Best Chromebook for Kids Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Children

///Best Chromebook for Kids Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Children
Best Chromebook for Kids Reviews

In simplest terms, a Chromebook is a portable computer that comes with superior performance and at a very affordable price. As a result of the development of the technology, you can see task-specific Chromebooks in the modern-day market. For instance, there are Chromebooks designed specifically for kids. That said, if you need to purchase a Chromebook for kids, there are plenty of options to consider. Now that the Chromebooks are getting popular day by day, industry giants have stepped in to manufacturing them. Thanks to the rapid developments in the industry, these Chromebook are presented with impressive features, superb speed and high versatility.

6 best Chromebook for kids

We have done extensive research and handpicked the best Chromebook for kids. The products we have reviewed here are manufactured by industry giants and all these Chromebooks come with excellent features that can help kids to accomplish many computing tasks easily.


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01.Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″ HD Premium Chromebook 

Acer is a brand that offers best Chromebook for kids. Their CB3-532 is a reliable model that comes with a 15.6” screen with anti-glare HD feature. The display of this best Chromebook for kids comes with a value of 1366 X 768. In addition to that the display is enhanced with their unique ComfyView technology. In fact, 15.6 inches is a pretty large screen size for a Chromebook as per our research. As a measure of assuring the quality of this product, it comes with warranty (for 90 days). We strongly believe that such warranty is essential for a Chromebook particularly when you need to test it with kids. In addition to that, this handy computing device comes with an exceptionally impressive wireless connection to connect internet. It also has a superb webcam that features a High Definition input. When it comes to the battery life, however, the battery may last about 7 hours approx. Still, a period of 7 hours is good enough for any student to accomplish tasks like doing homework, watching videos etc. This best Chromebook for kids is powered by a Dual Core (Intel Celeron) 1.6GHz processor (boost up to 2.48Ghz). It has a RAM of 2GB (DDR3). When it comes to the connectivity, it features 2 USB ports (3.0) and Bluetooth (Version 4.0) in addition to the reliable Dual Band Wireless connection. The overall weight of this Chromebook for kids is limited to 4.3 pounds. We are impressed with the overall quality of the product and we can recommend it to any student who wishes to do their homework, extra activities and a bit of entertainment.

Features we like

  • 16.5 inches screen with HD graphics

  • High-speed wireless connectivity

  • Affordable price

  • Ideal for students to do their homework and studies

  • Dual Core (Celeron) Processor

02.Acer 15.6″ HD Widescreen Chromebook PC 

When you are in the hunt for the best Chromebook for children, you may find this product to be a pretty compelling one. We are totally satisfied with the speed of this best Chromebook for children; it comes with a 2.16Ghz dual core processor. The speed of this processor can be increased up to 2.41GHz through the turbo boost feature. We strongly believe that this speed is good enough for this product to stand out most of the other products. When it comes to price, however, this Acer Chromebook is somewhat expensive than the previously mentioned product. We still find that spending about $220 on a reliable Chromebook to be a very wise approach. This best Chromebook for children also comes with an exceptional connection speed (through wireless connectivity). Such connectivity becomes extremely useful for children when they need to do their homework and other study-related tasks. The screen resolution of this handy Chromebook is 1366 X 768 and such quality is ideal when it comes to viewing HQ images and videos. This product too has a ComfyView feature to cut down unnecessary glare. This screen reduces the chances for eyestrain and other discomforts. The LED backlit display becomes handy in terms of user-friendliness. This this product comes with 8-hour battery life and that is good enough for children to do their homework without any interruption.

Features we like

  • Comes with a RAM of 2 GB

  • LED backlit display

  • 15.6 inches screen with 1366 X 768 resolution

  • Turbo boost up to 2.41GHz

  • 8-hour battery life

  • Speed wireless connection

03.Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US 

Samsun is considered to be one of the most reliable and popular brands in the industry today. Their Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US is considered to be one of the best Chromebook for students because of various reasons. We have decided that this product deserves a prominent place in our list considering the features it delivers. Although the screen size is smaller than the previously mentioned products (this products features an 11.6” screen), it is not a burned to perform the tasks. The portability of this Chromebook for kids is exceptional; the small size of the screen has increased the portability of the product as we see. One of the best features we love about this product is its battery life; it comes with an 11-hour battery life to the delight of the students. Watching videos, checking emails, browsing web and many other study-related tasks can be performed with this best Chromebook for students thanks to its versatility. Chromebook 3 comes with a durable and compact design. It weighs just above 2.5 pounds and features a thickness of 0.7 inches. Impressive picture quality and the user-friendly keyboard (which is designed to be resistant to spills) increases the usability and the value of the product. Chromebook 3 has a system memory of 2 GB. The overall finish of the product is highly durable; it is built to last longer than most of the products in the market.

Features we like

  • Excellent portability

  • Thickness of 0.7 inches only

  • Longer battery life

  • Keyboard is resistant to spills

  • Durable finish

  • One of the best Chromebook for students

04.ASUS Flip 2-in-1 C100PA-DS03 10.1-inch Touch Chromebook 

If you need to end up with a superb Chromebook for kids, you should not miss ASUS Flip 2-in-1 C100PA. This product comes with a relatively smaller screen (featuring a size of 10.1 inches). However, This Chromebook is integrated with a range of other features to reach our list. This product is made to be sleek in design and yet impressively powerful compared to various other products in the market. This special product can be converted into multiple devices as the situation demands. You can easily convert it into a tablet or a display screen in addition to using it as a regular notebook. The secret behind this high amount of versatility is the hinge that facilitates a full (3600) rotation. When it comes to the performance, ASUS Flip 2-in-1 comes with 4GB ram and 1.8GHz Quad Core processor. That is a superb speed for a Chromebook, we must say. The touch screen adds more value to the product and increases its versatility significantly. The lightweight feature of this unit is impressive; it comes with a weight of two pounds only. The wireless adaptor integrated to this portable PC is a superfast one; students can do their internet browsing and other study related work easily because of this speed. LED display, stylus pen and aluminum metal body are priceless value additions to this unit.

Features we like

  • Convertible design

  • Highly portable design with sleek body

  • Compatible with Microsoft applications

  • 4GB memory

  • Quad core processor

  • Lightweight design

  • Long battery life

  • Stylus pen

05.Google Chromebook Pixel 

When you see the brand name Google, you don’t need any description to emphasize the quality. Chromebook Pixel is a superb product that comes under the reputation of Google and therefore, it deserves a prominent position in our list. However, this product is considered to be a pricey product for a Chromebook for kids; this product is couple of hundreds expensive than the other products in our list. It comes with a 3rd Gen i5-3427U processor to offer a smooth operation. It also has a built-in high-speed wireless adaptor (dual-band) to facilitate an optimal connectivity. Thanks to 4GB DDR3 RAM, Google Chromebook Pixel facilitates impressive multitasking ability. Optimal read/write times are guaranteed with the 64GB SSD. With the assistance of Intel HD graphics 4000 and 2560 X 1700 resolution, you get a superb video quality. HD webcam and high sensitivity microphone add more value to this product. Overall, if you are willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks more, this can be a perfect choice for your kids to do their studies, online browsing, follow video lessons and engage in many other activities like a breeze.

Features we like

  • Core i3 Processor

  • 4GB RAM

  • Intel HD graphics

  • Excellent speed

  • 2560 X 1700 screen resolution

06.HP Chromebook 14 

If you prefer to buy a Chromebook with a relatively larger screen for you kids, this can be the ideal solution for you. This Chromebook for kids come with 14” screen and still fits in kids’ backpacks perfectly. This handy product comes with a battery life of an eight hours which is good enough for a kids’ Chromebook. The speed of this product is impressive, thanks to the 4GB RAM and powerful processor. It also comes with excellent graphic compatibility especially because of the integration of Intel HD graphics. Because of the assistance of 4GB ram, it facilitates you to work with multiple applications simultaneously without necessarily slowing down. When managing cloud based applications, this product becomes very handy. Since it matches the standard schoolbags of the kids, you can consider this Chromebook for kids as one of the best options. The overall design and the durability of the product is really impressive.

Features we like

  • 4GB RAM

  • Excellent graphic features with Intel HD

  • Battery lasts for eight hours approx.

  • Supports multitasking

  • Matches with schoolbags nicely

What to consider when buying a good Chromebook for kids

Before you start shopping around for a Chromebook for your kids, you must know a couple of key things if you expect to end up with the best possible option.

  • A good battery life
    The battery life of the Chromebook must be above 7 hours (the more the better). Such option lets your kids to engage in their studies throughout the time they spend in the school.

  • Speed
    The speed must be good enough to facilitate all the regular tasks performed. Multicore processors are better in this case.

  • RAM
    More RAM capacity will let you engage in multiple tasks simultaneously. For a student, this can be a huge benefit.

  • Screen Size
    Generally, larger screens makes it easy for you to read text and read graphics. However, the Chromebook with bigger screens are less portable. In other words, you will have to sacrifice either screen size or portability. Selecting a screen size around 15 inches will be a balanced approach in this case.

  • Reputation
    It is always rational to select a product from a reputed seller (Google, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung are some of the leading brands).

I addition to that, it is always better if you can select a product that is resistant to spills (particular the keyboard). Features like convertibility, stylus compatibility, 360-degree rotation hinge and ultra-thin body are great features to consider. However, you must know that a fully featured Chromebook may be somewhat expensive than the basic models. If you are ready to go for a relatively larger budget, you can end up with a high-end Chromebook for kids.


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