Best Bluetooth Camera – Top Bluetooth Backup Camera Reviews

///Best Bluetooth Camera – Top Bluetooth Backup Camera Reviews

Technology is simply amazing. Modern technology is constantly evolving and available in the form of an uncountable number of gadgets and equipment. Virtually all these equipment and gadgets are manufactured to make our lives more convenient and some of these gadgets deliver loads of fun and excitement. A Bluetooth camera is one of such modern devices that are both useful and exciting. With this article, let’s try to get an insight about the best Bluetooth camera models in the market.


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01.HD Car Rear View Bluetooth backup camera of License Plate from AUTO VOX

This is an excellent Bluetooth backup camera that has 6 high brightness LEDs. These LEDs turns on and off automatically to match the background light and therefore the camera is capable of providing superior visibility even during nighttime. Installation of this Bluetooth camera is simply effortless; no drilling is necessary since it is manufactured to be bracket-mounted. It is manufactured to be highly durable and functions perfectly even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Wider angle (1700 degrees angle) of this supreme camera assures the perfect view for a driver when backing up. Thanks for the high sensitive camera, this Bluetooth backup camera can effectively provide clear visuals even during misty or rainy days.

02.Car Dash Cam FHD 1080P 165 Degree Wide Angle Lens from 360

Car Dash camera is a priceless addition to your vehicle. This dash came from 360 can capture a variety of footages while you are on the road. A dash cam can help alleviating legal conflicts that occur after a road accident. It records the footages in Full HD quality (with 1080p). Thanks to the wide angle capturing (1650), it can cover both the sides of the roads even from closer proximities.

Loop recording facility integrated with this Bluetooth enabled camera makes sure that it provides 24X7 security for your car. Features like superior image sensor, 43 layer coating, E-HDR technology etc. make this device an impressive option. It comes with an extra Bluetooth button to facilitate quick capturing (both video and still images). It comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function in order to connect the cam with a Smartphone. As a guarantee of its quality, it comes with a 12 months warranty.

03.Dash HD Mirror Cam with G Sensor from BLUEPUPILE

If you are looking for a car Bluetooth camera with superior image quality, dual lens and G-Sensor, this is the product you should try. In fact, this camera is integrated with many useful features such as motion detection, parking monitor, loop recording etc. in addition to the Bluetooth support.

It has a full HD capturing ability to provide clearer footages. Your whole trip can be recorded in Full HD video quality which is a great advantage. It also comes with a Bluetooth backup camera and the images are displayed in the form of PIP (Picture In Picture).

It provides useful guidelines when you backup the car. Switching between the rear view and front view is made simple thanks to the smart technology it has. This Dash cam also comes with a highly sensitive microphone to capture all the audios within the range. More importantly, it comes with excellent night vision ability. This camera unit is capable of keeping a close eye on the things take place around your vehicle and ensures the safety.

04.Full HD 1080P Dash Cam with Bluetooth from Cobra Electronics

This is another impressive Full HD car Bluetooth camera with very useful features despite the average reviews left by the customers. It produces excellent videos with 1080p FHD mode and integrated with iRadar community. All the recordings on this Bluetooth camera will be embedded with exact location; thanks to the sophisticated GPS system. The angle of this dash cam is slightly narrower than some of the products; it comes with a 1600 angle. However, this angle is wide enough to capture both the sides of the roads and the objects alongside from a fair distance.

Installation of this dash cam is very easy; it is almost a plug-and-play installation. It is also associated with an impressive user interface that makes the overall operation a simple one.

05.Rearview Backup camera with mirror monitor, GPS, Bluetooth and Night Vision from Pyle

This is another handy product from Pyle. It comes with a built-in camera with wide 4.3” LCD. The built in navigation system in this camera is exceptionally useful for a driver. DVR recording is enabled with loop feature. The camera comes with an adjustable swivel in order to provide a better view. Hi resolution 720p video recording makes top quality video footages.

We have selected these cameras from a massive number of products in the market today. Some of these products, as you would see, have average customer ratings. However, all these cameras we listed here are proven to be very useful, user-friendly and efficient. These cameras can make your life a very easier one.

How to choose the right Bluetooth camera

Well, by looking at the current market (which is immensely diversified of course), choosing the right Bluetooth camera can be quite a challenge for you. Today’s Bluetooth camera market has products with different sizes, specifications and price tags and therefore it is very important to have a good idea about these products before making a purchase.

  • -Identify the purpose clearly
    There are various types of Bluetooth camera products in the market today to serve different purposes. Basically, Bluetooth camera products are available in the form of Bluetooth backup camera, Bluetooth car camera or Bluetooth spy camera products. Each of these categories serves different purposes and suits different occasions. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the purpose before you start looking for a Bluetooth camera.

  • -Choose a reliable supplier
    Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers out there in the market, not all of them offer quality products. Therefore, as a wise customer, you should opt for a reliable and reputed seller. If you are looking to purchase a Bluetooth camera from an online store like Amazon, you can easily identify the best sellers out of the rest, probably by looking at the feedbacks left by the customers.

  • -Look for the specifications
    There are different Bluetooth camera products with different specifications. Depending on the purpose of using the camera, you should look for the specifications carefully. Some cameras come with better resolution, some have night vision ability, some have wide angle capturing, some products have miniature characteristics (such as spy cameras); some features are important than the others depending on the situation. For instance, if you need a Bluetooth backup camera, night vision (or low light vision) is a very important.

  • -Compatibility with the existing devices
    It is compulsory that your Bluetooth camera is compatible with the devices you use together. For instance, if you wish to purchase a Bluetooth backup camera, you should know if your monitor is compatible with it. Some Bluetooth backup camera products support NTSC video systems only and under such circumstance, you must need an NTSC-supported monitor in the car.

  • -Viewing angle
    Viewing angle is another important aspect you must look for when purchasing a Bluetooth camera. Be it a Bluetooth backup camera or a spy camera, the angle plays a major role. A good Bluetooth backup camera would offer a good viewing angle (around 1700 at the least). Such angle is important to capture most of the objects around and ensure that the vehicle is protected from potential accidents while backing up.

Best Bluetooth cameras – Top Bluetooth Backup Camera Reviews

Different types of Bluetooth camera

When you purchase a Bluetooth camera, you must know what type matches your purpose best. This article emphasizes three main types of Bluetooth camera; Bluetooth car camera, Bluetooth backup camera and Bluetooth spy camera. In this section, we will emphasize the characteristics of each category in order to give you a better understanding.

  • -Bluetooth car camera (also known as dashboard camera / dash cam)

    Car Bluetooth cameras are known to be the ‘black box of the car’ because of the way they function. Generally, these cameras are mounted on the dashboard of the car focusing the road forefront. Typically, a good Bluetooth car camera comes with a viewing angle of 1700 degrees at the least. These cameras should be connected to data storage devices in order to store the captured videos. Usually, modern dashboard cameras are associated with features like HD video, low light capturing, wide angle viewing etc. Here are some of the uses of having a Bluetooth car camera.

    • To prevent post-accident legal conflicts
      One of the major reasons for minor post-accident legal conflicts is lack of evidence. Both the parties will probably try to put the blame on the other party and it will hinder the settlement process. However, since car cameras record every frame of the incident, respective parties can provide strong evidence and come to a fair settlement.
    • To avoid frauds
      Some people intentionally get hit by cars in order to claim some money either from insurance company or from the vehicle owner. If you have a dash cam, the authorities can easily identify such fraudulent activities and take necessary actions against them.
    • To showcase your driving skills
      With the assistance of a car camera, you can record the way you drive and impress the others.
    • To capture unexpected incidents
      Unbelievable, rare and unexpected incidents can take place along the road while you are driving. Some of these incidents last for a second or two; there is hardly any time to get your phone or digital camera ready to capture such incidents. However, since dash cams record everything happens along the road, you will not miss such opportunities.
  • -Bluetooth backup camera (also known as reverse camera / backup cam)

    This is one of the most useful Bluetooth camera products in the market today. A Bluetooth backup camera is generally used to get a clear rear view when the car is backing up. These cameras can be mounted in the rear side of the car (probably somewhere around the license plate) and connected to a monitor in front of the driver via a technology like Bluetooth. Most of these modern Bluetooth backup camera products come with night vision and wide angle capturing in order to provide a clear view. These cameras come with sensors too; they can detect the object behind the car and let the driver to avoid potential collisions when backing up.

    • A Bluetooth backup camera can help saving money
      It is quite true that some people master reverse parking within a very short period. However, many people find reverse parking to be a challenging one. Faulty reverse parking can cause damages that costs significant amount of money. Also, such damages can ruin the appearance of the car and reduce the overall value. With the assistance of a Bluetooth backup camera you can save all these money.
    • They can save lives
      Whether you believe it or not, a surprising number of lives are lost (particularly children and pets) every year because of the fatal accidents caused while reversing. One of the best ways to avoid such accidents and save lives is installing a Bluetooth backup camera.
  • -Bluetooth spy camera (hidden camera)
    Over the past couple of decades, the popularity of the spy cameras has increased significantly. Nowadays, spy cameras come in a variety of shapes, size, features and prices. As of today, you would be able to see incredibly small spy cameras that can be hardly visible to the naked eye. Be it for fun or some other purpose, these cameras are surprisingly powerful to capture clear footages despite their small size.

    The uses of spy cameras are simply abundant; their uses can range from simple entertainment purposes to serious undercover operations. Wildlife watching, supermarket surveillance, marketing purposes, making documentaries, doing environmental studies etc. are some of the other uses associated with modern Bluetooth spy cameras. These cameras can come in various forms; as a button, a pen, a toy, a clock or anything else.

    When you select a spy camera, however, check for the features like night vision ability, storage capacity, capture angle, picture quality etc.

Things to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth camera

Although purchasing a Bluetooth camera sounds pretty simple, things can be different when it comes to practical situation. No matter whether you plan to purchase a Bluetooth backup camera, dashboard camera or a spy camera, you should thoroughly consider some facts before you actually make a purchase. Here are some things you should consider when purchasing a Bluetooth camera.

01.Output video and picture quality

Unlike several years ago, modern video cameras are capable of providing better video quality. So, you don’t have to pay for a camera that has very pool picture quality anymore. Make sure that you check the resolution and the output file format of the camera closely before you purchase. In fact, in some cases, the quality of the picture becomes a very strong fact and therefore, don’t compromise the quality of the video.

02.Night vision functionality

Depending on your purpose, the importance of night vision might vary. However, think about a backup camera or a spy camera that doesn’t provide clear footages under low light; it has hardly any use. So, it is always better to go for a camera that has night vision functionality.

03.Easy installation / ease of use

Be sure that you select a camera that is very easy to install. You should also check the user-friendliness of the device. A Bluetooth backup camera and dashboard camera should work automatically; tasks like file transferring should be a ‘piece of cake’ for you. When it comes to a spy camera (that requires manual operation sometimes) however, the operation should be simple (to start/stop recording, to switch between picture and video modes etc.) if you expect the functionality of a true spy cam.

04.Customer feedbacks

When you purchase a Bluetooth camera from an online store (like Amazon), you must read the customer feedbacks left by the past customers. These feedbacks play the role of “digital word of mouth” and provide a solid insight to the actual quality of the item. Therefore, be sure to read the feedbacks other than solely relying on what advertisers have mentioned.

Despite the facts mentioned above, you must use your common sense when purchasing a Bluetooth camera. When you look at a product, your instinct would suggest its quality. However, it is always important to have a look at the customer reviews and get a clear insight. Apart from that, you must see the capacity of storage; your camera should support sufficient internal or external storage capacity. After all, it should be sufficient enough to record at least a whole day’s trip (particularly if it is a dash cam).

Usage of a Bluetooth camera

Using modern Bluetooth cameras is not rocket science as they are made to be highly user-friendly. However, when you use a Bluetooth camera, be it a Bluetooth backup camera or a spy camera, you must have a couple of important things in mind.

Best Bluetooth cameras – Top Bluetooth Backup Camera Reviews
  • -Mount it properly
    Make sure that you mount the camera properly following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you find it difficult to install the camera and integrate it with the monitor, you must seek the assistance of an expert.

  • -Provide correct power supply
    You should provide the approved power supply only. Never overload power when charging the device.

  • -Don’t cover the license plate
    When installing a Bluetooth backup camera, you should ensure that it doesn’t cover the details in the license plate.

  • -Respect privacy
    Spy cams, dashboard cams and Bluetooth backup camera can capture various footages. If you intend to publish those footages or share them with your friends, be sure that the contents don’t harm someone’s privacy. Uploading videos that violates the privacy of a person is practically a crime.


Any Bluetooth camera (including Bluetooth backup camera products) is manufactured to ease our lifestyle. They are useful for us in many ways. However, if you expect the best results from the Bluetooth camera you wish to purchase, you must purchase it from a reliable vendor that has a good track record. Apart from that, check if the respective vendor offers any warranty as an assurance of the quality of their product.

Go through the technical specifications thoroughly before you make the purchase and see if the products can serve your purpose. Be sure that you follow the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer and get the maximum use of the device.

Bluetooth camera products like spy cams, reverse cams and dashboard cams are manufactured to make our day-to-day lives more convenient; these cameras can effectively help us to save money, save lives, provide safety and increase productivity. Therefore, what you invest on such product is an investment that gives a variety of benefits.


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