Best GPS Tracker on the Market – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Best GPS Tracker on the Market – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Many times people have heard about the term GPS Tracker. In fact, even those who exactly don’t know very much about it may wonder about why there are such icons on their smart devices and smartphones that are also labeled with these letters. If you feel a little bit confused about these terms in tech society then here’s a long story in a short about the basic use of this device.

Top GPS Tracking System on Amazon

Here are some of the best GPS trackers that are examine on the basis of their performance, accuracy, location accuracy and updating, with tracking source and much more that are the essential part for any tracker and we found these product best among all other and rank them form 1 to 10 according to their functionalities and resources available.

Spy Tec

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Trax Play

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My Buddy Tag

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There is another smart GPS Tracker device named as AngelSense which is placed at number 4 in top GPS tracker devices. It will let you know to view your child’s accurate location with real time tracking. I also has a geofancing functionality and that has the ability to listen the tracker surroundings and make you feel better and peace of mind when your loved one’s is away from you.

This device is one of the powerful among all others because of its amazing options for children with special needs and it also have highest monthly subscriptions than other trackers. This GPS tracking device has a location interval that can be set most often about 10 seconds but you have the authority to check the child’s location after your desired interval. It also provide you the feature to set up the geofancing location zone for your child, and that zones can be of digital or a specified area location like around home or school, and you will instantly get the alert when your child enters or left the place.

This device is also water resistant and can withstand during a sudden or accidental sparkling of water. With all these features this high quality GPS tracking device have a decent and attractive user interface with a clearly visible panic button marked as “SOS” on its front.

Due to its powerful functionality and fact that it is specially designed for children with special needs, and particularly for those for those with high sensory sensitivity, AngelSense is one of the best decent choice among all GPS tracker devices. And besides all it is one of the feature rich and a most powerful device option for your child needs.

This is another best GPS Tracker named as “Spark Nano 5.0” a product by BrickHouse Security that has remarkable functionalities and feature that make it distinguish among all GPS tracking devices as it has more accurate and précised location tracking. One of the best feature of this product is its widest range of time intervals for location update so the user can freely make his opinion to set specified interval to update the person’s location with accuracy. With this functionality you can set an update interval in between 10 seconds to six hours.

One of the finest features of this cool device is that it always allows you to set up a digital zone that is called as geofence zone, and around a specified area like your child’s school or your home. Once the geofence zone is set up, you can receive alerts whenever your child enters or exits that specified area.

It has a very well-organized, simple and easy to use supporting smart app with the help of which you can track the individual’s location and also access the pervious location history and battery progress as well.

This GPS Tracker also available with the smartphone app and web portal that will help you to easily locate and track the current location of your desired attached person and adjust the particular user settings with its intuitive and well constructive design.

To conclude all this amazing product comes with a fantastic battery life and highly accurate location tracking with the advantage of interval updation that gives you more flexibility about notifications and traceability.

This is another amazing GPS tracking product which is place at no 3 due to its highly adorable features and amazing functionalities. Its basic functionality is that best GPS Tracker uses the GPS satellite to track its position and with the help of its cellular network support it transmit that information to the user companion’s smartphone.

It is smart enough to sense the location and generate results in unfavorable conditions or when getting distress signals. It is intelligent enough to provide exact location with digital time to keep track of your precious assets.

It has extensive list of amazing features that makes it more user friendly and perfect match for any GPS tracking device. These features include real time tracking with accurate results, smart alert system, SOS button for immediate location broadcasting, worldwide access is its one of the best feature to make its appearance well publically, its accuracy and instant results give a piece of mind to parents and owners, it is available in very low annual services price, it also provide smart app solution with geo boundary, acceleration and sudden speed changing notification alert system.

Small size and good design make it best tracking devices to manage. This instant location reporter technology addresses the today’s increasing demand for wireless connectivity. You want to be with your precious thing all time. It is able to provide location, routing automatically from pre-setting outlined by the user.

Device design is perfect for outdoor use. Its availability on all PCs and smart-phones offer full time accessibility for users. It delivers alerts or notifications in-app, text message, email and making updates and tracking possible even without accessing app itself.

Trackimo is accessible through all type of portals. This tracker has both android and iOS, apps even provide web portal login facility to keep user up to date with the location of the tracked object. Exceptional battery timing is reason why people love to use this tracking device.

There is another amazing device that have wonderful features and performance, and because of this it is ranked pretty higher due to its quality features. That GPS Tracker is named as Spy Tec STI_GL300 with a lot of functionalities and an extensive battery life feature. This amazing device provide you an on-demand geo location updates of your targeted person with an extensive backup of battery life so that you don’t need to worry about charging this device every day. This beautiful and smart device is found one of the most functional and superlative affordable GPS trackers in the market.

This device provide you a customized functionality of updating the location intervals to be set as frequent as less than 10 seconds. This product also allows you to view the device location manually at any time whenever you need it. This device have multiple functionality like it provide a setting up digital zone, which are called as geofences, so you can get the instant update of the device location when it enters and exits the set location and that can be a home or a school.

One of the biggest flaw for this device is that it didn’t provide a companion smart app for monitoring. It allows you to monitor device functionalities by using web portal which is available on the company’s website.

This device provide an easy to user and environment friendly user interface with a small panic button on its surface for instant location mock up.

Beside all these it is cheaper than any other GPS tracker device in order to purchase, but once you purchase this device so you will have to pay higher monthly subscriptions chargers to carry out its services and maintenance.

This is another device that is ranked among the top GPS Tracker due to its features and functionalities and that device is Trax. This device is small in size but large in functionality that why it work in almost 39 countries of the world. This device is attached with 3 satellites and produce highly accurate location readings with the help of these giant satellites.

It produce accurate results with real-time GPS tracking and provide the smartphone app to view the device location. It is a small device which makes it easy to handle and carry while your kid needs to visit outside.

It’s one of the unique and best is that it provide a motion activated tracking ability, which means that when device is not in moving state, it is not using its battery life. So when the device start moving it automatically detect the motion and start updating the location with high accuracy.

One of its drawback is that it doesn’t have a SOS or panic button, and almost this feature is available on all device that are ranked in top rating but this device lacks that common functionality. And the other downside of this device is its short term battery life of few days as compared to other devices who has months and weeks.

Besides this it also provide a functionality of augmented reality tracking ability. And provide you a best user interface for smartphone application to set a geofence zones, and also enable you to view the location history of multiple devices at the same time.

This device not only provide accurate location with real time tracking but also provide you a two year of prepaid services. So you don’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions for up to two years.

There comes another GPS tracking device which is specially design for an active outdoor users and named as Spot Gen3. This device features will take your experience to the next level and with the help of this device you can track your motion regardless of the medium you choose for tracking. It has a vibration sensor that can tell you the latest tracking updates while you are on the move.

This best GPS Tracker also have a SOS push button for instant tracing updates that will used when the user feel some danger or want to get himself known to someone. It will help using and auto generated text message that keeps the longitude and latitude coordinates, and also inform with the help of auto generated email to your contracts with your location.

This best GPS tracker also have a smartphone app that is available with easy to use and attractive interface for the parents to track you kids location besides web portal and both are powered by Google map locations. You can also set up the location to be updated automatically after specific interval.

This device lacks some common features that other devices don’t. It doesn’t allow you to set a geofence alert by specifying geofence location. Either it doesn’t have a rechargeable options for battery so you have to recharge it again after few weeks.

Yepzon is another GPS tracking device that is famous among all because of its amazing style and long life battery timings. This is one of the most simple wearable GPS locator in the entire world and this is because of its extensive usability. With the help of this device you can monitor your people, pets and valuables with the help of smart mobile app.

One of the most amazing thing about this device is that it can help you to set the most flexible and reliable location time intervals. This means that with the help of this device you can easily get to know about your child’s location after your desired frequent time interval.

This device doesn’t have any start button and can manage to work with the help of a close combination of global positioning system, cellular network and a Bluetooth permission. This device also lacks the functionality to inform you about the entrance and exit of your child in geofence locations that you have set for them. Another drawback for this device is that it also doesn’t allow you to make a call to your device holder when you need to contact them or when they are in a panic condition.

This GPS tracker device also provide the ability to view the device location with the help of user friendly and most advanced user interface for smartphone app for location tracking. It also allows to view the most recent location of the user history.

Besides all these, this device have beaten all others in battery life as its battery lasts for many days and weeks or sometimes even for months. This features has put this device above all in battery life. Also provide you the switch off option to save the battery life when the device is not in use and alert for its low battery and need recharge.

In the category of best GPS Tracker here comes another small, simple GPS tracker and named as KidGPS. This tracker will let you know about the exact location of your child with real time tracking. It also provide this functionality at any time whenever you need to know where your child is.

In a mean time this GPS tracker lacks some common functionalities like other device in the list but it keeps its reasonable space among them with few amazing functionalities, and besides these it will never put a burden on its user with high monthly subscription charges.

This app is also provide companion app for its users with highly interactive user interface and let them know about the current location with recent history. It also help you to view the co-ordinates with the help of Google Map integrated API.

In the hour of need with the help of its device the application provide the push notification functionality to let the parents know about their child location and outside activities. This will also enable you to know that is she/he safe or not. Beside this it also provide multiple alert types like low battery alert or geofence alert only if you set the co-ordinate for geofancing.

Its battery timings are quite good for its use and provide you maximum standby time. It is also noted that if you set the frequent location update then battery consumption also increases otherwise it lasts for almost up to five days.

Like other best GPS Tracker this device also have a panic button on its top surface and easy to use when your child feel threatened or face some trouble in order to inform someone for help. Furthermore it can’t be used in rain or sprinklers because it is not water resistant. And because of these features with low purchase and monthly charges it is the most affordable GPS tracker available in the market.

This product named as “Amber Alert GPS” is found one of the best GPS tracking device on the basis of their accuracy, and unmatched functionalities that make this product remarkable among all and rank at first position. It has best voice-to-voice calling feature that will enable a person to communicate with one of their selected person on their cell phone on roaming.

It has a real time tracking system that enable you to see the location of a person on the map with accuracy and precision by providing access to map using web portal or either smartphone app. Beside this it also have a panic button that will make your caring one’s in case of emergency of you trigger that button up and they will reach you in a mean time.

One of the unique feature of this GPS Tracker is the predator alert and when it is enabled it will indicate you the alert whenever you came near to any predator and keeps you aware of any odd situation.

Another useful feature that can help you to maintain your record is the history pane and this can tell you the battery status of the tracker device with the help of each and every location update. It will also suggest you the battery predicted life with current status.

This is one of the best GPS tracker because of its immense features and cool functionalities, like predator alert, app and portal availability with highly accurate location tracking.

When you need a best GPS Tracker that can perform its basic functionality very efficiently then comes a My Buddy Tag GPS tracker which lacks other premium features but perform exceptionally well with its basic GPS tracking facility. It is a unique tracker because it doesn’t require any subscription plan to perform its services.

It perform its operation with the help of Bluetooth and helps the parents to make sure that their children are safe. This little but active device provide many functionalities like out of range alert, water safety alert in order to help parents to prevent accidental drowning of their child, also have a panic button for instant alert using push notification.

This device provide and added functionality of email alert system that will enable you to know about the most recent location coordinates. As it works with the help of Bluetooth and its range is limited so it uses the email alert to provide time and location information. Its limited range is 40 feet indoor and about 80-120 feet outdoor.

What are GPS Trackers?

GPS tracking is a term used for the surveillance of the person’s location through the use of global positioning system (GPS) tool to track the exact or a concurrent location of an object or entity at a remote place. This technology is used to pinpoint the latitude, longitude, course direction and speed of the target on the ground. This system is a “collection” of the 24 well-spaced and organized satellites systems that orbit around the earth and make it possible for the people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographical location.

How to choose a right GPS Tracker?

There are many GPS Trackers on the market and provide best functionalities in order to locate your belongings like pets, people and other important things. In order to find some best GPS tracker device for monitoring, you need to spend some quality time to find a best possible solution for GPS tracking.

These are some of the tips that will help you to find a right GPS tracking device for you.

  • Device understanding

    Before finding anything first of all you have to understand that which device you are looking for and how that will help you to fulfil your needs. And there are almost four types of GPS tracking systems that can help you to navigate your vehicles, other type involve the tracking of outdoor location and this device will be portable, on the third type stands a tracking system for marine investigations and last but not least a hybrid GPS system. On out of all these you have to choose which systems best fits for your needs and help you find location without using maps.

  • Voice Instructions:

    Before buying any GPS tracker you must have to make sure that the device you are going to select give a voices instructions aloud. And with this feature your search become more specified.

  • Real-Time Tracking:

    The great advantage of any GPS tracking device is its real time tracking functionality and if some device possess this feature then your hunt for a best GPS tracking device comes to an end because it provide navigation with a help of visual representation.

  • Tracking Quality

    One of the most important feature for any GPS tracking device is the quality of its services. There are many device available in the market on cheap rates but before you use them they become dysfunctional. So make sure that the device you are choosing provide best quality services with accurate results.

  • Speed monitor:

    Before you decide to purchase any device just make sure that your device have a monitor to measure speed limits.

  • GPS Tracking Charges:

    Another best thing to know before buying a GPS tracking system to make sure that the device you are going to choose offers you a basic service free of cost. And only in the case of advance features it require premium plans. There are many companies in the market who offer quite reasonable price for their services.

  • User-friendly:

    Before purchasing GPS tracker make sure that device is simple, easy to understand, and provide best user experience goals.

Best GPS Tracker on the Market – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

What should be considered before buying a GPS Tracker?

As time passed and technology is revolutionized choosing a best GPS Tracker is getting quite overwhelming experience. There are lot of option for devices like handheld and portable GPS trackers that are in line, and you have to choose form them. And that’s only the beginning, the confusion never goes down even after purchase because you still need to learn how to use it.

For that purpose before purchasing any GPS tracker, spend some time to kick the proverbial tires. Don’t rush put to buy a tracker with minimum functionalities, always look for ease of use and maximum functionality. Spend some time to look around some devices and compare their functionalities with one another to fine the best one.

Here are some of the questions that you need to get answered before you select a best GPS Tracker device for you which fulfil your complete requirements and provide best services with minimal subscription charges.

  • What am I going to use it for?

    First of all think about your activities and decide for which activity you want a GPS tracker and what will you expect form your GPS tracker to perform? And when you get specific with your answer then go for feature identification to cover your needs.

  • How much do I want to spend?

    After deciding what to purchase then come a question that how much you can spend to purchase that device. The model you end up considering will definitely influence you purse or wallet. The more featured GPS Tracker you choose more it’s going to cost for it. But if you figure out exactly which features you need for your tracker then you’ll end up with saving some money.

  • Battery Life

    After these you need to decide how many hours your GPS tracker needs to ran out of batteries?

    You will need to remember that different models have different battery diets and all batteries don’t have a same consuming time. So then you will be able to decide which battery life suits your needs.

  • Display

    If you want to view the map on your GPS tracker then you will definitely need a model which come with a display map feature.

  • Functionalities:

    If you have well decided you needs and device which fulfill that needs then here comes some of the functionalities that best suits for any GPS tracking device. These include the data storage, reliability, power source and warranty and last but not the least is the accuracy of location results matters a lot for best GPS trackers.

  • External Controls:

    External controls always matter for any device to be operate easily and showcase its maximum performance. So before purchasing make sure that buttons and other controls on GPS Tracker are easy to use because this is included in user interface of the device.

  • Memory and Accessories:

    Make sure that does your budget include the basic accessories along with device purchase. Similarly how much memory does GPS tracker have? This is a critical but most important question if you are interested in a device which store location data for loading maps and history of recent locations.

Uses of GPS Tracker

Beside all GPS tracker uses varies from device to device and according to the functional area. Some of the common uses of GPS tracker are mentioned below:

It can be used for real time location tracking.

Can be used for alert system with multiple functionalities.

Set geofancing for easy monitoring.

Easy to know accurate location tracking.

Can be used for stuff protection and make their presence available on digital platform.


GPS is a one of the fantastic tools of 21st century offering many functionalities of location tracking and object monitoring. The future of GPS tracing appears to be virtually unlimited because of technological fantasies abound. With GPS, the world has been given a technology of unbounded promise, born in the laboratories of scientists who were motivated by their own curiosity to probe the nature of the universe and our world, and built on the fruits of publicly supported basic research.


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