My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker Review

///My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker Review


Should parents have to track kids through a GPS tracker? Some people might be stunned with this that by the incursion of protection that “GPS Tracker” presents, but the advantages of kids tracking with the assistance of GPS gadgets may simply dwarf the cons.

Increased use of technology gadgets and its availability in GPS devices are currently easily reachable, then why not they use to track kids at all whiles? On the off chance that your child is sufficiently youthful to be get lost or might be snatched at some obscure place, then it’s not an intrusion in security of your child it’s quite recently judgment skills! A GPS tracker gadget can be set subtly in your kid’s assets like pocket, coat or knapsack, so you can simply have a concealed eye on them to realize that your youngster is protected in school or in play area, has made it home securely, or is the place should be.

Indeed, even in the protected and secure groups the world over have kidnappers, or possibly your youngster simply has a meandering eye. It is simple for a kid to get diverted at the store or at a playground and meander out of vision. With the assistance of GPS tracker your kid you can without much of a stretch be found where he/she is or when you can’t see them.

It’s a natural rule that parenting always comes with a wide range of challenges at every level of their child growth, but sometimes the toughest challenge of all is to ensure that your kids are safe even when they were out of sight. As they grow they perform multiple action to explore the world without boundaries and with the help of GPS trackers the challenge of the parenting just have got a little relaxed.

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker is one of the best device that I have ever seen which comes with amazing basic functionalities with low subscription charges. It is a device that is used to help parents in keeping an eye on their precious children to be safe. It has quite unique functionalities which enables it to mark its space among other device and compete in market. It has an out of range alert system that helps you prevent you child from losing its location around, it also has water safety alert for drowning, it also have a panic button on its surface that help to aware instant threat. For all these features it uses Bluetooth technology to communicate and for that reason we can’t say it a proper GPS tracker.


Like other devices for kids My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker also provide real time tracking with exciting features. This small size, light weight device jam packaged with numerous features that fits the need of any caregiver, guardian and parents. It is the sort of combination of features of a location tracking device. It use Bluetooth technology to locate the position of a person and its technology portal which is also called as tracking portal is available for web based location tracking and checking pervious location update.

Water Safety Alert:

It is one of the best feature that I have never seen in any of the GPS tracker is water safety alert. This alert system enable the parent to know about whether their children are playing with water or they are somewhere else. This system works when the My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker is submerged in water for about a feet deep in water, and it can be a pool, or may be any lake or ocean, when this activity happens the signals is generated from the dunk My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker device that will be automatically transmitted using Bluetooth signals to the app that is installed on parents smartphone for indication. That smartphone app will see the attenuation of signal and then it will automatically generate the out of range alarm which is used for other alarms too.

It is because when you are near to water, you will automatically want to treat all of the out of range alerts as possible like a water safety alert, and then take very immediate action to make its possible that your child is safe and sound. This is because that My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker uses the Bluetooth technology to transmit the signals from device to mobile app and due to that reason their app can distinguish between the signals its it is about out of range or water alert, so I must suggest you too give every signals as much importance as you think that this may be a water safety alert.

Safety Alert:

With its easy implementation you can easily manage the safety zone and set the safe zone to get information and safety alerts about the location of the tracker like kid entering or leaving school and home.

Bluetooth Technology:

This device is the best because it works with the help of Bluetooth technology instead of using GPS and as a result it becomes more cost effective and for that reason there is no more subscription charges and monthly fees.

Out of Range Alert:

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker also help you to monitor your child all the time as it provide complete location tracking within its range, its alert system enable you to get alerts from an adjustable range that you can easily define before start monitoring to helps prevent lost child alert.

Panic Button:

SOS button or a panic button is one of the unique feature that make the cross ways communication with just a single tap. Whenever the device holder fell that he/she is in an hour of danger and need some help then he/she presses the panic button the will automatically send the alert push notification on a smartphone associate with this device with the help of smart app. At the same time, it will pop up a message on your phone specifying that your child needs you.

Battery Life:

As you know that My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker works on Bluetooth technology instead of using GPS facility so the battery life totally depend on the use of the product while tracking and there will be no battery use when device is on idle mode or not working. So overall its battery life is amazing as compared to other GPS tracking devices.

Smartphone compatibility:

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker comes with an innovative Bluetooth technology and location tracking that exist never before, and it also provide iOS and Android OS compatible smartphone app to support its device and enable to view the location, i.e. it support iPhone devices above 4S and Android Devices above 4.3 or newer.

Device Range:

As this device work with the help of Bluetooth and this technology can have a large range. This device can works on different location ranges for indoor and outdoor location tracking. For indoor location tracking its range is about 20 to 30 meters but when it comes to outdoor location tracking its range increase up to 50-60 meters.



My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker is worn like a watch and it has a rubber strap with a lot of holes on it so it can easily be fit on any wrist to make it comfortable to use. Its bands are so much colorful so nothing looks like a tracker, so it is available in a lot of colorful range to make kids a fun to use it.

Alert Strength:

Its alert strength is very strong and doesn’t keep any delay while notifying about the alert message with high accuracy and fast delivery to the smartphone in the form of popup notification.


With geofancing feature it provides you to set the alert zone for your child to keep them safe. It allows you to set the imaginarily zones wherever you wish and get alerts whenever you kid comes in or out of that specific zone. These specific zones can of their school or may be set as a home.

Multiple Tracking:

With this amazing product you can track and configure more than one device connected to your app to monitor your more than one child. It is the unique point of My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker as it can track motile devices at the same time, connected to your account.

Location Accuracy:

Monitoring the location is one of its basic task and when it comes about the accuracy then this device is one of the most accurate device for accurate location monitoring. This device help you to get the immediate location check facility using its smart app and give the most accurate results.


This device also provide support to its customer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you feel any query about the device and want to know the solution of that query the consult immediate with customer support center for resolution and better services.

Refund Policy:

One of the greatest support provided by My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker developers is the full money back policy. This policy holds if you are not satisfied with the services provided this device then you can also return your device and get full payment refund within a specified time frame.


This is one of the best feature is that it can’t charge to much on purchase or on monthly subscriptions charges, and help the parent to afford this device for tracking their loved ones.

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker Weakness:

Update Interval:

As like other GPS tracking device you can have an option to set the time interval of location updating according to your required time but My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker lacks this functionality of setting time intervals for location update.

Location Display:

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker is a good device but it lack some of the most important features that are really needed in any of the tracking device to easily track can show the location very easily. If someone want to see the location of their kid on Google display then this app lack feature like that which make this device quite un acceptable by some parent because it doesn’t fulfil their requirements.

Motion Activated tracking:

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker also lack this feature, so its battery consumes quite more than other device which have this feature and work reasonably good. With the help of this feature the device power can be saved more and make it more efficient.


Just like other traditional GPS tracking devices, My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker device also lack this feature and due to that reason the two way communication is won’t possible with your child. This device only provide location notification with the help of panic button.

Low Range Device:

This device is a low range location tracking as compared to other traditional GPS trackers. My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker works on Bluetooth technology and this technology doesn’t support large range tracking functionality or GPS tracking. So this is one of the low range device tracking in the market.

My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker Review

Reason to choose the product:

These are some of the reasons that will help you to choose this product as a tracker for your kid:

  • To ensure that your kid has a safe passage from home to school or at any place around.

  • Peace of mind

  • Locating your child in any event of abduction, or any unexpected disappearance.

  • Monitoring your kid’s whereabouts to make sure that he/ she is where they say they are.

  • This is also used as tracking safety concerns like unexpected incidents, leaving set premises, or need help in hour of danger.

  • Constant and updated knowledge of your kid’s current location.


  • Affordable prices:

    This wearable device comes with the most affordable price in the market. It is available in the market as low as $40.

  • Simultaneous Tracking:

    This device also have a functionality to track your child simultaneously if you have more than one child, and each child have a different ID and can be tracked differently on instant basis.


  • Limited Range:

    This device has a range of 40 feel for indoor tracking, and 80-120 feet for outdoor premises, so this range is quite limited for kid tracking.

Standout Feature:


My Buddy Tag GPS Tracker is a waterproof device, which is a huge advantage of this device over others to keep you child safe and sound along a pool side too in summer times.


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