Best Baby Monitors Review – How to Choose a Baby Monitor

///Best Baby Monitors Review – How to Choose a Baby Monitor
Best Baby Monitor

As mothers, we look for the best for our babies, not just the little ones, but all our kids. But when children are small, they need extra care because they can’t do anything for themselves at such little age. Every caring mother wants to keep an eye on their babies always. When mothers are at work, in transit or even at home, their thoughts are always with their babies. Parenting isn’t an exercise to joke with for a loving mother, and anything that will bring comforts to the little child is worth spending their hard earned money. In answer to parents’ need to monitor their kids, different types of the baby monitor emerged.

What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is an electronic device to help mothers see or hear their baby remotely. Most parents keep their kids in separate rooms away from theirs, and the device serves as a watcher over the baby to report the real-time event with the child to the mother. A standard baby monitor will feature transmitter and receiver system to remotely communicate between the baby room or location and the mother.

Because baby monitors are in different shapes and sizes and functionalities, it is difficult most times to choose. This article is to assist you to make the appropriate selection of the baby monitor you want so you can go on with your normal life while you baby is secure and in good watchful eyes. Read our discussion below for the best baby monitors on the market.

How to choose the right Baby monitor

It can be confusing selecting the right baby monitor if you don’t know how. This is why knowing what to look for is a major step in choosing the right baby monitor. For the working mothers who need the time to complete the next business task, getting the right baby monitor will be a good idea because being able to do your work is where the bills get paid.

With the right baby monitor, you can get to see or hear your child anytime you want to and get an alert when she or he needs your attention. A monitor is to bring comfort and relaxation to mothers, while the baby is peaceful in her room.

For the old parents, choosing a baby monitor will not be a tough nut to crack, but the first-time mothers need to go through this experience to learn and become experts too at it. When choosing a baby monitor, the following list is what I take as essential items to consider. The list is not general for all mothers because of our different background, class, and needs:

  • Functions. What it does and how does it work.  Baby monitors are smart today, and a few can sing for your child, show them carton images, turn on the light or raise or reduce room temperature. There are as many baby monitors as mothers’ desires. Ask what you want, you will be surprised you are getting exactly that right away.

  • Range. Where your baby room is located a bit further than you can reach remotely, you want something to cover the distance so you can feel more relaxed and take your time knowing your baby is just a click away. You don’t want a situation you will lose your child monitor’s signal due to distance, and you don’t want to be limited either. So, consider the range the signal can travel when considering a baby monitor to buy.

  • Effectiveness. Will it do what the maker says it would do? A baby monitor needs to be effective for you to enjoy the purpose you bought the device. If it’s about sound, it needs to be crisp clear. Whatever it would do should be fine and the best.

  • Convenience. Your baby monitor needs not be complicated and difficult to operate. It should be easy and pose no threat to your child.

  • Battery life. You need a baby monitor with longer battery life. This is important because of time you will be away and need to watch your child. The annoying part with short-life battery operated baby monitor is the low battery alarm coming at the wrong time when you need to concentrate on some other necessary chores.

  • Safety. You don’t want a baby monitor that will constitute a danger to your child. You don’t want messy cable flying around the baby area that may come handy for the baby to strangle herself. You don’t want an electronic monitor that may pose an electrical hazard. Think of safety when picking the best baby monitor.

  • Cost. Hey, mothers, I am discussing this last because it should not be the first thing when looking for the best baby monitor. Although I will suggest you decide on your budget for baby monitor, when you are looking for all the qualities above, you may have to go with the best price the market can offer.

Top Ten brands of baby monitor products


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Samsung Wisenet

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Philips AVENT

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1.Motorola MBP36 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen

This is a baby monitor from the Motorola brand you will find it useful for tracking how you baby is doing without having to run back and forth to the child’s room. It will give you the freedom and confidence require to have your child stay in her room so you can be able to stay focused on your job. It is a wireless technology video baby monitor you can conveniently move around the house and time of the day, even at night.

2.Sony NTMV1 Video Baby Monitor

The NTMV1 Video baby monitor is a Sony product that offers competitive features and quality performance. This product needs no battery to operate and provides decent video display. You can carry the screen around the house to see how your baby is doing wherever you are at home.

3.Angelcare Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor

One way of knowing how your baby is doing is through baby movement and sound monitor produced by Angelcare. This device goes under your child’s crib where the sensor pad will monitor and alert you to your baby movement and activities in her nursery room.

4.Samsung SEW-3037W SafeVIEW Baby Monitoring System IR Night Vision PTZ 3.5 Inch

Samsung is a leader in innovative electronic technology; this baby video monitor is one of many baby range products from Samsung mothers find useful to monitor their kids. It has a high-quality camera that transmits digital video to the display receiver to track how your baby is doing in her room. The high-resolution screen produces quality images, and the system features PTZ facility to see your baby clearly from all angles.

5.Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor

The Philips Advent DECT baby monitor product is one of industry best baby monitor for peace of mind in monitoring and controlling your child room temperature, light and lullabies. Your child is in good hands when DECT baby monitor is concerned, and you can relax and focus on the next thing while your child has a pleasant deserving rest.

6.Levana Sophia Digital 2.4-Inch Video Baby Monitor

Sophia Digital 2.4” video baby monitor is one of the few top notch baby monitors in the market. The voice activates long lasting battery life monitor with invincible LED is an innovative device made just for babies’ comfort. It offers two-way communications between you and your child among other cool features.

7.Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 1 Parent Unit

This Graco baby monitor offers mothers real peace of mind. It’s a sound alert baby monitor that provides secure sound clarity and exceptional performance. It’s a wider coverage baby monitor that is giving mothers the freedom to move the baby monitor receiver anywhere in the home. If convenience is what you need, the Graco baby monitor offers that with perfection.

8.Safety 1st On-the-Go Nursery Monitor

This is a device for always-on-the-road parents who want the benefit of watching their baby from anywhere. This is a long distance range nursery monitor that offers quality and advanced technology innovation. This sound-based monitor is useful to get an update about your baby and stay in touch while being able to do other important tasks.

9.SVAT GX5200 Wireless Color Indoor LCD Handheld Monitor and Camera

The SVAT Electronics GX5200 wireless color indoor LCD handheld monitor brings up to 300 range coverage, give you clear night images and can connect to your TV, VCR, and computer for extensive views of your baby to know about her wellbeing. Its high-compact feature makes it even more convenient to move around or travel with.

10.Lorex Sweet Peep Baby Video Monitor and Room Temperature Alerts

For mothers who want freedom and also love to check on their babies, Lerox manufactured Sweet Peep Baby video Monitor has been a reliable manufacturer of the baby monitor for quite sometimes now. The 450 feet wireless range baby monitor is an impressive piece of surveillance technology you can use with the assurance of safety to track your child.

Introduction of different types of Baby monitor

A baby monitor is a blessing to mothers. It offers a peace of mind and allows you the space to focus on your personal and home tasks while you baby is away in her room or playing somewhere around the home.

Although there are different brands producing baby monitors, you may not find a pool of many types of baby monitors to select because they are all alike in function and make. However, there are some differences in term of design and uniqueness. However, you will find three types of baby monitor categorized into two according to how they function.

Among available baby monitors, you will find broad categories called analog and digital baby monitors. Of course, you know how analog devices work, and you are already familiar with the way digital device work. When you begin to shop for a baby monitor for your baby, these are issues you will have to deal with for the best baby monitor out there.

Baby monitor types

Baby monitors come in different types and categories with each designed to do a particular kind of assignment for the child safety. Three classes of the baby monitor are available, but the choices you have with the baby monitor will be in one or two of the categories.

Best Baby Monitor
  • Baby sound monitors

    The idea of a baby sound monitor is to hear the baby sound across the home. Of course, the only way kids communicate with parents when they need anything is by making some sound or cry. The Sound Monitor will be position close to the child to pick up such sound and transmit it to the parents for attention.

    The way a baby sound monitor’s work is by sending sound coming from the baby’s room to the receivers that will be located at different points of the house for easy and quick attention from the parent or anyone watching the baby.

    You can get baby sound monitors from the different brands discussed earlier in this article. Of course, there will be quality, uniqueness and efficiency issues to deal with when picking the right baby sound monitor from your preferred manufacturer. Each manufacturer brings their uniqueness and advanced technology to impact the performance of the baby sound monitor you are buying, and you need to do a good job in locating the right brand to buy from when shopping for one.

  • Baby video monitors

    There are times when you are not satisfied with just hearing your baby’s sound; you want something more; you want to see your child and see how she’s doing in the nursery room. Perhaps, she’s playing and does not need your presence, but knowing she’s safe will give you the deserving peace of mind to continue what you are doing, in that case, a Baby Video Monitor is desirable.

    Baby video monitors come in different shapes and sizes with different screen sizes, make, and other advanced technology features. Each brand brings its uniqueness to the table for you to choose from, you will need to educate yourself vastly in video monitor technology to know which one will give you the best result.

    For instance, some Baby Video Monitor camera come with PTZ functionality to allow you get a closer look at images coming from your baby’s room or location. The PTZ feature allows you to Pan the camera to left or right to view a target image, or you can tilt and zoom for even a better view of the picture. The camera pixel rating also matters, the more the pixel, the more it’s able to deliver sharp and crystal clear objects for your viewing pleasure.

    Remember that a sharp and clear object will give you better image should you decide to take a still picture of your baby. A baby video monitor additional benefit is that you can collect the pictures of your child as she’s growing up every day to develop a history of your child. You will need a sharp camera to give you that sharp image to use.

    Like the Baby Sound Monitor that sometimes comes with multiple receivers to give you strategic placement around the home, some baby video monitors do come with more display screen to locate around the house so you can have the benefit of seeing your child anywhere you are around the house.

  • Baby motion monitors

    Baby Motion Monitors work differently from the sound, and video types discussed earlier. The focus of a Baby Motion Monitor is checking the movement of the baby in her crib to give mothers update report of the baby’s movement. This device is mostly used as a monitoring tool for premature babies or those with health issues that require monitoring from time to time to know what necessary intervention is needed for the child.

    A Baby Motion Monitor works by placing it in the baby’s crib to show how they move or alert the parent when they cry. It is expected that a baby should move several times when sleeping, but if it’s noticed the baby did not move at least in the last 20 seconds, it alerts the mother by sending a sound signal to the receiver located at mother’s location.

    Some motion monitors also come with a sound alert feature to send an audio alert to the receiver just like the sound monitor to create awareness about the baby for necessary attention.

    Again, there is the need to watch out for a quality product when shopping for Baby Motion Monitor. You will find most brands selling the products but choosing one that has quality features like long lasting batteries, quality sound signal and high sensitivity to pick baby’s movement are important.

What should be considered before buying a Baby Monitor?

I didn’t grow up in a separate room from my mom, but I had to change the tradition when I started to have my babies. I wanted to follow my mom’s idea of sharing the same room with my child, but I can hardly have my life because I discovered my mind is always with her, so my husband said we should give the baby a separate room.

I agreed with my husband without a story because I already was going to come up with the idea if he had delayed another day. Fast forward, my baby’s first night alone was like a Christmas if you know the agitation and expectation of what a Christmas day morning is like in a large, loving family. By 3 am I went to her room, and she was fast asleep, although the creaking sound of the door almost woke her up but she changed sleeping position and off she went deep to sleep again. I left and came back again around 5 am; she was still sleeping.

My hubby saw my trouble during those happy hours of the night when sleep are most enjoyed that I had to sneak into the baby’s room, he brought the idea of a Baby Monitor so I can relax and get enough rest during the nights.

When you want a baby monitor, here are important things to consider for the deserved peace of mind of the parents.

  • Monitor’s range. The first monitor we got wasn’t good enough considering the distance between my room and baby’s room. We had to return it for another with better range coverage. Baby Monitors will come with transmitter and receivers to report incidents in the child’s room. The common types of baby monitor out there are the wireless one that you will take with you around the house to place them strategically in locations you are sure to be, or someone will be to hear the transmitter’s sound or image.

    You should make sure the range of the monitor covers your premises. If your premises is wide enough that you may need to move around or if you are like me with home office detached from the main building where I live, you need a range that can cover a far distance.

  • Frequency. This is an electronic sound enabled a system that you need to care about the audio output with regards to the frequency and clarity. If the range interests you, then the frequency should also. You will have the basic models coming with frequency signals of 49MHz, the higher the MHz of the frequency, the farther it would reach and the better the range coverage.

    Although, you need to be careful as you go higher into the frequency range. Any range from 900 MHz may become susceptible to interference because mobile phone signals use the same range for communication and may interfere with your baby monitor signal. The best deal is to go higher to avoid interference. Think of a baby monitor with frequency range rating in GHz (Giga Hertz).

  • Choose digital not analog signal monitor. The Older generation of baby monitors come with the analog signal output which a plagued by interference. But with advancement in technology and the advent of the digital radio signal, newer baby monitors come in digital frequency, and this should be your target.

    Digital signal is converted into data stream before sending to the receiver and decoded at the receiver’s end for a clear sound, and message. That way, the sound alert, and the video images are crystal clear without scrambling.

  • Baby monitor display. You need a baby monitor with a screen to show you the position of your baby. If most mothers are like me, no one will go for anything less quality because of the joy I derived from seeing my child like she’s right on my side. I could see a speck of dust on her face if I zoom in and I am more relaxed knowing she’s fine.

    Make sure you have an infrared monitor capture to see your baby even in darkness, and you can see her clearly with a high-resolution display monitor at your end.

  • The Security of your monitor. As the world become increasingly digitalized so are hackers and men of the underworld everywhere in the cyberspace. Since your baby monitor will transmit signal from your child’s room to the receiver, it is important to get a baby monitor that can encrypt the message sent and only your receiver can decrypt and show it to you. That way, you can shut out unauthorized person.

  • Portability. Think of the possibility of moving your baby monitor around the house. The fact that you want to watch your child should not limit her to just a location. You also have to consider a baby monitor you can move about as well as the convenience of moving the receiver to a comfortable area where you may be or anyone watching the baby.

  • Multiple receiver monitors. When your child is in her room, you need a transmitter to send information to the receivers, but you will need more than one receiver to watch your baby effectively. So get one that has multiple receivers.

  • Think advanced security monitoring features. Apart from the essential functions of the baby monitor, what other features does it have that can be added advantage? You need to record video footage, baby distress alert, send footage over the internet, or a monitor that can communicate with your mobile phone where you can receive alert even in your office many miles away from home. Or you want to consider a talk back feature to speak to your kid when in distress.

  • Other considerations. You may want a monitor that can turn on the heater, increase the temperature or one that will detect motion and report when your baby has not moved for up to 30 seconds. Or get one that can turn on sound activate the light when it’s dark and many more baby monitors that do more than just ordinary.

Best Baby Monitor

Usages of a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is advancing as technology improves. There are more things you could do with a baby monitor today that were mere wishes a few years back. That’s technology for you, and its better you take advantage of it. Here are usages of baby monitor to guide you on picking the one that is right for you.

  • Playroom monitor. Many kids have sustained serious injuries due to playroom accidents. Accidents don’t just happen; there is something done earlier that often result in an accident. A playroom monitor signals when your kids need a referee to keep them in check before it results in an accident.

  • Front door protection. This helps to watch your kid’s door to know who is in or out. Getting a monitor that can be converted to other uses after your baby has grown is a wise thing to do while shopping for your kid’s room monitor.

  • Join children in HIDE-N-SEEK game. Kids love to play, and it’s a way to keep them happy and wise. You can convert your baby monitor into a hide and seek finder to get the seeker find the one that is hiding. It’s fun!

  • Elderly too needs it. Your baby video monitor can be used to watch the elderly person under your care. You can place a Monitor in the senior’s room and take a look how she’s doing.


A baby monitor brings relief to mothers and caring parents in looking after their babies. Choosing the right one for your home and need is the best thing to do when considering using the device to monitor your child’s room. With eh discussion so far, I hope you have learned a great deal about baby monitor.


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