Best Drawing Tablet for Different Levels & Best Graphics Tablet Reviews

///Best Drawing Tablet for Different Levels & Best Graphics Tablet Reviews

A drawing tablet is an innovative device that helps modern-day artists to digitalize their imaginations. Although most of the regular tablets we see today facilitate users to draw pictures, there are dedicated tablets for drawing; such product can also be called an artist tablet. Tablets for drawing are mainly used by professional artists to bring life to their imagination. Good drawing tablets can help artists to create both animated and non-animated graphics using sophisticated features they are integrated with. Usually, good drawing tablets come in two basic modes. The more expensive model of those two models let the artist see what he or she creates/draws on the very tablet. However, the other model (which is relatively affordable) requires being connected to a computer probably using a special graphic software. Depending on the budget and the type of the requirement, a user may prefer one artist tablet over another.

Best Drawing Tablet for Different Levels

Best Drawing tablets Reviews

Having considered the massive number of options available in the market when it comes to purchasing a drawing tablet, we thought of reviewing the best products for you. We handpicked 11 best drawing tablets in the market and reviewed them emphasizing the most notable features of each product. Further, we have categorized these tablets considering their specialties enabling you to pick the best drawing tablet depending on your requirement.

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Best drawing tablet for beginners

If you are a beginner level artist who wishes to explore the ways of bringing your imagination to life, you may find the best drawing tablet under this category.

01.Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW digital drawing pad and Graphics Tablet

Because of various good reasons, this product is rated as the best drawing tablet for beginners in several other reviews as well. In fact, the reputation of Wacom itself is good enough to make this product to list among the best drawing tablet for beginners. In addition to the attractive price tag it comes with, this product is a popular product among the beginner level artists across the globe. We found the functionality of this drawing tablet to be ideal for a beginner. It performs with a greater amount of reliability. Apart from the greater functionality, this digital art tablet comes with a longer lifespan. As a measure of increasing the usability of this digital art tablet, it comes with Art Rage software tool. Overall, this combination makes a superb tablet for beginner level artists who wish to digitalize their imagination. The dimensions of the active area of this tab reads a value of 6” X 3.7”. Although it looks like a smaller tablet at once, these dimensions are adequate enough for a beginner to perform the necessary drawing tasks. Thanks to the small size, however, this drawing tablet can be easily placed on the desk without consuming much space. It also matches with your backpack; when combined with the very lightweight pen, it makes one of the most portable drawing pads. You can easily connect this drawing pad through a USB. If not, you have the option of purchasing a wireless kit.

Features we like

  • Easy to use pen with lightweight

  • Highly portable in size

  • Smooth drawing functionality

  • Pressure sensitive pen to draw lines of different thicknesses

  • Free drawing pack

  • Customizable express keys

  • Compatible with both Mac and PC

02.Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet

The second best item mentioned in our drawing tablet reviews is a more spacious one compared to the previous product. This specific product lets you have more drawing space for you and draw larger strokes. This is also better if you expect to work on a larger monitor (20” or more). We must also mention that this product is among the best option for those who want to spend no more than $100 and still prefer a larger active area. The active drawing area comes with a dimensions of 10” X 6.5”. More importantly, it has 12 customizable express keys to facilitate better drawing functionality. We also found that the pressure sensitive pen works fine to let you draw lines of different weights and of different opacity levels. If you are looking for the best cheap drawing tablets, this might be a good solution to consider. The border of these best cheap drawing tablets is very small. That lets you have a larger surface to draw. When it comes to the functionality of the express keys, there are more silent. Also, because of the advanced sensitivity, you can draw lines with enhanced linearity. In addition to the express keys, there are 16 soft keys to make your drawings more sophisticated and improve the artistic efficiency.

Features we like

  • Affordable price

  • Pressure sensitive pen

  • 12 express keys with 16 soft keys

  • Larger active drawing area

03.Turcom 8 x 5 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

One of the most affordable options you can try as a beginner level artist is Turcom 8” X 5”. This product is priced less than $40 and therefore, it is obviously rated among the cheapest best art tablets in the market. You can use this product to make paintings, drawings and even to edit digital photos. The pressure sensitive pen of this product ensures a superior control over the lines in terms of weight (thickness) and opacity (transparency). Making sketches and drawing all the other types of arts is a breeze with this tablet. Although the product comes with a very attractive price range, I features a superb resolution level (4000LPI) and an RPS of 220. If you are looking for an affordable drawing pad for mac, this can be a good choice; it is compatible with both Windows and Mac alike. Adding more value to this good drawing pad for mac, it comes with a stand and a set of 4 additional tips. However, the pen of these affordable art tablets require the assistance of AAA batteries. This specific feature makes the product less attractive and yet what’s more you can expect for a price less than $40?

Features we like

  • Very affordable price

  • Comes with a stand and additional tips

  • Pressure sensitive pen

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

Best drawing tablet for artists

Now, our drawing tablet reviews will emphasize the 3 best tablets for artists who intend to work on some serious projects. If you are a professional artist who is looking for the best tablet for drawing, this section will be of great assistance.

01.Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphic drawing tablet for Mac or PC

If you are a professional artist who is looking for the best tablet for drawing your sketches and do the other art-related tasks, this can be a superb option for you. This excellent product comes with a new pen with over 8,000 different pressure sensitivity levels. We consider this product as the best tablet for drawing virtually anything because of the finest functionality and plethora of features it is associated with. It hardly features any lags during the drawing process and is respondent to tilts. Being a professional, you cannot compromise perfection over cost; therefore, this tablet’s (medium version) price ($339.00) won’t be a serious problem for you. Thanks to the smart software integration, this tablet is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. It can be connected to the computer either via USB or wireless technology. We have tested and reviewed the medium version of this tablet and this tablet is available in small and larger versions in addition to that. Thanks to the superior performance, we consider this product as best tablet for drawing comics, do sketches and perform a variety of other tasks. Features like multi touch gestures, fully customizable express keys etc. place this product among the best tablets for drawing virtually anything. The drivers of this best graphic tablet is available on their official website.

Features we like

  • One of the best tablets for drawing

  • Professional features

  • Highly sensitive pressure pen

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

  • Larger active drawing area

  • Connects with USB or Wireless technology

02.Huion Inspiroy Q11K Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet

Huion Inspiroy Q11 is definitely among the best tablets for drawing pretty much everything. It has most of the features to be placed among the best tablets for artists. Although this product offers admirable functionality, it doesn’t come with a heavy budget. So, if you are in the hunt for best tablets for artists without costing a fortune, this Huion Inspiroy Q11 can be an ideal match. The ultra-narrow border of this drawing tablet ensures a larger working area for the professionals to unleash their creativity. In fact, this drawing tablet features an 11” drawing area. There is a separated panel to perform gestures in addition to the customizable shortcut keys. Thanks to the pressure sensitive pen that responses to 8192 pressure levels, you can draw lines of any with and any opacity. So, the large number of sensitivity levels explains the efficiency of this product. This drawing tablet is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. It can be connected to the computer using a high-speed Wireless connectivity (2.4 GHz) and that enables you to perform your arts with more accuracy and smoothness. To make it more useful and efficient, this best graphic tablet is powered by a 2500mAh battery. This battery ensures about 40 hours of operation consistently. Having considered all these features, we consider this product among the best tablet for drawing comics and a variety of other drawing-related tasks.

Features we like

  • Highly pressure sensitive pen

  • Large drawing area

  • 40 hours of continuous operation

  • Affordable price for a pro level drawing tablet

03.Huion KAMVAS GT-191 Drawing Tablet with Screen (HD)

This is a high-end graphic tablet with screen that can show you what you draw on screen; what you draw on the tablet will be displayed on the screen as it is making things a lot easier for you. The display of this graphic tablet with screen features a size of 19.5”. Making it one of the best digital drawing tablet products for the professionals, it comes with a 16:9, 1920 X 1080 (FHD). Thanks to the astonishing contrast ratio it features, this best digital drawing tablet is capable of offering a color vivacity of 16.7 M. in order to assure a better display effect and facilitate the most comprehensive and finest graphics, this product comes with 233PPS and 5081 (lines per inches). The pressure sensitive pen is made to be a very sophisticated and advanced one; it comes with 8192 pressure sensitive levels just like you expect from the best tablet for artists. In fact, apart from the superb functionality, it comes with an ergonomic design. Being a best tablet for artists, this GT-191 from Huion comes with very valuable nib extractor (including 8 extra nibs). If you are looking for the best graphic tablet with screen that comes with screen, this product must be a prime consideration. The overall functionality and the finish of the product is simply admirable. If you are a professional artist who wish to make the finest digital art with unlimited creativity, Huin KAMVAS GT-191 can be a superb option.

Features we like

  • Graphic tablet with screen

  • 5081 LPI value

  • HD screen

  • 8 additional nib

  • No lagging

  • High resolution

Best graphics tablet

Now, let’s take a look at the best graphic tablet in the market.

01.Ugee 1910B Graphics Tablet 19 Inch

This is a superbly performing drawing pad that matches all the drawing-related tasks. It displays what you draw in the very screen. The screen size of this tablet is large enough to match professional work; it has an active area of 19 inches. It comes with a pressure sensitivity levels of 2048. The adjustable stand comes with this drawing pad is very handy. The resolution of the screen is 1440 X 990 and it makes this device a more sophisticated one. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems. More importantly, it is compatible with popular graphic software such as Corel, Adobe, Autodesk, ZBrush etc. It is offered with 2 pens (rechargeable). On top of all these features, it comes with a one year warranty.

Features we like

  • 19 inch monitor

  • Adjustable stand

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

  • Supports all the graphic software

02.Artisul D16 Graphics Tablet with Display

This best graphics tablet product is ideal for both artists and architects alike. It has a sleek design with clean finish. Thanks to the sophisticated functionality of Artisul D16, it makes the perfect drawing pad for both designers and artists. The screen size of this drawing pad is 15.6 inches and the resolution comes with a value of 1920 X 1080. The digital images displayed in this screen are superb in quality because of this feature. It has 7 customizable quick access buttons to make the drawing process even easier. This best graphics tablet comes with an advanced color spectrum in order to facilitate accurate and finest details in the drawings. Thanks to the freestyle stand, it facilitate superb user convenience; it allows you to place the screen at the perfect angle and work. In order to make more accurate drawings, the pen can respond to 2048 pressure levels.

Features we like

  • Freestyle stand

  • 2048 pressure levels

  • 7 customizable quick access buttons

  • 15.6” screen

03.Ugee UG-2150 21.5 Inch IPS Screen Drawing Monitor

This is another Ugee product that comes with a larger drawing monitor to see and draw better. Whatever you wish can be drawn using this special IPS HD screen the offers 1920 X 1080 Res. Level. In fact, 21.5 inches is a superb dimension for a drawing pad. The display can be easily hung above the desk to make it more convenient. The backlight control pressing adds more user convenience to this design. Thanks to the multi-angle stand, you can place the screen at the most comfortable angle you wish. You can draw using two rechargeable pens provided. The package includes even a drawing glow in addition to various other valuable accessories. Like all the other Ugee products, this device supports both Windows and Mac OS. Also, it supports all the leading graphic packages.

Features we like

  • Large screen (21.5 inches)

  • HD/IPS screen

  • Hi resolution

  • Adjustable stand

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

  • Supports leading graphic software

Best cheap drawing tablet

Huion 420 Drawing Tablet

Here’s the best cheap drawing tablet we have included in this list. We believe that this product is among the best pen tablet products you can purchase at a very affordable price. Although this product comes with a very affordable price tag, we believe that it gives the best for the amount you spend. It comes with a cost of $21.24 and it is a very cheap price for a drawing tablet. The active drawing area of the tablet is, however, limited to 4” X 2.23”. After all, it is a compact sized design that comes with a very affordable price we must say. We also want to emphasize that this drawing pad is more suitable as a convenient alternative to your mouse. Interestingly, you can use this best pen tablet even for gaming because of the reliable functionality it features. Because of the compact size, it will match your laptop case seamlessly. This device is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It also offers a 4000 LPI resolution which is excellent for a price of $21.24

Features we like

  • Super affordable

  • 4000 LPI

  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS

Best drawing tablet for mac

Here’s the best tablet for mac (among the products we tested).

Acepen AP – 2150 21.5 inch LCD Graphics Tablet

This is an excellent graphics tablet that supports Mac (as well as for Windows). In addition to that, this product supports all the major graphic software packages including Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, etc. We are thrilled to experience the smooth functionality of the 21.5” Display that produces sharp images. Features like high resolution screen, 1600 vertical viewing angle and 16.7M color range makes this product a very unique one among the rest despite the price tag it comes with. It features a pressure levels of 2048 and a very quick response time without any lags. The adjustable stand and the long lasting battery (that is claimed to last for more than 200 hours) add great value to this product.

Features we like

  • Large 21.5” screen

  • Adjustable angle

  • 16.M colors

  • Supports all the graphic packages

How to choose the best drawing tablet

  • Larger screen sizes are good
    If you buy a tablet for the purpose of drawing, you must go for a large screen size to make it easier.

  • Sensitiveness
    Always be wise enough to go for tablets that have pressure pens with 2048 levels at the least. The more this value the more information they capture. You can make lines with large variants (more thickness varieties and more opacity varieties).

  • Functional keys
    Customizable functional keys help you to perform with better efficiency in terms of drawing. They also help you to save considerable time while operating your drawing tablet.


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