Top 8 Best Headset Stand Review –Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

///Top 8 Best Headset Stand Review –Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Top 8 Best Headset Stand Review –Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are a gamer who loves his accessories or a sound artist who loves his gear, it is mandatory for you to pair your headset with a quality stand. Choosing the right headset stand can make a difference to life of your precious headset by avoiding the tangling of wires of the headset with other peripherals like keyword wires, mouse or monitor cables. Avid gamers or artists who use headsets know how cluttered their workstations are already with the swanky gear they use for the job. A quality headset stand can not only help you get more organized, but will also look elegant holding those headsets.

It is a myth that gamers or computer nerds do not care about the organization of their working area. Contrary to the popular belief, these folks like to keep their desk space not only organized but also functional and efficient. The best headphone stands work as a protection for your expensive gear and keep it safe from any sort of damage. In this guide, we will take a closer look at why headset stands are so important and will list the best 8 headset stands for you to choose from.

Top 8 Headset Stands on Amazon

Just Mobile

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Turtle Beach

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1. Just Mobile HeadStand 

Just Mobile HeadStand is the best place to hang your expensive headphones. Known for offering most stylish mobile and office accessories, this headset stand speaks of the commitment of the brand to provide high quality and premium design products. HeadStand has a dual layer aluminum base with space for holding the headset cable so that you can keep your desk tidy. The aluminum base provides the rigidity to safely hold even the heaviest headphones. Not only the base, but the entire body of the Just Mobile HeadStand is constructed from aluminum.

This headset stand is a must have accessory for to go with your premium headphones. However, some users have complained of small height of the HeadStand and you should consider this while purchasing.

2. Anchor ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount 

When functionality and efficiency is your priority over style and design, Anchor ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount is the product that you are simply going to love. It is designed not to impress, but to be stealth and secured. You can place it under your desk, ultra securely as it uses the 3M adhesive used in GoPro to hold to its placement. You can perch any headset on this stand without worrying about the size or weight of the headset. The premium silicone used in its construction, gives it a thick build as well as it is provided with inner steel pin reinforcement. It can hold two headsets side by side.

Style is the only flaw where Anchor ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount lacks, but given the price and functionality it’s a steal.

3. 6amLifestyle Universal Metal Headphone Holder 

Another excellent headphone storage solution to keep your desk tidy is the 6amLifestyle Universal Metal Headphone Holder. You can easily mount it to the edge of your desk, TV stand or component rack. Made from high quality metal this headphone stand for desk is strong as well as durable. It is capable of holding light as well as heavy headsets without breaking or bending. The clamp provided to mouth the headset stand is easy to adjust and frees you from the mess of using glue or screws to hold the stand in place.

The only flaw is, all metallic hanger is slippery and some headphones might not hang well.

4. Wooden Omega Headphones Stand 

We picked this walnut wood, dark layered finish headphone stand because it is one of the best universally fit wood headphone stands. A 4.5″ x 5.5″ base makes them sturdy as well as wide enough for holding almost any headset. It is 10” tall and looks elegant on every work desk. If you want to showcase your prized headphones, there is no better alternative than the Wooden Omega Headphones Stand.

Advantages of this quality headset stand include quality build, elegant design and universal fit that is great for bedrooms, studios and home offices. The only flaw we found in the Wooden Omega Headphones Stand in our review are the base pads that are not glued at the right place, where the stand touches the table.

5. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand  

If you are looking for a cheaper quality alternative for Omega headphone stand, then the AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand is a really worthy product. A clean and tidy design with no extra color or decoration, this stand will elegantly hold your headset with safety and style. With its 9.8” height and 2.4” width it stands stable and sturdy when you perch your headphone over it. It looks sharp with its 0.24” thickness while holding those expensive headphones. Whether you have a wide or narrow headset with large or small ear cups, it will sit firmly on this universally sized headset stand.

Speaking of advantages, AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand is fit for holding headphones from all major brands like Sennheiser HD598 HD 650 HD700, Koss PortaPro, AKG K612 and Bose QC15. Only problem is you have to hold the ear buds and pull them apart while taking your headset off the stand.

6. Turtle Beach Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand  

If you love the beats on a Turtle Beach headset, then you will probably enjoy accompanying your headset with the Turtle Beach Ear Force HS1 Stand. The chrome matte black finish of the stands works well with almost every headset design. Also, this headset stand is one of the cheapest in the list so you can think of it a bargain.

Although the Turtle Beach Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand is one of the finest in the list, it is not suitable for large and heavy headphones. The rubber base lead to trouble holding heavy headsets.

7. Avantree Universal Headphone Stand  

Another finely designed and premium made headset stand, the Avantree Universal Stand is made from solid steel and premium silicone to provide a stable and safe stand to hang your headphone. Along with the headset resting place, this stand also has a cable holder to keep your desk organized and clean. The top silicones pad that holds the headphones are designed to the scratch free which means your stand will stay in pristine condition forever.

Universal compatibility is the main benefit of this headset stand. Almost every headphone will easily rest on its 1.57/4cm wide and 9.84/25cm high hanger. Some users have complained of the stability of this stand while holding heavy headphones.

 8. Anypro Aluminum Gaming Headset Stand 

If the aluminum build in a headset stand is what you are interested in then the Anypro Aluminum Gaming Headset Stand is another accessory for you. When you look at this headset stand, you get the feel as if it is designed by Apple. A 5mm solid circular aluminum base provides it sturdiness and stability. To prevent headphones from slipping it has a non-slip rubberized top. You can even use it as a phone or a tablet stand because of the rubber pad on the base.

How To Choose The Right Headset Stand

You should know that choosing a headset stand is not a complicated task like picking a gaming gear. The design of the headphone stand is made to be functional and it is simply an accessory to perch your headsets. So, when you are busy listening to audio on an external speaker, your headset can rest on a quality stand. Personally speaking I have a problem of forgetting things where I keep them. For a person like me, a headphone stand is a boon as I don’t place my headphones all over the place. I perch them to the headphone stand I have on my desk and forget about forgetting where I kept them.

Now, the utility of a stand is known, you should know how to pick a headphone stand that will fit your taste. We recommend you start with the selection of the material you want in your stand. Most common material used in desk headphone stand includes aluminum, plastic and wood. However, there are premium stands available made from metals and alloys. If you want heavy and slightly expensive headphones stands, then you should definitely try them.

The style and appearance of the headset stands is another important factor that most people prefer while making a choice. If you are obsessed with keeping the harmony of color and style of your desk space, then you will want to pick a headphone display stand that looks great along with the rest of the setup. There are headphone stands or holders that come with some additional design features like cable separator and USB port.

Finally, you need to make sure you are picking a headphone stand which is a fit for your headset. For heavier and bulky headsets you will need a large and sturdy stand, not only to make it look better but also to reduce the risk of knocking it over. We recommend that you choose headset stands that are designed to be universally fit.

If these prerequisites are making you think, then you need to consider the listed eight high quality best headphone stands available on Amazon.


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