to bag back or clothes, charging cable ( micro-USB cable) for easy charging anywhere, quick start guide for any difficulty faced by the user. The guide also tells the monthly service plans and all the information including how to start the device, about the light indicators and also tells how to charge device. Any other troubleshooting problems or issues can be solved with the help of the help centre provided by the company.

KidGPS Tracker Review


KidGPS is very affordable in comparison to other Gps trackers which are not less than $120 dollars but KidGPS is $99 with a very convenient monthly service plan. But nowadays it frequently is on sale and you are able to save 50 dollars which is not a negligible deal for a person finding affordable Gps device with good quality coverage and performance.

Working of KidGPS Tracker:

KidGPS Tracker is very cool in usage anywhere and is one of the best trackers for kids. It is a device with Gps tracker that parents can trail using its app either on apple or android devices. It works with the help of Wikipedia GPS which allows it to track kids it is almost similar navigation system that are mostly used in vehicle navigation systems. It also has a traditional panic button which allows the kid to send alert to parents when are in trouble. Due to its functioning which depends only on Gps the accuracy of location is a bit low because the Gps signals do not work inside buildings.

Kinds of smartphones and tablets it works on:

It works on android devices with lasted versions and mobile devices running iOS 8 which includes all newer iPhones and iPads.


KidGPS Tracker is very user friendly device and keeps notice of the requirements of the users. It also allows the user to have uniqueness than other Gps tracker devices as they have following features listed below:

  • Proximity fence

    Proximity fence allows you to build a fence around your kid and yourself if you are in the park or in shopping mall so that your kid are under your track and when they leave the fence it sends you alerts via email or text message.

  • Panic button

    Unlike many advanced Gps trackers which lacks the traditional panic button KidGPS Tracker is having panic button which allows the kid to press it when they are in trouble or in scary situation for example kidnapping. Panic button is the speciality which makes it different from very high end Gps trackers which are not having this feature. Panic button is very necessary for the safety of the children as they are wise enough to do what they are told by their parents and if they are guided well they fan use the panic button correctly.

  • Alerts

    The feature of alerts send by panic buttons and the safe zone violation is very important feature as the parents are immediately informed of the kid’s situation and location which is a very beneficial aspect as they can be easily tracked and given help if a very scary situation occurs.

  • Multiple device tracking

    Multiple device tracking is very useful as it allows you to not only keep an eye on multiple KidGPS devices as well as it also helps both of the parents to keep an eye on their kids and allows the confirmation that if one of the parents are not free to keep track of what their kid is doing then other can be able to keep an eye on their kid.

  • Battery life

    The battery life of KidGPS Tracker is one week which is very good as compared to many high end Gps trackers which only last for 2 to 3 days and are require to be charged very often. But this gps tracker allows the parent to have a week free of worry of charging as it easily works for work days of week in which the kids are mostly kept eye on this time of week or in these time intervals.

  • Permission

    This feature allows the parents to give permission to other guardians to keep eyes on their children by installing KidGPS Tracker app and using their ID. It allows multiple people to keep check on kids and which makes it very helpful if even one of the users are not available to keep an eye on the child. It also allows all the people to be noticed if any dangerous situation occurs.

KidGPS Tracker Review
  • Privacy

    Sharing of information is a thing which every person hesitates in. And this device is totally user friendly and allows the privacy and security of the user’s identity and data. It helps a lot as the user can use this device just without sharing any log in account information.

  • App languages

    It is United State production and is available in English language.

  • Driving locations

    With the help of this feature, with just one tap the parents are allowed to get the driving locations to their kid location and it is very useful if the kid is abducted or is lost in the middle of streets.

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  • Geofences or Zones

    KidGPS Tracker is a multitasking device and it allows the user to set safe zones or geofences in order to keep the kid extra safe. Geofence is a tool in the device which defines as zone of safety which is created by the user and it send push notifications to the parents when there kid enters or leaves the geofence and also is customise able. It can be free form or in any shape you want to it totally depends on the used who creates the zone.

  • Real-time GPS tracking

    KidGPS tracker allows smart real time positioning. You are provided with on demand location which is a very important feature and also allows accurate positioning of the kid to tracker. It can he used on android or apple mobile phones by monitoring the location on the app provided for their respective stores.

Technical details:

KidGPS size is 0.6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height. It weighs 5.6 ounces and the shipping weight is also 5.6 ounces. It has 1 lithium ion batteries which are reachable. The box in which device comes in includes KidGPS tracking beacon, lanyard, belt clip, charging cable and quick start guide. And it also comes with micro-USB cable for easy charging anywhere you want to. KidGPS Tracker includes a panic button, charging port, power button and lights to show the cell, Gps and battery lights.

Service plan:

It is free of contracts or cancellation fees. Other than the price of KidGPS Tracker it comes with monthly service plans. And they are helpful if you are satisfied with the device performance and it uses a nationwide, reliable cellular connection to track your child’s location at a moment notice or on demand location feature. The monthly service plans includes with different deals such as:

• Monthly plan for $9.99/per month
• Six Month plan for $7.99/per month (20% off)
• 12 Month plan for $5.99/per month (40% off)

KidGPS Tracker has the best monthly plans as listed above which are not provided by any other Gps tracking companies as it gives up to 40% discount if you get a long monthly plan which is a total deal breaker because Gps devices are used for a long time.

KidGPS Tracker Review


  • Panic button is present which helps for on time alert if the kid is in danger.

  • KidGPS Tracker is affordable as compared to many other Gps Trackers.

  • It is very helpful fir keeping track on children because of its on demand location feature.

  • Multiple kids can be tracked by the same app.

  • Information can be shared to trusted adults by the user if he is unable to keep track of its child due to some emergency.

  • KidGPS Tracker is user friendly device which provides support centre for help and other issues.

  • If kidnapping of the child happens the police can be provided by the information which can help them in investigation.


  • As compared to other Gps devices its battery life is low as some of the Gps trackers can last up to several weeks.

  • It has no resting mode and moving mode which helps in saving the battery life.

  • Some people find the monthly plans very costly as compared to other devices.

  • It has power button on the device which can be powered off accidentally by the kid or intentionally if someone abducts the child which is a very serious matter.

  • Power button can also be turned off if a small kid unintentionally starts playing with it and presses it.

  • The accuracy of location is very low as compared to other devices as it only functions on Gps and it doesn’t works inside the building because of low Gps signals which is a huge drawback because the location are not given to the user if that happens.

  • It is also not available internationally and is only available in United States.

  • The app language only includes english.

Why KidGPS Tracker is preferred:

Despite all of the things, KidGPS Tracker is very useful and user friendly device as it not only allows the user to keep track and allow on demand location feature. It also helps the User to have control over the zone created for the safety of kids and it also sends alerts if the kid lasses the safety zone via text message or email. It needs improvement because of its working only depends on Gps other than that it allows the user to have convenience because of it’s so man features.


Tracking your kids can be trusted by KidGPS Tracker because it is most effective one out there and affordable too. Its features are the plus point and very powerful tool for keeping children safe. You can keep check on your child as well as they can have little freedom if you trust them with KidGPS Tracker because not only it will keep you satisfied it will also keep the children under observation if they try to leave the safety zones provided by you- the parents.


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