Top 6 Best iPhone Charger Review–Ultimate Guide for Apple Users

///Top 6 Best iPhone Charger Review–Ultimate Guide for Apple Users
Top 6 Best iPhone Charger Review–Ultimate Guide for Apple Users

Apple is the house of innovation that sets benchmark for every Smartphone company. Since their advent into the market iPhones continue to be the landmark in the mobile communication segment with people from all over the world cherishing this product. No other Smartphone in the world has ever sold as many units as the Apple devices. iPhones are famous not just because as a means of communication, but also as a multimedia tool that comes with incredible camera and amazing apps to add multitude of functionality to the device. If you have the iPhone, then you need an equally incredible charger to go with it. You cannot use any charger with your iPhone as it compromises with the quality and life of the device. To power your beast, you need to fuel it from the right source. As iPhones are devices powered by battery, it is important to have only the best iPhone charger to fuel the batteries. We always recommend all our readers to use quality and best iPhone charging cables to get best out of the devices. In short, you should always use only top notch charger with your iPhone that is compatible with your device. In this guide we are going to review the best iPhone chargers available on Amazon, so that you do not restore to dirtcheap chargers that can harm your phone.

Top 6 Best iPhone Charger List


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1. OTISA 3Pack 5Ft Nylon Braided Charger Lightning Cable 

Longest charger cable on the list the OTISA 3Pack Lighting Cable is top on the list because it offers you affordable charger cables and that too 3 of them. If you own an iPhone you need to have this charger for its 38% faster charging and data transfer speeds as compared with original charger because of the advanced 2.4A technology.

If you own multiple Apple devices, this pack of 3 lighting cable is a must have accessory. Also, the 24 months 100% guarantee will keep you covered.


  • 3 chargers at affordable device

  • Nylon sheaths make the cables durable

  • Compatible with every device

  • 38% faster charging and data transfer speeds


  • Lighting pins are loose

2. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to 3 Feet USB Cable 

One of the stiffest competitions to any iPhone charger manufacturer is from the AmazonBasics. The 3 foot lightning USB cable is Apple certified as is one of the best iPhone charger for models 5, 6 and 7. You can also charge your iPod or iPad without any lag or damaging the circuitry of your device. Durability of this charger cable is invincible as it is tested to withstand 95-degree bends for more than 4000 times without any kink or cracks.

With a one year limited warranty you do not need to look for more.


  • Sturdy and quality charger

  • Long cable (3 feet)

  • Compatible with all USB connectors

  • Apple certified Lighting Cable


  • Cable overheats on using for long

3. iPhone Charger Syncwire Lightning Cable 

The MFI certified design of the Syncwire Lightning Cable is another superior best iPhone charger that you can depend on for powering all your Apple devices. You do not need to buy several lighting cables to charge your iPhone 6 or 7, or older versions like iPhone 5 or other Apple multimedia devices like iPod or iPad, this charger able is versatile enough to charge them all.

This durable cable is covered with a plastic cloth that is guaranteed to protect the cable for over 7000 bends lifelong. The double shield of the cable protects any interference with other chargers or data cables, ensuring consistent power output.


  • Double shielded cable design

  • Anodized connectors that make it durable

  • Fast charging and reliable data transfer


  • There is no charging adapter

4. ONSON Short Nylon Braided iPhone Cable 

The braided lightning cables are a quality mark for their durability. This iPhone cable from ONSON is yet another example of an excellent of a portable short charging cable. The Nylon-braided jacket keeps the cable secured from bends and the copper wires are of heavy gauge make it a reliable charger cable.

If you travel often, then you need this short iPhone charger with only 8-inch cable. With a universal system you can charge almost every Apple device and not just the iPhones. Also, you can charge android devices with ease.


  • Universal system

  • Flexible nylon braided sheath

  • Compatible with every Apple device

  • Portable design


  • 8 inches length is very short

5. USB Cable 2 in 1 Lightning Cable from Outdoo 

The durability of this Outdoo 2 in 1 Lightning Charger Cable is what brings it on the list of our top 6 best iPhone chargers. It has a braided nylon charging cable that is sturdy and it will not kink even on rough handling. The connects of the cable are made from durable aluminum that make them corrosion resistant and oxidation free, which means you can use it in any environment and will always have optimal power transfer.

If you want faster data transfer as well as quality charger, this is indeed one of the best iPhone chargers.


  • Sturdy and durable 2-in-1 design

  • Long charging cable, 3.3 feet

  • Can charge almost any apple device

  • Can charge Android devices as well

  • Universal compatibility

  • Fast charging because of heavy gauge copper wire

  • Braided and flexible sheath

6. BE [Quick Charger Set] iPhone Charger & 2.4 Amp Wall Charger 

Quick charger sets are rarely available for Apple devices, however this product from BE is ideally the best iPhone Charger in its segment. It speeds up the charging process because of 2.4 Amp power output. Also, it increases the data transfer rate because of the premium internal wiring.

A reputed product from a brand known to provide compatible iPhone chargers, you will need no other charging able as this one comes with a lifetime guarantee.



  • Full charge indicator light is reported to get burnout easily

What to consider before buying an iPhone Charger

Over the years, Apple has made significant changes to iPhone and it has grown to be more powerful, stylish and functional. Previously, the device was designed to cater to the American customers only, however, now the iPhones have a global presence. Now many charger manufacturers offer accessories that are compatible with the device. This has made it necessary that you understand what attributes are a must in an Apple charger.


The charger iPhone must have seamless compatibility with the device. When we say compatibility, we are not just referring to good-to-go-with compatibility, but integration to every specification of the device. Some chargers are designed to be universal, i.e. they are compatible with all the models of the iPhone. For instance, if you buy an aftermarket changer, which is compatible with iPhone 6, it may not be compatible with your iPhone 7. But, if you continue to use the same charger with the newer version of your iPhone, then you might end up compromising the integrity of the battery in the long run. Therefore, compatibility is the prominent feature to look for in an iPhone portable charger.


A quality iPhone Charger is designed for durability and sturdiness. As it is known, you will be using your charger in your car, at home and at the office and it has to endure a lot of rough handling. The cable is twisted and turned during the storage as well as it gets pulled every once in a while. The best iPhone charger is designed to withstand all this abuse. Therefore, you should never choose a cheap and low quality charger that cannot withstand the hostile and tremendous abuse.


Most quality iPhone 5s charger cable have enough length, but when you are not buying an Apple charger, you need to check the cable length. For most people, the length is not an essential feature, but we believe it is important for the utility of the charger. A longer cable makes it convenient to plug the phone for charging into outlets that are not located close by.


A crucial feature to look for in any phone charger is the voltage at which it operates. There are two voltages that you will find mentioned on the charger or its case-the input voltage and the output voltage. You are more concerned with the output voltage as it should be same as the voltage of your phone. Choosing an iPhone charger with wrong voltage is the most terrible mistake you can commit. Wrong voltage can cause slow charging or at worse can damage the charging system or battery of your phone. Therefore, go through the manual of your phone to know its operating voltage before you buy a charger.


Most people think as all the chargers appear to be the same, their price should also be the same. However, it is not the outside looks that matter, but the inside circuitry and the electronic components that matter. Not all chargers are created equal and this is why their price also varies. Yet, it is important to stay on the budget. With the amount you are willing to spend into consideration, choose a charger that is compatible, durable and of the right output voltage to ensure you have a positive experience while using it.


While there may be hundreds of iPad and iPhone chargers out there, but not all are the best ones. To buy the most outstanding iPhone charger you need to keep the features we shared above into consideration. The best iPhone chargers we have listed and reviewed here are multi-functional accessories that not only charge your phone, but also are useful for transferring data like videos, pictures and music filed between your phone and PC.

You can confidently select any of the six best iPhone chargers we have listed for you.


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