Amber Alert GPS Tracker Review

///Amber Alert GPS Tracker Review


Amber Alert GPS Tracker a tiny tracking device to provide you peace of mind and can keep you up to date about your children location. This is one of the world’s best GPS trackers that are optimized specially for your children. No you don’t need to get worry about your kids’ location, activities and speed of your teenage drivers. It can provide you peace of mind and let you know the real time location of your kids. The location of the tracker can be analyzed by using any portal, like you can use your mobile phone for this purpose with the help of iOS and androids apps. Furthermore you can use the web portal of the Amber Alert GPS Tracker to view the location of your tracker. This smart location tracker is durable, child friendly with easy to use parent app and portal. This can use hand-to-hand and enable busy families to get up to date about tracking information and with amazing voice functionality they can listen the surroundings of your kids without letting them know.

Amber Alert GPS Tracker Review

It is your secret and trustworthy friends to help you to look after your kids from anywhere anytime.

Since 2007 Amber Alert GPS Tracker has been the leading location tracking and communication device. It has been the first choice of the active families for more than 10 years.

It is easy to use for the parents and children to get family connectivity and safety. Its unique design helps your kids to make a call and alert you about a panic situation. It two ways mobile voice communication is making it different from other GPS tracking device. Its wonderful app and web portal are providing unlimited services to its clients.

The first priority of Amber Alert GPS Tracker is to help and support the children protection and give their parents peace of mind. This locator product provides easy connectivity between two-to-ten year’s old kids and their parents and caregiver. Parents can now get connected with their children at anytime and anywhere with two ways voice communication feature of this product. Use your mobile phone and website portal to make an account of the guardian or other caregivers who need updates and alerts. With the web portal and online mobile applications with all type of OS you can manage your account and update the settings. When child press its magic IOS button the alert message send to all list of 10 people in contact list and make direct call to you. This alert notification is most worthy thing. With its geo-fencing ability once you set the location/zone, then device will generate automatic alter and notification when you tracker enter or exit the zone.

It provides location tracking with the help of At, T’s and 3G networking system. Now you can see where they are, and where they were from your mobile phone without any time limit. You can see the exact location and real time location history with the use of map.


Like other GPS tracker for kids Amber Alert GPS Tracker also provide real time tracking with exciting features. It is like Swiss army knife in the GPS tracking technology’s world. This small size, light weight device jam packaged with numerous features that fits the need of any caregiver, guardian and parents. It is the sort of combination of features of a location tracking device and cell phone. It use GSM technology to locate the location and its technology portal called tracking portal is available for mobile phone and web portal too.

1.Safety Alert:

With its easy implementation you can easily manage the safety zone and set the safe zone to get information and safety alerts about the location of the tracker like kid entering or leaving school and home.

2.Predator Alert:

This feature is the unique one which will not found in any other tracking device than Amber Alert GPS Tracker. With predator alerts you can get notify the location of your child when your child is within 500 feet’s of the registered sex offender residence.

3.Voice Calling:

Extremely useful feature of this product is two way calling. It is the same as it sound just press the button and talk to your child from the device or they can make call to you with the use of this device. Stay connected with your children and hears them whenever you want. They even call you with just pressing single SOS button.

4.Live tracking:

Provides GPS tracking of your little child, you can view the location on the map whenever you want and by setting update interval or default 5 minutes interval. You can even get print of the spread sheet showing the location and alert breakdown to help you to get idea where your kid has been, like if he go to his friend place after school when you instructed him to come back straight to home.

5.iOS and Android Compatible:

Amber Alert comes with innovative GPS Alert technology, and have apps for both iOS and Android OS devices to work with it smoothly. You can use your any OS Smartphone to connect with device and view the location status on map and get notification via text, mail or call.

6.Battery life:

It comes with small USB charger and can charge enough battery to work for 48 hours. If product’s default setting is used then its battery will long lasting. Its history pane provides location history along with battery status against all alerts. So you can get idea exactly when you device goes out of power and approximate the future battery life expectancy.

7.Device inactivity:

Amber Alert GPS Tracker will alert you when device is not reporting so you can get real information about the state of the device weather it is active and working or inactive and not working.

8.Panic Button:

SOS button is unique feature to make tow way calling with just single click. Whenever device holder press the SOS button, automatic alert message with current location is sent to the 10 people in contact list and you receive call and able to talk you child or hear the surroundings of your child. Device has no ring bell, so it’s secure even in panic situations.



Size of the device is approximately same as the garage door opening device. Weight is 2 ounces and has two volume keys and SOS button. Their buttons are high quality that clicks firmly. With this tracker you will get many accessories with it. It also has tight fitting cover for SIM card and power portal.


Along with traditional GPS tracking services this product is a way to communicate with your child anytime. You can call them talk to them or even listen to them without notifying them. Child can make call to you by pressing panic button so it is simple way of communication without any complexity.

Amber Alert GPS Tracker Review

3.Speed Alerts:

Speed limits alert enable you to get notify when you young child is moving with the speed beyond the limit you set, it can let you know when your child is deriving car ,bike or being derive by a vehicle.


With geofancing feature it provides zone alerts. It allows you to set the imaginarily zones wherever you wish and get alerts whenever you kid comes in or out of that specific zone.


Monitoring the location is not less than a snap. Does not matter you are using software or mobile application, you can set the preferences with just few click and device has no screen to complicate the things. The device contains just light indicators with volume buttons and SOS button. It is easy to attach with child.


It provide 24/7 support. If you have any query about the product just call or email to the Amber Alert GPS Tracker customer service department.

7.Multiple tracking:

With this product you can track and configure more than one device connected to your tracker. It is the unique point of Amber Alert as it can track motile devices at the same time, connected to your account.



Battery life of the device is not too good as compare to other tracking devices in the market, but with minimum operations it can last for two days.

2.Update interval:

As with other tracking devices you can set the update interval with minimum time limit of 6 seconds. But in the case of Amber Alert GPS Tracker you can get alerts with minimum and default interval of 5 minutes, which is no impressive as compare to other devices.

3.Motion activated tracking:

Device lack this features, that’s why consume more battery, if device able to go into sleep mood when it not moving, it can save power and make it more efficient.

4. Cost:

The battery life is not a big deal, it can charge enough battery for a whole day, but thing which is pulling it back is its cost. It is fairly expensive tracking device. Once you have paid initial unit cost you still need to pay pretty monthly charges for this service. But at the end what you get is what you spend. Its cost will not be a big issue if you compare its features with other tracking devices.

Amber Alert GPS Tracker Review

Amber Alert GPS Tracker Summary:

Amber Alert GPS Tracker’s immense functionality makes it the best GPS tracker for children safety. Cellular services for calls go through the 3g networks, AT&T. a complete tracking plus voice communication device to provide you real time location tracking information. It makes you feel near to your child anytime anywhere and perfect solutions for busy families to get connected with kids of 2 to 10 years old. It provides zone alerts, speed alerts and battery alerts to serve you with high quality tracking services.

Reason to choose:

Choice of any tracking device, when it is especially for your kids it deserves the keen analysis of more than the cost. The reasons which call the need of Amber Alert GPS Tracker as a tracking device for your kid are given below.

1.A new way to connect, protect and live

Amber Alert GPS Tracker provides you an innovative GPS tracking technology that is the need of every caregiver. It can help you to get connected and make call to your little child even two years old who can even don’t know how to use cells and pick up the phone call. Device have no ring bell child can direct listen the voice of their parents and guardians.

2. Know where your kids are

In this age everyone is busy and when parents are on working place most of the time then they must have headache about their kids’ safety and about their activities when they are not with them and unable to see them. In this situation Amber Alert GPS Tracker can provide you peace of mind and get you connected with your kids anywhere and anytime. Even during you meeting you can take a bird eye view of the real time location history to get idea where your kids are, where they have been and how far they are from their home.

3. Now talk to your kids when you (and they) want

With single click operation now you and your kinds can enter to the connected and secure zone. With two way calling feature you can talk to them. It can remind you that it is the time to pick up your kid or time to talk to them. The high quality micro phone and speaker with device help you to fear clear voice, clear communication.

4.Stay in touch from afar and realize your kids that they are kids

Set and receive alerts and emails whenever tracker enters or leaves the specified location, when speed limit exceed from pre-managed speed limit, whenever they are 500 feet far from the sex offender residence. In this way you are able to secure your child despite of your busy routine.

5.Stay on the teachers Good Side

You can control the device and customize it for your child’s better futures. You can block all incoming calls during your child tuition time and school time.

6.Stay in control with any portal

Without any additional charges you are able to access the Amber Alert GPS Tracker portal from your Smartphone’s, laptops and tablets.


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