Best Wacom Tablet Reviews – Sharing My Experience of Using Wacom Tablets

///Best Wacom Tablet Reviews – Sharing My Experience of Using Wacom Tablets
Best Wacom Tablet Reviews

Drawing tablets are becoming popular among both the professional and novice artists due to obvious reasons. That said, there are plenty of options to consider when you shop around for the best drawing tablet. Of all the options available in the market, Wacom tablets stand out by a significant margin in terms of facts such as smooth functionality, speed, accuracy, compatibility and versatility. That is why, for a considerable period, I am using a wacom tablet to accomplish all the drawings and sketches successfully. So far, my experience with wacom tablets is impressive. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons for an artist to love a wacom tablet.

My favorite wacom tablet – intuos tablet (Intuos Draw)

Wacom is a Japanese brand that is specialized in manufacturing a wide array of graphic tablets and related products. Their specialty in this field of technology is impressive. They have already introduced a large number of products to the market with different specifications to match different requirements. Of all the products they have launched so far, I simply love the drawing pad that comes under the model name Wacom Intuos Draw.

I consider Intuos tablet as the best wacom tablet due to various reasons. I wish to share some of the most significant features associated with intous tablet.

I use my wacom drawing tablet (Intuos) to perform tasks such as designing, painting and sketching. The specific functionality and the smooth operation of this wacom drawing tablet lets me experience total satisfaction. In fact, I found that there are plenty of wacom tablet reviews in the internet and almost all of them simply admire the overall functionality of this device.

Wacom intuos, the best wacom tablet as I figured out, is perfectly compatible with my PC. In addition to that, I have tried it on a Mac too and amazed with the smooth compatibility. This exceptional compatibility is another key reason for people to leave excellent wacom tablet reviews in many websites. That being said, I haven’t experienced any lags with this drawing pad so far; calling it the best wacom tablet is not unfair I guess!

The pressure sensitive pen that comes with this excellent wacom graphics tablet is superb in terms of functionality as well as user-friendliness. This pen doesn’t need batteries to operate. Using the large range of pressure levels identified by the sensor of this pen, I can create a wide array of lines with different thicknesses and different opacity levels. In fact, the variety of lines you can create using this pressure sensitive pen is virtually unlimited. The pressure sensitive control allows me to unleash my creativity through the wacom graphics tablet freely.

Thanks to the multi-touch gestures integrated to the wacom intuos tablet, I find it pretty easy to perform functions such as navigating, scrolling and zooming the created artworks. In fact, wacom intuos tablet lets you create the artworks and sketches with a professional approach because of this multi-touch feature. More importantly, I experience no lags during any of these activities.

One of the most attractive features l love about these wacom tablets is the customizable keys. Intuos tablet comes with a set of four customizable keys that can be configured to perform most regular tasks (copy, paste, undo, redo etc.) quicker and easier. Such feature allows me to save a lot of time as it avoids the necessity of taking the long way.

This drawing tablet connects to my Windows 10 PC smoothly. I personally prefer the USB cable connectivity even though the wireless connection works well too. I needed, however, to purchase the wireless kit separately as they don’t include in the package. I use both Adobe and Corel software to do my graphic work and I am amazed to see how well this wacom tablet works with all those packages.

Although the active area of these wacom tablets is pretty small (6” X 3.7” to be precise), I personally prefer such small size because it becomes handy on the limited space available on my desktop.

This wacom tablet comes with a free art pack too. This specific pack is very helpful for those who need some assistance to draw and paint in terms of online tutorials.

So, I believe I have enough reasons to love this handy gadget.

What I like about wacom products

Here are the features l like about wacom products in general.

  • User-friendliness
    Wacom products are made assuring the convenience to the users. Their models (both pen and the tablet) are made with ergonomic designs.

  • They are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
    Although most of the people have got used to one operating system, a cross-platform supported device is always handy.

  • They support with all the leading graphic software
    Wacom tablets support leading graphic packages such as Corel, Adobe, and Autodesk etc. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the type of the software you use when you purchase a wacom tablet.

  • Something for everyone
    They offer products with good variety to match the requirements of different users. For instance, there is a significant difference between the active work area sizes (apart from many other differences) when comparing intuos vs intuos pro (intuos pro is larger than intuos). Also, there are some differences when you compare intuos draw vs art.

  • They are specialized in making drawing tablets
    Wacom is a company that is specialized in manufacturing drawing tablets and related products. Therefore, I would like to call them as true professionals in this field.

Which to choose based on your needs? Factors to consider:

Although intuos is my preference as it matches my requirement perfectly, you may have to go for a different model depending on your requirement. While shopping around for the best drawing tablet, you may have to consider two main factors.

  • Size
    The size of the wacom tablet is crucial considering the tasks you have to perform. If you end up with a too small active area for the screen of the connected computer, you will experience difficulties such as jumpy cursor. A too large tab will want you to perform intense hand movement and you will also feel some slowness on the screen. Also, large screens take more space from your desktop. For instance, when comparing intuos vs intuos pro large, intuos requires very less space and leave enough space for other equipment.

  • Usage
    If you mainly involve in illustrations, go for a larger tablet variety. When you compare wacom tablets, you will see they come in different resolution values and different pressure levels. If you are a professional, you must have to select a product that has a better resolution. Another key aspect you might notice when you compare wacom tablets is more features; intuos pro comes with additional features like precision mode and tilt sensitive pens, for instance.

Comparisons and introduction of Wacom products

Let’s compare wacom tablets and see which product will suit your purpose best.

  • Intuos products differences
    Intuos offers a line of products to match with different tasks. Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper, Intuos Draw, Intuos Art, Intuos Photo, Intuos Comic and Intuos 3D are the frontline products they offer. These products come with different screen resolutions, sensitive levels and variety of other functionalities. If you have the question “which wacom tablet should I buy” you will have to compare wacom tablets with each other and see what the best match is. Below is a wacom intuos comparison for your reference.

  • Wacom Intuos VS Intuos Pro
    Let’s compare wacom intuos vs pro first up. Intuos Pro is a unique tablet which is designed to perform professional tasks. These tablets are made to support multi-touch features. They are available in both medium and large sizes. So, if you are a professional illustrator who wonders which wacom tablet should I buy, Intuos large can be a good choice.

  • Cintiq VS Intuos
    After comparing Intuos vs intuos Pro, let’s see what Cintiq is. In fact, Cintiq is the high definition version of the tablets, we should say. They are made with superior clarity and better sensitiveness to help the professionals to be more productive. They come in larger screen versions that are able to display what you draw on the very screen.

  • MobileStudio
    This is an even advanced version of the Intuos. When it comes to wacom intuos comparison, Wacom MibileStudio lets you create even the 3D designs and CAD with very less effort. Natural colors, pinpoint accuracy and superior quality images are characteristics of this product line.

When it comes to wacom intuos vs bamboo, however, bamboo is mainly used to take notes (of course with some graphics) and share them. So, if you are more into illustrations you don’t need to compare wacom intous vs bamboo.

Which wacom tablet should I buy?

After the wacom tablet comparison, let’s take a look at some of the frontline wacom products in the market. You can select the best product from the below list according to the task you intend to perform.

01.For beginners who involve in Digital graphics, drawing & painting: Wacom Intuos Art

This is mainly designed for the beginner level artists. This product lets them create the designs directly on the computer (either PC or Mac). The pressure sensitive pen included in this product comes with a battery-free design. You can change the thickness of the lines using this pressure. With the assistance of multi-touch feature, the user can navigate across the pictures very easily. Four customizable keys can help the beginners to perform their most regular tasks very easily. Like with any other product you found during our wacom tablet comparison, this product too supports both Mac and Windows. When comparing wacom intuos draw vs intuos art, there is not much of a difference in terms of size. However, by comparing intuos draw vs art, you can see that art version is compatible with more tasks.

02.For Advanced users who involve in Digital graphics, drawing & painting: Wacom Intuos Pro

This product, just like the name suggests, comes with advanced features to serve the requirements of advanced users. It comes with improved pressure sensitivity; 8192 to be precise. The lag free operation and tilt responsive characteristic add more value to this product. This pen tablet is capable of creating images with fine details. This wacom tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS just like the other wacom tablets. It comes with a larger active area.

03.For artists: Wacom Cintiq

This is an expensive product that serves professional level artists to accomplish their finest projects in HD format. It comes with a 22-inch display with HD graphics. This product lets the artists to create their work naturally. Everything can be performed onscreen without having to connect with a computer. As a whole, the features of this product is simply high-end.

04.For OSU Gaming: Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DB

If you are a fan of exiting OSU and wish to play it on a tablet, you can consider purchasing this Intuos Draw. It comes with a very affordable price tag and therefore, purchasing such tablet for the purpose of playing OSU is worthy.


What is LPI in a drawing pad?

LPI refers to the Lines Per Inch. This is another way of defining the quality of the images you can create using the respective tablet.

What is the best pressure sensitive level?

It is always better to go for a larger number. Pressure Sensitive levels defines the amount of details you can input.

I am using a Windows PC. Will wacom support it?

They are made to be compatible with both Mac OS and Windows alike. Also, they are compatible with most of the leading graphic software you use.

I am a beginner level artist. Is it worth purchasing a wacom tablet?

Of course yes. These tablets can enhance your creativity. However, at the beginning, you shouldn’t purchase very expensive wacom tablets. Just settle for a basic version until you develop the skills.

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