How to Choose the Best PC Gaming Chair

///How to Choose the Best PC Gaming Chair

Setting up your computer station can be quite an investment which involves buying a speed PC or console, quality graphic cards, high resolution monitor or TV as well as high-end computer accessories. Most gamers are aware of this and they done their best to ensure the quality of the game is uncompromised. Adding a PC gaming chair is an equally important to the overall experience. A quality gaming chair is such an integral asset to any PC gamer.

PC gaming chairs are available in the market in all kinds of shape, size and style and it can be quite confusing when shopping for one. If you are looking for a good gaming chair, it is important to analyse your gaming needs and take time to select the right chairs for all your requirements. The chairs range from basic – economy type to high-end designer models, but their price and functionality are different too. With the right market research and comparing different models in the market, you can be sure to find the best quality for your needs and budget.

Though different in many aspects, there are a few common things you should look for when purchasing a PC gaming chair. While the aesthetic value and the price are important factors to consider, they are not sufficient for making the right choice. The main purpose of a gaming chair is comfortable gaming and good health, and your choice should focus on improving this two aspects.

What Are The Features Of A Quality Gaming Chair? What Do You Look For?


The following are some of the fundamental comfort features:

Seat Angle Tilt – The adjustment feature allows inclining of the whole seat pan to your most preferred angle which swivel the pelvis forward to minimize tendons and muscle strain. It helps to relax your upper body.

Height Adjustment – One of the major usability features of the PC gaming chair should be seat height adjustment to allow you vary the height of the chair to achieve the best lower leg-thigh angle. The suitable height for a health sitting posture should ensure a 90 degrees angle between your thighs and the lower leg. This allows free circulation of blood to the legs.

Armrest Adjustment – Resting your arms relaxes the shoulder and neck area during gaming breaks. The armrest should be adjustable in both height and angle to offer optimal rest and to prevent disturbance during game time. If you can get a chair which allows back and forward adjustment, the better for you.

Backrest Reclining And Tilt Adjustment – This should enable you to tilt the backrest forwards or backwards to reduce strain on your lower back area and relax the lumbar region. The reclining feature allows you to tilt the backrest at a greater angle and lock which is necessary for back resting and allows a power nap in between gaming sessions.

Swivel and Wheels – The gaming chair allows you to quickly move from one point to the other without rising up from the seat. The wheels can also rotate in 360 degrees and are fitted on an extending swivelling leg that enables circular motions to any direction.

Extra Padding – An additional pillow in the neck and lower back area of the seat helps to take pressure from the lower back and the neck to relieve the spine. This enables a healthy posture which is healthy for both gaming and off-gaming life.

Material Matters

Covering Material – The covering material can be fabric covers, mesh fabric, genuine leather or artificial leather each of which has its own benefits and downside. A genuine leather upholstering cover is high quality, durable and water proof but it is more expensive than other coverings. Artificial leather is also good option since it is more affordable, easy to maintain and tough and you hard to differential from actual leather but it sweats a lot during hot weather. Fabric mesh is fit for use even on hot weather.

Framing material – The frame of the material also matters as it determines the durability of the seat. Steel made chairs are sturdier, firm and can last for decades while still in good shape. Plastic material also makes quality seats which can last for years and they are less expensive.


Just like when you are shopping for other commodities, price is always very important. The prices for gaming chairs differ due to the difference in features and quality. To get the best quality seat with high-end features, you may have to spend a few extra coins. You can get gaming chairs for less than $100 but the lesser you spend the more quality and comfort you have to sacrifice.  So if you are budgeting for a quality PC gaming seat, you can set aside between $ 100 and $200 though you can spend $300 to $400 to get more comfort, durability and quality while you take care of your health.

Where do you start?

When it comes to selecting a gaming chair, looks may deceive you and price is not the guiding criteria. You can start your shopping journey by taking a look at what other users feel and think about a particular model. You can also consider the professional PC gaming chair buyers guide at: Get a quality seat to improve your health and gaming experience.



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