Best OSU Tablet Reviews – Quality & Cheap Tablet for OSU!

///Best OSU Tablet Reviews – Quality & Cheap Tablet for OSU!
Best OSU Tablets–Top Pen and TouchTablet Reviews

For all OSU game lovers, budding artists and experienced artisans, a digital OSU tablet can be one of the most useful tools to enrich and better your craft. We are here with all the information on the best tablets that are especially for OSU gaming and to let you know why you should choose these tablets and how can you decide which is the proper digital tablet for you based on your needs and budget.

OSU Tablet-What It Is

OSU tablet, also known as a digital tablet, OSU pad or a digitizing tablet, is an input device that acts as an alternative for a mouse or a point ball and can be used in conjunction with these devices or any other pointing device. It’s a simple input device, which can be comfortably put on a lap desk, that makes it infinitely easier for game lovers to play OSU games and artists to create digital art without any need of other peripheral devices.

How to Choose the Right OSU Tablet

Markets are full of OSU tablets, but to get the one that will fit your needs you need to understand how these tablets differ from one another. Depending on their size, interface, pressure sensitivity, and software, you choose an OSU pad. We have reviewed over a hundred drawing tablets and after considering all the pros and cons picked the six best tablets for OSU.

 Best OSU Tablets Reviews


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Huion H420

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Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

A good OSU tablet does not need to be expensive. Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet is one tablet that proves this fact, which is one of the cheapest drawing and OSU tablet out there. There are enough features in this tablet to include it in our review of best OSU tablets. If you want a reliable drawing tablet then Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet may not be for you. However, for a solid OSU play, I recommend this device for everyone. Even for casual editing and sculpting the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet, is ideal.

Features of Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet:

  • A solid tablet for OSU gaming

  • Small sized, easy to store and handle

  • 4×2.23 inch active area

  • 4000 LPI resolution with 200RPS report rate

  • Battery operated stylus with two customizable buttons

  • 2045-level pressure sensitivity

  • Compatible with most versions of Windows and Mac

  • Covered under 1 year warranty

If you want to gift your kids or a friend, an OSU tablet this Christmas or on their birthday, the Huion OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet is your best bet. It is cheap, durable and best tablet for OSU gaming.

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

Huion H420 is not just a drawing tablet, but as the title suggests it is an entire drawing tool kit that comes with two fingers anti-fouling glove and a Pegear cleaning kit. If you are an artist and need a drawing tablet that supports the graphics software you use, Huion H420 can be picked without a second thought. It supports Corel applications- CorelDraw & Corel Painter, Adobe Applications-Photoshop, Illustrator & Fireworks, Comic Studio, 3D MAX, Macromedia Flash, Autodesk MAYA and many more.

Features of Huion H420:

  • A drawing tablet compatible with every major graphics application ranging from Adobe Photoshop to Pixologic ZBrush

  • USB interface for easy connection to all devices

  • Supports all Windows and Mac versions

  • 4×2.23 active area

  • Compact sized drawing tablet for sketching, sculpting and OSU gaming

  • Drawing kit consists of an anti fouling glove, wool liner bag and Pegear cleaning kit

You get an installation CD that has all the drivers need to use this tablet.

GAOMON Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet Flex Pen Tablet Sign Board OSU Pad – S56K

Nobody likes to work with bulky drawing tablets. That is why we have the GAOMON Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet in our list. It is one of the slimmest tablets on the list with a 2mm thick drawing area. The ultra thin OSU pad is provided with an anti-slip mat on the back to avoid accidental falls. We recommend this tablet because playing games with this device is faster and smoother. You get a battery operated, 2048 pressure sensitivity pen with this tablet that gives you the freedom to create stunning digital art.

What impressed us the most is the ability to hand input data into any application. You can create data sheets in Excel or input URL into the browser using the stylus that comes with GAOMON Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet.

Features of GAOMON Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet

  • Impressive ultra thin and flex design

  • Suitable for games, drawing and creative projects

  • Handwriting detection feature makes it possible to hand input data in excel, word, text and PowerPoint

  • Approximately 10mm Reading Height

  • High 4000 LPI Resolution with 200 PPS Report Rate

Compatibility is not an issue as we tested this tablet on all major Windows and Mac versions.

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablet

If you are an artist then you definitely know about the Wacom devices. This brand is providing graphic tablets and digital drawing boards for artists from all walks of life for years. The new Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW is one of the least expensive drawing tablets.

You will like the new white and blue look of this drawing tablet that is provided with a 6×3.7 inch drawing area. On the top white border, there are four programmable buttons. It is an ideal tablet for OSU with experience and beginners as well. Anyone can draw and paint on the new Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW.

Features of Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW:

  • Ideal input device for beginning digital artists

  • Convert your PC into a true digital canvas with this tablet

  • Pressure sensitive and battery free pen makes drawing seem more natural on your hands

  • Draw pack included with the tablet that contains Art Rage Lite sketching and drawing software

  • Four customizable press keys on top of the tablet

  • USB and Wireless interface to connect to Mac and Windows PC

  • Compact sized at 8.25×6.7 inches, fit for congested desktop areas

If you are looking for quality drawing tablet within your budget, the Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW is the best option

XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet Ultrathin Graphic Tablet

This tablet for OSU is designed specifically for first time users and this is why it is kept as simple and affordable as possible. The XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet Ultrathin Graphic Tablet has a drawing area of 4×3 inches, that is small but at the same time highly portable and makes it easier for first time users to store and handle the tablet.

There are no shortcut keys provided in this tablet, so you will not have freedom to access quick shortcuts. Anyhow the stylus of the XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet Ultrathin Graphic Tablet is highly responsive with 2048 levels of pressure. You also get two programmable buttons in the pen that can be programmed using the tablet drivers. The stylus is tethered to the tablet and requires no battery.

Features of XP-Pen G430 OSU Tablet

  • An ideal tablet for OSU game play, sketching and drawing

  • Ultrathin at just 2mm thickness

  • 4 Inch x 3 inch active area

  • More suitable for beginners than experienced users

  • Battery free stylus that allows you to draw to your heart’s content without worrying about battery replacement

  • Highly sensitive drawing area sensitivity of 2048-level

There may be some features lacking in the XP-Pen G430, but as a beginners’ tablet it is one of the best OSU tablets.

Turcom Graphics Tablet Drawing Touch Pen

Last on our list is the Turcom Graphics Tablet Drawing Touch Pen. Last never meant least, this drawing tablet is one of the best OSU tablets that provide you a large and sensitive drawing platform of 25.5×4 inches. The stylus has a 2048-level pressure sensitivity that means you can create breathtaking digital art with natural hand motion.

Features of Turcom Graphics Tablet Drawing Touch Pen:

  • 5.5×4 inch active area

  • 4000 Lines Per Inch resolution

  • Report Rate Speed of 200

  • Battery operated pressure sensitive pen with 2048 pressure level

  • Compatible with all major graphic applications

Whether you are using a Windows PC or a Mac, with the Turcom Graphics Tablet Drawing Touch Pen you can draw, sketch, sculpt, play OSU and create any digital art form on any known graphics software.

What Should Be Considered Before Buying OSU Tablets

We mentioned above that every drawing tablet is different and you should consider all important factors before choosing an OSU tablet.

Size – Active Area

Size is the primary consideration in deciding what kind of OSU pad will fit your needs. If you think the larger the better, that is absolutely wrong. The size of the drawing tablet that is ideal for you depends on how you want to use the tablet. If you want to use it for hobby projects or at home as an input device, then best OSU tablets for you are the ones that measure 4×5 inches or 6×8 inches. Both these sizes are ideal for most general purpose use. But a larger tablet will be needed if you are a CAD designer or a professional technical illustrator. While, larger surface is important for such projects, you need to consider that as the size of the tablet increases the price also rises. Also, you need a larger arm movement on tablets with larger surface which is in oppose to small tablets that let you minimize the arm motion.

If you are an artist who is used to working with larger strokes on a drawing board or canvas, a larger OSU pad will feel a lot less alienating to you. When you look at the size specification remember that the mentioned size is for the input area only, the actual size of the can be up to 4” larger due to casing around the screen. This is a serious consideration to make as some tablets can easily have a footprint as big as that of a desktop. What it means is the actual space a tablet will need can be much larger than it is sized at.


Once you lock on a screen size and the format the drawing tablet supports, next is to consider how easily you can connect your OSU tablet to your PC. Most drawing tablets have a USB connectivity interface that makes it easier to connect them to multiple devices. USB connection also means that you can take the tablet off the table on the go. In most cases, you won’t require to consider the interface in a drawing tablet, if you have a modern day PC or laptop. However, if you an old computer that does not support USB, you will need an OSU tablet with a serial interface. It is not advisable to buy a tablet with serial connection, but if you can’t invest in a new PC, just make sure your tablet does not conflict with other devices like a serial mouse or a serial modem. Additionally, a USB drawing tablet gets its power from the computer it is connected to, but with serial tablets, you will need to provide an external power supply source. Therefore, make sure you have an extra power outlet to connect to near your desk.

Another option to connect modern-day OSU tablets with other devices is using Bluetooth. If you want to keep the connection between your computer and drawing tablet wireless, the Bluetooth is the best technology for this purpose. Wacom is one of the few brands that manufacture drawing tablets that can connect to computers over a Bluetooth protocol.

Best OSU Tablets–Top Pen and TouchTablet Reviews

Pen/Stylus and Other Accessories

There is not much use of a drawing tablet without a comfortable pen or stylus. If the stylus or pen you get with your OSU tablet does not feel natural to use, it is advisable to invest in a quality stylus that is compatible with your drawing tablet. A stylus can be free or tethered to your drawing tablet. Most free styluses are battery operated, which means you will need to replace batteries from time to time and battery also makes the pen feel heavier. Misplacing is another concern with free pens. On the other hand, a tethered stylus will be less likely to get lost, but you need to consider a few things. If you buy an OSU tablet that has tethered stylus, choose the one that gives you the freedom to connect the pen to both sides of the tablet.

Many best OSU tablets come with pens that have buttons built into them and there are some with an erasing end. For a digital artist such pens are excellent tools, as they give you the freedom to program the buttons to function as you like, for instance as a right click or a double click. The stylus with a erasing end offer you the option to activate the eraser tool in a graphics software or delete an object with a swipe. Both these functionalities are a must have in a drawing tool stylus.

With some OSU tablets you will also have the option to choose other pointing tools that can be programmed independently. You can customize the function of these pointing tools by connecting them to the drawing tablet and the device will automatically detect the tool and use your preferred customization as the function of the pointing tool.

Pressure Sensitivity

To control the functions like line thickness, color and transparency you get the pressure sensitivity option in drawing tablet. The best OSU tablets have pressure levels of 256, 512 or 1024. Pressure level indicates the sensitivity of the tablets towards pressure. Higher the pressure sensitivity the more responsive your drawing tablet will be. You can set the pressure sensitivity to give you a more natural feeling while using the tablet.


Size (active area), pressure sensitivity, accessories and price, these factors determine which OSU tablet you should choose. The best OSU tablets are the ones that feel more natural to use, are compatible with multiple devices and easy on your pocket.


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