Top Best Gopro Stabilizer Review–Ultimate Guide for Photography Lovers

///Top Best Gopro Stabilizer Review–Ultimate Guide for Photography Lovers
Top Best Gopro Stabilizer Review–Ultimate Guide for Photography Lovers

If you are an adventure lover or someone who is always looking for an opportunity to capture moments of life forever, the GoPro must not be an unknown name. The GoPro camera is one of the best compact cameras on the market that can be used not only on land but under water as well. I fell in love with the camera as soon as I bought it. There are so many impressive accessories available that extend the functionality of this camera. Most people who use cameras know that shaky hand can be a bit of a problem when capturing pictures or making a video. Fortunately, for this cam you can use a quality gopro stabilizer. This tool can help you to get the best pictures and videos from your GoPro by providing a failsafe shaking resistance stability for the device. If you own a GoPro or recently bought one that we will advise you to definitely spend some money on getting the best quality stabilizer for your GoPro. This tool will add quality to your video presentations by adding more stability to the camera angle. Well, there are over a hundred different types of stabilizers available offered by different brands. Which one you should choose? The one that you find comfortable to use as well get the best value for money.

In this review of best GoPro stabilizer list, we have picked the best gopro gimbal for you.

Top 6 GoPro Stabilizer List


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EVO Gimbals

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1. OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO GoPro Video Camera Stabilizer 

There is a reason why the OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO GoPro video camera stabilizer is on the top of our list of top 6 camera stabilizers available on Amazon. At an affordable price you are getting a cheap GoPro gimbal that has all the features of a pro device, yet it is available at a lower price than some of the high end stabilizers.
With a universal camera adapter, this stabilizer works with almost all active camera models and even supports smart phones and point and shoot cameras. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO GoPro Video Camera Stabilizer is designed to be lightweight and durable so that you can use it every time you want to shoot a video or a picture during your outdoor escapade. The ergonomic design of this stabilizer along with its non-slip handles, you can even use it under water comfortably.

For maximum stability the OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO GoPro Video Camera Stabilizer comes with three separate counterweights.



  • 3 counterweights for stabilization

  • Comfortable non-slip handle

  • Universal adapter for camera included

  • Lifetime support

  • Ergonomic compact design

  • Pro style stabilizer that support most cameras

  • Video training tutorials available

  • None

2. Opteka X-GRIP Stabilizing Handle 

Most probably this is not the first time you are hearing about the Opteka as a brand. If you happen to be obsessed with selfies then this is the most famous brand for selfie sticks. The Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle is a product that deals with the GoPro stabilizer niche as it is designed specifically for some high end models of GoPro like the HD Hero5. In order to be appealing for customers who love the Opteka selfie sticks, this stabilizer is provided with a charming design that is backed by a functional device. If you own any compact camera then you definitely need the Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle. It can adapt almost any compact camera and its padded handle you will no more feel frustrated on using your compact cameras for shooting videos and pictures for hours.

Undoubtedly, this device is one of the best GoPro DSLR stabilizer on Amazon.



  • Versatile designed camera adapter

  • C-shaped ergonomic design made from ABS plastic

  • One-year warranty

  • Removable shoe mount

  • NBR foam padded non-slip handle

  • Fits most compact action cameras

  • Easy to use and set up

  • It is unstable to use it when walking

3. CamKix Dual Mount Stabilizing Hand Grip 

The dual mount design of this stabilizing hand grip from CamKix is suitable if you want a GoPro stabilizer that you can use with your phone as well. Ergonomic design and lightweight frame which is very suitable for you if you own a GoPro model that does not have an LCD screen like the GoPro Hero 4. With such cameras the problem is that you cannot see what your camera is seeing. Fortunately, the CamKix Dual Mount Stabilizing Hand Grip comes with a separate mouth for your phone and camera so you can directly see what your camera is capturing on your smart phone.

The low profile design of this stabilizer allows you to have a strong grip on your camera that makes it easier to click pro like photos and videos. You will love this stabilizer if you want one which is portable as well as compact.



  • Portable and compact

  • Non-slip padded handle

  • Universal designed camera adapter

  • Well stabilized design

  • High weight capacity

  • Versatile clamp for phones

  • Ergonomic designed frame

  • Some parts missing

4. Three Axis Handheld Gimbal from EVO Gimbals 

If you are looking for a stabilizer to go with your GroPro3 or 4, then you need not to settle with some cheap quality and flimsy device as the high tech EVO Gimbals EVO GP handheld gimbal is here to aid your shaky hands take adorable pictures and shoot incredible videos without over boarding on the budget. Furthermore, you do not need too much muscle power to fine tune this stabilizer as it is controlled by powerful motors that you can operate with a touch.

The EVO Gimbals EVO GP is a precise tool, thanks to its three-axis gimbal stabilization technology that enables you to shoot pro-quality video and pictures with your GoPro. Finally, you get long lasting Li-ion batteries and a USB charger with this stabilizer so that you can be in control of your camera wherever you go.



  • Highly accurate 3-axis gimbal

  • 2 18650 Li-ion batteries included

  • Multi-shooting modes compatible

  • Lightweight alloy frame controlled by powerful motors

  • USB cable and charger are included

  • One year warranty both on parts and labor

  • Versatile design of mounting tray

  • Easy to use and setup

  • Some GoPro cameras are not compatible

5. Fantaseal Camera Stabilizer (Drone Camera Gimbals)

GoPro is definitely the best digital camera available on the market, but it is not the only device you use to shoot videos and photos. You also shoot videos with your phone, DSLR and camcorder, what if there is a single stabilizer for all these devices. You guessed it, the Fantaseal 4-in-1 stabilizer is designed to work with all these devices. For long period use this stabilizer is provided with a C-shaped orientation that naturally inclines with the hand shape.

We loved the feature that we can use this with our iPhone to take pictures and shoot videos. You can shoot low angle videos with this gimbal for GoPro easily. Due to its lightweight design and compact size it can be used within very tight spaces as well. For stabilization it does not use a gimbal or a motor for maneuver that makes it manual, yet highly efficient DSLR stabilizer.



  • 4-in1 versatile camera stabilizer

  • Fits smart phones as well

  • EVA handle which is shockproof

  • Anti-loose clamp to keep GoPro in place

  • Heavy duty compact design

  • Low profile and cost-effective

  • Manual adjustment

6. Vicdozia Universal Handheld Stabilizer 

You will be glad to spend money on this high grade aluminum handle Vicdozia Universal Handheld Stabilizer. It aptly complements your versatile and powerful GoPro. Due to its aluminum built it is resistant to corrosion and rusting, which makes it suitable to be used under water.

If you spend hours on hours shooting videos and photos, then you need a quality stabilizer that you can carry around and use whenever you want without straining your shoulders. The Vicdozia Universal Handheld Stabilizer has an ergonomic frame design with comfortable padded handles that make it a lot easier to use for long hours. Also, the non-slip material ensures you do not drop your GoPro by mistake. The universal large axis of this stabilizer can not only accommodate your camera, but can also house the video strobe flashlights that help you to take clear shots under water.



  • Aluminum frame is heavy duty and durable

  • Padded handles

  • Cost effective

  • Universal design of mounting tray

  • GoPro as well as DSLR cameras is supported

  • Fits camcorders Works under water

  • Adapters and tripod screws are not included

What to consider before buying GoPro Stabilizer

Although we have listed the top 6 GoPro stabilizers that you can choose from, but if you are wondering and want to know what important factors decide a quality stabilizer for the camera, then we are going to detail every consideration we checked for.

Type of Stabilizer

Broadly, all GoPro stabilizers can be categorized as motorized devices and non-motorized devices. As you have guessed the motorized stabilizers are controlled by an electric motor that runs on a portable battery. Best thing about these devices is that they are hyper sensitive that makes it a lot easier to control them as compared to the mechanical GoPro stabilizers. But the problem with the motorized stabilizers is that they are expensive and make noise when operated, this dulls the sound quality of the video. On the other side, non-motorized GoPro stabilizers are difficult to adjust, but are cheaper and do not produce any sound. You have to choose one for you based on your preferences.

Comfort of use

We know how infamous selfie sticks are for bruising or irritating the users, don’t let that happen with your GoPro. Consider the comfort of using a stabilizer before buying it. If you are buying online then you cannot check for comfortability on the out set, this is why look for features like ergonomic design. A GoPro stabilizer that is poorly designed will undermine the quality of your camera. Also, look for a device that has padded handles as such handles are lot comfortable to use with bare hands.


Most of the time you will be using your GoPro during your outdoor escapades and you will not want a stabilizer that weighs a ton. You will be using your camera for hours shooting photos and videos, this is why it is necessary to choose a stabilizer to go with the camera that is lightweight and easy to carry around. However, do not choose a device that is too light to provide stability to the camera. A well balanced and optimized GoPro stabilizer is what you want.


You are considering the GoPro stabilizers for their stabilization capability. Keeping this fact into account choose a product according to the stabilizing technology it uses. There are self-stabilizing gimbal stabilizers that are very accurate and easy to use, but expensive. Then, there are stabilizers that make use of the counter weights for stabilization that makes them heavier. Although counterweights based stabilizers are cheaper, but you need to have the muscle power to use them effectively.

Build Material

Most often people ignore to check the build material in a stabilizer they buy to go with their GoPro. No matter what you believe, if you want maximum value for your money, consider buying a Steadicam, which is durable and does not bend on repeated use. Furthermore, as you can use your GoPro underwater as well you need to consider the material that is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Plastic stabilizers are greatly in demand, but make sure the one you buy is not made from brittle plastic.

We know all these considerations must have overwhelmed you, this is why we have listed the top 6 GoPro stabilizers for you that you can buy from Amazon.


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