Choose Best Video Camera for YouTube on the Market

///Choose Best Video Camera for YouTube on the Market
Choose best video camera for YouTube

Best video camera should be on top of your priority when thinking of hitting your desired number of viewers and likes on your YouTube channel. The internet of things is growingly undergoing a switch in content presentation – ab initio contents were presented as text without any form of audio presentation, later some forms of audio were increasingly added to contents which are referred to things like podcasts – at this time, only little of these podcasts include full multimedia contents such as graphics, majority were mainly audio and text without good graphics. Recently, contents have taken a new dive from the way they were being presented, we can now see contents with audio-visuals presentations such as videos which have championed the new contents segment on the web know as video blog (vlog).

One of the major online platforms where this new content segment is mostly seen and used is YouTube. In making decisions to buy the best video camera for YouTube, there are a number of things that you should put into consideration. Among other things, you should think first of quality, that is, a camera that can produce high definitional (HD) videos; apart from a camera that can produce HD videos, you should also consider your customers, that is, your viewers in mind. For your customer’s consideration, you should take into consideration things like how easy will they find their way in an attempt to see your videos, will they need to wait for hours and a longer period before they would be able to watch your videos? This is one thing that you should put most into consideration even while looking for a camera with HD videos.

Another way to look at some other considerations for the best video camera for YouTube is to consider your niche, by this I mean to consider what nature and kind of videos you will be producing. Are they videos that would involve you travelling from one place to the other, or are the videos that would involve you collecting and assembling secondary data with narrations, or are the videos that will mostly be captured in an interior or exterior places, all these and numerous others should form your consideration for best video camera for YouTube.

Additionally, apart from making considerations as to which camera you should choose from, in case you are yet to understand or figure out the necessity of best camera to quality video production, it is good to note that despite the numerous releases of video editing software’s, majority of these software’s can only give you – your desires result if your input (video) is of high quality. Otherwise, you would experience situations where with top most recommended video editing software, you would still not get the taste of what you want as a result of poor quality videos.

Top Video Camera for YouTube

In the previous section, I discussed majorly things that should be considered before buying the best video camera for YouTube, in this session, I will attempt to help you in your quest for the best video camera for YouTube get closer to your decision by showing you major brands of the product. The listing is not based on ranking but price – descending from the highest to the lowest price.


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Canon EOS

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Canon PowerShot

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1.Canon VIXIA mini X Video Camera

When it comes to camera Canon is seen to be the most popular brand, as of its cost I think on the average it’s one of the most expensive video camera available. With the Canon Vixia mini X, you should be rest assured of your quest for HD videos for YouTube, you can get as much as 1080p video format with its support of major storage like memory cards, your need might just be met with this. The video camera cost around $2,501.47 with free shipping, you can check the link above for more information and how to purchase one.

2.Sony Alpha a7S

Sony is also one of the major brand when it comes to video camera, with their Alpa a7s mirror less digital video camera, you are rest assured of your camera needs for video. The cost of this brand’s camera is about $1,998. Based on specifications earlier discussed, if you are ok with this, you may take a tour to the brand’s page on Amazon through the link above.

3.Canon XA10

If not for comparison’s sake and in order to leave you to your choice, it would have been possible to have all the options flooded with Canon because they are really doing well with their video camera. The Canon XA10 comes with its own unique offering, with its 64 GB internal memory you may really not have issues with storage – this also covers your need for HD videos. Take a broader comparison with other brands and offering from their page on Amazon above.

4.Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

As the name goes Cinema Camera, suggests high definitional videos with almost all dimension video camera. This brand’s video camera comes with a Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount, it will as well meet your need for YouTube videos. It costs at about $995, for more other details see the Amazon link above.

5.Canon EOS 7D

At the end of you reading this article, you may decide to go for the Canon brand not only because of their position in the industry but their awesome offerings. This particular video camera comes with its own uniqueness and with its 7D, it’s no doubt that it will definitely meet your YouTube video needs, it cost around $849. See the above link for more details about this camera as well as how to make a purchase.

6.Nikon D3300

Nikon is also a major brand when it comes to best video camera for YouTube. On my list is the sixth most expensive video camera – it comes with 24.2 MP, this suggests a very high definitional video with lots of details. This brand’s offering cost around $446.95 see the above page for more details.

7.Canon EOS Rebel T5

Also in Canon’s catalog is the EOS T5 of their T series – this product is the seventh most expensive on my list as it cost around $364, thus making it affordable especially if you are a newbie with strict budget. This video camera comes with its own unique product differentiation, a look into its uniqueness might prove to be just the best camera you are craving for – check the above link to their page on Amazon.

8.Canon PowerShot SX260

This is yet another product from a major brand to video makers especially those who uploads on YouTube. This is very affordable as its price on Amazon is about $229 which made it to be included as the eight of ten most expensive camera on my list. This camera is recommended for YouTube videos, you may decide to visit their Amazon page for a conviction of the brand’s offering.

9.Nikon COOLPIX S7000

The second most popular brand of video camera for YouTube, Nikon, with its Coolpix camera you can enjoy a 16 MP camera capturing and as much as 1080p video format, with as big as 3.0” LCD screen. See the Amazon link for other possible information not contain here.

10.GoPro HERO

Choose best video camera for YouTube on the Market

One of the major recommended video camera for YouTube is the GoPro, it is the cheapest among all in this list as the price is about $156 making it the most affordable but awesome video camera. With this camera, you can capture picture quality as much as 8MP with other awesome video qualities that may just be the best for your video need. You can see their page on Amazon from the link above.

Choose best video camera for YouTube

How to choose the Best video camera for YouTube

Following my argument above, you should note that the best way to grow your viewers on YouTube among other consideration, is to choose the best video camera for YouTube. The question now should be how to choose the best video camera for your YouTube videos. In the introduction, I mentioned a number of considerations that should be done when you want to choose the best video camera for your YouTube videos, in this segment, I will take a more broader look into the various consideration that were listed above.

  • Quality (High Definition)

    The first thing to consider if you want the best video camera for YouTube is quality that is high definitional (HD) videos. The major reason why you are on YouTube is to general money by creating videos that are clear, concise and understandable. Any sort of other form of videos outside these qualities, would hinder it from attracting the number of views necessary for you to monetize your YouTube video channel.

    With HD videos, the least detail of information that you need to pass across alongside your video for proper visual grasp is made available with its clear and amazing looks. High definitional videos would mean, videos that are not blur, original and optimized audios, suitable layout and screen, flexible box models, with the most popular video extension.

    So in making choice of choosing the best video camera for YouTube, all the above specifications need to be put alongside other considerations as afore noted. High definitional videos are very necessary because with it, you will capture “the least detail of information” from every scene. When making videos for YouTube, you should know that your viewers would need your video to be as clear as much as possible, so that they could get to understand the least detail of information of what you are trying to get across through your video content. For example, assuming you intend making videos about wildlife, and let’s say in one of them you may want to explain the mating process of snake. This should be a very interesting topic that would attract viewers curiosity, in explaining this process through your video, your viewers would need less of illustration but the real fact, which is, they want to see how the male specie is acting on the female specie during the penetration process.

    With the example above, you should understand that capturing the scenario would be very herculean if not with the best video camera. This means you should go for camera that has autofocus with the ability to capture almost all dimensions as well as with a very good lens for adequate zooming and capturing from a farther distance. This is necessary because, if you consider the kind of animal that you are about to capture, you should know that it’s a kind of animal that is swift with sharp processes in its dealings so if you must capture every detail of the mating process of such animal, you would need nothing less than the best video camera with the identified specifications.

  • Convertibility

    One other thing to look at is how possible is it for your video to be converted to extensions that are web friendly. In case you don’t know, YouTube has some specifications and / or rules as regards to how videos are uploaded. You need to be sure of the convert-ability of your chosen or soon to buy best video camera for YouTube. This is so necessary because you will be so much disappointed to see that after your tireless effort of shooting a lot of scenes especially with as much tedious as the example afore cited in this article, you cannot successfully upload your video to YouTube. Such event is possible with camera that have a fixed predefined output format, so in choosing the best camera for your YouTube videos, you should also consider one with flexible output format.

    Also in convertibility, one more thing that you need to put into consideration is what is known as the flexible box model. This is the ability of your video to adjust automatically with different channel through which your video will be viewed in YouTube. For example, it’s a known fact that a number of YouTube users get to YouTube through their mobile gadgets. This means that there will definitely be a change in the screen resolution from the normal computer view to a mobile gadget view. Even with mobile gadgets, there are various screen resolutions, like the iPad, Android, Notebooks, and the likes all come with different screen resolutions. So you should ensure that in going for your best camera for your YouTube videos, such camera has to possess a high level of convertibility on different levels as identified.

  • HD with lesser Disk Size

    Additionally to the box flexibility, in choosing the best video camera for YouTube, you should also consider going for camera with a combined advantage such as, can produce HD videos with relatively smaller disk size. How will this impact on your profitability? That off course can constitute to whether people will likely view your content as much as possibly or not, because internet video consumers are used to the click pattern – meaning, at the speed of thought. So they are not willing to spend more than necessary time in trying to view your content on YouTube, once they discover that your content is very heavy and needs a lot of time to load, with numerous other substitute, they will be left with no other option but to switch to the next related video, and probably leaving behind a deadly feedback which will chase potential viewers of your YouTube video. So in other words, you should ensure you choose camera that has the possibility or technology to produce HD videos with little disk space, if this is not possible with your preferred camera with all other dimension included, you should ensure that a custom factory software comes alongside with it for so you will have the ability to reduce disk space while still maintaining all video details and information in high quality before you could say you’ve bought the best video camera for YouTube.

Best video camera for YouTube

By this time, you have known what your specifications are, or if you never had one, now you should craft one. You have also been exposed to information about major brands and their respective products, you may still be skeptical as to which one to choose from the listed ten. In this section, I will do a major form of detailed comparison of the major brands as well as their products in order for you to have in-depth knowledge and conviction as to which one to choose from the numerous ones available.

First of all, you should still refer to the section where the considerations of best video camera for YouTube were expatiated, after that, starting from the most popular brand video camera, Canon, has the best technological advantage to other compared brands so it’s likely that their video cameras will come with the best videography technology. On the other hand, if you are a newbie with strict budget, it’s likely that the Canon video camera may not be your best consideration for video camera because other brands as shown in the list offers almost similar video quality with awesome technology as well as Canon yet with relatively lower price.

If you consider the high cost associated with the Canon video camera, you may want to consider a close substitute of the Canon video camera which is Nikon video camera. The Nikon video camera are often with close competition with the Canon video cameras, the high cost that is mostly associated with the Canon video camera may not be far from the fact that it’s a star in the industry, and due to this fact, they already own a significant market share hence their outrageous pricing may not really have a negative impact on their sales volume. While comparing Canon to Nikon, your budget is a major factor that should come into play – as a startup, Nikon camera is most suitable because in terms of quality, that’s HD videos, Mega Pixels, it is almost indifferent with the Canon video camera and only with close comparison like this can reveal the extent of this indifference.

The comparison above has only established a line from where we can draw other line of comparison or even summarize the idea of best video camera for YouTube as it has categorically made clear the idea. On the other note, apart from the Canon and Nikon, other brand of video camera with their respective video cameras just like Nikon, comes with their different offerings and they can all be said to be similar to that of the stars in the industry but all boils down to what you want, your budget, taste and functionality of the video camera. Majorly all the camera that made the list can give you great taste and amazing output that can keep your YouTube channel buzzing all day, it all depends on your usefulness of other tools beyond the level of using camera alone.

What should be considered before buying a Best video camera for YouTube?

What constitute best video camera for YouTube can somehow be hard to define. See the first section as I tried to identify this in a number of ways. While you are still thinking of which best video camera for YouTube to buy, you should as well think of some other dimensions like, if you are a field journalist who would love to furnish your audience with information as they are and at any point in time, you should think of going for video camera that has the flip ability as well as the one with internet able technology. This will help you not only to record the scene but can also include yourself in the video and upload directly while on the go rather than wait unnecessarily. With a video camera of this sort, it will increase your YouTube channel ranking because for major events, rather than wait till others upload after the time, you can actually do that in the time, by so doing, you increase the confidence of your viewers in your contents.

Usage of Best Video Camera for YouTube

It is not enough to buy best video camera for YouTube, just like any other product, the best way to enjoy its full potential is to known how best to use it. By that I mean, the most practiced way of using such that it gives you what you want and what it’s made to do.

One of the best practice when it comes to the best usage of any product not limited to video camera, is the use of its manual. Although you may consider it an easy and nice step if I consider taking the afore listed brands with their products and explain how each of these cameras are best used, but the fact remains that, one of the best way to learn about the usage of your chosen best video camera lies in the manual. In the manual, depending on which of the above you settle for, you would see all necessary step by step way of how best you can use your camera. Despite the normal consumer usage, if you are a very inquisitive type and would want to know other mechanical and technical usage, you can still get that in the manual.

Another way to look at how best you can use your video camera for YouTube, is to consider personalizing the video camera you have settled on. By this I mean, you may decide to customize the way your video camera functions. If you have chosen one, you may want to customize it to work directly with your mobile phone, tablet, and or computer. Why this is necessary is because video bloggers (vloggers) follows the best practice of each website where they vlog. For example the YouTube website, you know that uploading a video directly from your camera on the go depending on the type you are using, might pose a bit of unforeseen difficulties both for yourself and your viewers. As explained in the considerations, you should consider the fact that viewers differ in characteristics and they use diverse devise to view these videos, so it will pay off if you customize your camera alongside with your device for adequate and suitable rendering of your YouTube videos.

One other way to look at the necessity of customizing your video camera in order to enjoy its full potential for YouTube video making, is to consider the fact that YouTube videos are often optimized in episodes, that means you need an editing application in your tablet or your system that should be connected and synchronized with latest contents in your camera. This is so necessary because once you have been able to create a custom schedule of template in your tablet, it will help in automated and well segmented video rendering. With this, one time customization, you may not necessarily need to spend time each time you record and this will viewer’s confidence in your contents.

Additionally, one of the best usage of video camera for YouTube, is to ensure that your videos are personalized as much as possible else you may just suffer from plagiarism. What does this mean? Although you have taken the stress, went to the field and you are back home, spent time to do your editing and uploaded it on YouTube, if you do not personalize it, some lazy folks out there who are out for cheap popularity, will get these videos and personalize it. You who is the source becomes the plagiarized user and this will dent and kill your image as a video blogger. This point should be taken as serious as possible because all your effort from considering the best camera in different dimensions and to the point of purchasing, going to the field, synchronizing and all other related efforts might just become a waste of time. You don’t want to be frustrated so you have to do all needful to ensure the best use of your best video camera for YouTube.

To sum everything up, choosing the best video camera for YouTube is one among other necessary step to becoming a successful video blogger (vlogger). While you think of making a range of consideration, you shouldn’t be carried away with some other amazing video camera specifications rather you should base your consideration on the functionality and the usage of these cameras as suitable and specific to you in so many ways: like your budget, your type of content, and your personality.

Your quest for best video camera for YouTube should not end at the point of purchase rather, it should span through the usage period – during this period you should consider customizing your video camera with your publishing gadgets and as well as ensure that to some extent your videos are personalize with things like copyrights, watermarks and the likes.

As a soon coming video blogger, consistency in your contents is necessary, and with your ability to synchronize your content with your publishing gadgets and with custom publishing rules, you can be rest assured of a well segmented and consistent rendering of your videos.

In a nut shell, your best video camera for YouTube depends on what kind of videos you want to make alongside your budget for camera as this and numerous other considerations are what will frame and form your success paradigm.


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