BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker Review

///BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker Review


If you are worried about anything that values the most and looking for something that would give you updates regarding to your asset or your loved one when you get away from them, then you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Now you can keep track on anything you want, by Spark Nano from BrickHouse security GPS tracker. The BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 was introduced on June 30, 2016. A GPS tracker which is smaller than a mobile phone, can track the device or person’s location within 1 minute GPS location. This GPS tracker is now getting very useful for professional investigators, small business owners and especially for possessive parents.

Professional investigators can track the vehicles and person’s location which made their work easier. Similarly, business owners don’t have to worry about their expensive shipments; the security manager can track all the vehicles at the same time. This BrickHouse Security Spark Nano tracks the speed of the vehicles and report all other the activities, which make businesses more efficient and reliable.

Overprotective parents raise the best liars but from now no more prevarication. Parents, who always get worried about their children, can track them wherever they went. Even the school bus can be tracked. You can setup a speed limit for the tracked vehicle and if the speed limits exceeds, you would get a text or email alert on your phone. So, no more dodge to the parents.


BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker
  • Now users don’t have to worry about the phones because both IPhone and android users can access this app, track view, on their mobile phones and track the devices and individual’s location. The app is quite easy to use for both the users.

  • On any device like mobile phone, desktop or laptop with an internet connection, BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker allows real-time 1 minute location on exclusive BrickHouse security GPS tracker platform. You can also use web-portal for tracking and the web can be used very easily. The main page of both apps and web-portal show the current location of the tracker. You can set an interval between 10sec to 6 hours in which you can get updates. You can also examine the recent history of the tracked person. Now you can check it out, where your child was when he told you the location.

  • When you need more tracking speed, Rapid track lets you switch to faster tracking speed. However, BrickHouse Security Spark Nano consumes more battery so try to activate this feature only in emergency situations.

  • There is an exclusive Panic button on the device, whenever you get in trouble; it notifies emergency contacts of your location. When your child is home alone and press this panic button in emergency, you would immediately get text and email alerts as designated emergency contact. This alert also shows the device’s location so it would be easier to approach your loved one easily. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano is also helpful for those who work alone far away in the fields or for hikers etc. Now you can work alone without any worry with this GPS tracking device.

  • Another main feature that the device allows is the digital zone, called Geofence, in which the ‘safe’ area has been designated and if the person or vehicle moves in or out of the area, a text or email alert sent to the person who tracked the person or vehicle. If you are tracking the school bus of your child for his safety, and the bus goes out of the area, you would immediately get a text and email alert.

  • The battery capacity of the device is 2000mAh. It allows 14 days battery life, ~1 hour of active tracking per day. You should use short bursts updates rather than frequent updates, this won’t consume more battery.

  • Likewise all other BrickHouse Security GPS trackers, BrickHouse Security Spark Nano also run on the Version network, which offers the best coverage in USA and provide best services at reasonable prices.

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 is the most accurate and authentic GPS tracking device of BrickHouse security. With so many remarkable features, this device did nail it. Amazingly, you would never face any issue in the coverage as it uses the best network of USE i.e. Verison and do the best reporting of the tracked location. GPS tracker is the top device, used in different small cities to the developed countries as it is providing you the detail information related to your tracked assets or loved ones when you are away from them.

You can carry this portable device with you wherever you would go, as it is easy to carry because of its compatible size and on the tracking app you can see the remaining battery life and consume it according to the need before recharge it. With the motivation-activated tracking, your battery doesn’t waste when the target isn’t moving.

Now days, everyone tries to find water resistant feature in any devices and BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker also comes with water resistant feature, as it’s covered with a rubber material. It can be used without any worry of water splash or breakage through bead of sweat. The water-resistant body makes the device more versatile comparatively other tracking devices.

Another good point of the device is that, it’s highly constructed, as the body is made up of rubber port covers and the body of metal port charging, shows that it’s long lasting device and made up of high quality material.

This profitable GPS tracker is highly recommended because of its long lasting battery life and accurate GPS tracking capacity.

With all these extraordinary features, BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker is hitting the market within few months and I can surely say that I’ll keep its reputation more than now in future.

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker

Technical Details

Next, there are some internal details of the device. The device receives and sends information to its secure server through GPS satellites using the most amazing cellular network, Verizon wireless. For easy to carry, the device weighs 3 pounds. There is USB connector charging and you don’t need to charge the batteries separately. The average battery life is 2 weeks. The device is well manufactures and the dimensions of the product is 64.50*40*20.5 (mm), which is the perfect size for concealment.

The device is 90 days protected after the purchase date. It means that within 30 days if you find any technical issue, we try to return, replace or fix the problem. After the 30 days of purchase, we try to replace or provide technical support to resolve the issue.

Service Plan

You don’t need to worry about any contract because before purchasing this device makes you mind clear and confident that there isn’t any contract on purchasing this device. You can feel free to order or cancel this device any time. You can get unlimited GPS tracking in $29.99 per month and the billing is every 30 days. When you purchase the device, the billing starts after the 7 days.

Another positive side is that, there isn’t any activation fee of this BrickHouse security Spark Nano GPS tracker. This requires monthly service subscription plan chosen upon sale and usually starts at around $10 per month. The shipping is very fast so you don’t have to worry if you want this device urgent. The Company provides life time warranty with the ship. You get BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0, wall charger and user’s guide in the package and warranty with the shipment as mentioned above.

How to start the device

The activation of the device is very easy. It would take several steps for the activation of the device. While purchasing the device, you filled some required information which includes your email address, phone number, home address and some related information for the tracking purpose. When you get the device, you receive and email, which contain your login information. This information would be used to configure the device and view tracking app information. The first step is to charge the BrickHouse Security spark Nano 5.0 for at least 6 hours before use. When the device fully gets charged, it would take 24-48 hours to activate on the Verizon network. To make sure that the device is registered on the satellite network, it is suggested that place the device on the dashboard of the car and take it on the drive for half an hour because clear view of the sky is important for the tracker. Now you can easily use the device.

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker Pros

  • Small and portable

    The major pros of GPS tracking device is that it’s easy to carry as its size is even smaller than a mobile phone and it’s a portable device. There is another fantastic feature in this device, a motion sensor in the GPS tracker of the car, when the car moves it enables it to active to track the car.

  • Long lasting battery life

    In tracking system, battery life matters a lot because where the device stopped working; it would result in a big trouble. So, BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker fixes this problem as you get two weeks battery life on one charge.

  • View location on any device

    There is not any specific device for the use of the tracking device; you can easily use any smartphone, tablet or personal computer to view the location. You just need to download the view tracking app and connect it with the device with the login information.

GPS Tracker Spark Nano 5.0 cons

  • Doesn’t work internationally

    The major cone of the tracker is that, the device is not able to work internationally. In spite of that the rating of GPS tracker is getting high rapidly.

  • Additional costs

    BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker doesn’t come with plug and play feature which makes the low-cost device into expensive one.

Why do you need GPS tracker?

If you are a business man and always face problems while transferring goods, then GPS tracking device is very helpful for you, as this technology has made businesses very efficient and security managers of the companies become more active about the assets of the company.

Following are the users that can get benefit from the GPS tracking device:

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker
  • Couriers

    To place the orders on time, the companies can track the vehicles through which they deliver the orders. If the driver exceeds the speed limit it would be reported by the tracker.

  • Monitoring teenage drivers

    Teen agers drive with the smart phone and account for the high risk of accidents now days. So, now parents can setup a speed limit of their cars and track them whenever they drive alone or with friends. Safety should be the first priority and for this purpose, parents should look for a reliable GPS tracker and that is BrickHouse Security Spark Nano.

  • Professional investigators

    For the spy purposes, the GPS trackers are very helpful.

What you have to look while purchasing a GPS tracker?

Well, a tracker could be portable so, you can carry it with you wherever you go and there should be long lasting battery timing. The device should be full featured so that you won’t face any difficulty while using it. The device should be easy to use for everyone. The monthly plan should also be reasonable. Look for device that is highly manufactured so it would last long.

Why BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 5.0 GPS tracker?

Well, if you look the marketing rating of the tracking devices, then you would find Spark Nano at the top of the lists. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano Is much more featured than other trackers and this is the very first authentic GPS tracking device in the market. More importantly, most of the reviews are based on the efficiency of the device as it is easy to use.


After looking at all these features, I would suggest that you should really consider this for your most valuable things and loved ones. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano is not an expensive GPS tracker like other trackers in the market. The monthly plan is also very reasonable and has no other extra charges. The battery timing is just amazing that makes the tracking very efficient and flexible. It doesn’t work internationally but the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano GPS tracker is also available in the market.


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