Best Electric Typewriter Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Electric Typewriter Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Electric Typewriter Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you think that the electric typewriter is a long-gone, forgotten device, you are wrong! A considerable number of people across the globe still use electric typewriters to accomplish many typing tasks. Although electric typewriters are significantly behind the computers in terms of smartness, they are ahead of the conventional, manual typewriters from many fronts. Also, electronic typewriters offer a couple of features that are not associated with computers. Despite the functionality, some people like to keep one of those portable typewriters on their desk just as a vintage office tool. Although most of the companies have stopped manufacturing electronic typewriters, you can still find a considerable number of products particularly in online markets such as Amazon.

Top 3 electric typewriter products

We have selected the best modern typewriters products and reviewed them for your reference. All these best modern typewriters inherit excellent reputation from their manufacturers. In our electronic typewriter reviews, we have considered various facts such as performance, accuracy, ease of use, durability, reliability etc. Therefore, reading our electronic typewriter reviews can be very handy if you intend to purchase a modern manual typewriter.


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01.Nakajima AE-710 Electronic Office Typewriter 

The first modern manual typewriter we are going to review is Nakajima AE-710. Nakajima is an original Japanese manufacturer that has introduced hundreds of top quality products within a large range and this modern manual typewriter is another great example of their superb quality. In fact, Nakajima introduced a range of modern typewriters to the industry and all of those products are impressive in terms of quality and functionality. AE-710 modern typewriters are made to be exceptional in quality and their durability is incredibly high. Being one of the best typewriter products that dominated the market, Nakajima AE 710 offers a print speed of 20 CPS (characters per second). In other words, this typewriter electric can keep up with what you type even if you are an extremely fast typist in nature (20 characters per second is a very impressive speed for an electric typewriter). As a measure of increasing the convenience of the user, this typewriter electric comes with 21 handy function keys. These function keys make sure that the typing is a convenient task. What you must know is that his specific typewriter electric is not manufactured anymore (just like all the other best typewriter brands). Even with the discontinuation, Nakajima AE-710 stays as one of the most powerful and perfectly functioning electric typewriter brands in the market. As any professional typist knows, bold typing is a must-have feature for a great typewriter and Nakajima AE-710 comes with this bold typing facility. Such feature becomes incredibly useful when you type in almost any document preparation task. Well, this best manual typewriter features a weight less than 20 pounds. You can easily make it a portable tool just by placing it in an appropriate briefcase.

Features we like

  • It offers an impressive typing speed of 20 CPS (characters per second)

  • Comes with bold typing facility which can be useful in almost all the occasions

  • Weighs less than 20 pounds (18.4 pounds to be exact)

  • Durable and strong finish

  • Inherits Nakajima’s reputation

  • 21 Handy special function keys

  • Smooth functionality

02.Brother ML-300 Electronic Display Typewriter 

Being one of the largest manufacturers of many office appliances and electronic equipment, Brother offers a supreme quality best electric typewriter under the model name ML-300. This specific electric typewriter can be considered as one of the best typewriters to buy due to many good reasons. This best electric typewriter inherits the renowned brand, Brother and that is a clear and strong encouragement for people to rate this product among the best typewriters to buy. This specific product (ML-300) comes with an exceptionally handy electronic display to assist the user. Adding more value and user-friendliness to the product, it comes with “Perfectype” professional touch keyboard. This special keyboard technology itself is good enough to make this the best electric typewriter for writers of all kinds. Typing with this touch keyboard is easier and exciting. In order to facilitate a better accuracy while typing, this best electric typewriter for writers comes with a very handy dictionary that has 78,000 English words in total. Therefore, Brother ML-300 can be one of the best portable typewriter products even for the typists who make regular typos while typing. In other words, if you have Brother ML-300, you can type with confidence and peace of mind. Making it more useful, this dictionary comes with an error location functionality; it helps the user to locate and rectify the potential spelling errors. Although Brother ML-300 is a discontinued electric typewriter, the reputation it has is not discontinued at all. This specific product comes with all the fundamental typing formats such as bold, underline and even automatic center and therefore, creating a perfect document is not a difficult task with this product. Making it more useful, the product supports languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese in addition to the Standard English. If you need to type documents in the aforesaid foreign languages, this can be the product for you.

Features we like

  • Comes with an interchangeable cassette daisy wheels

  • Supports multiple foreign languages

  • Comes with comprehensive instructional manual

  • Electronic screen with clear view

  • Integration of 78,000-word dictionary

  • Error-location functionality

03.IBM Newly Reconditioned Typewriter  

As everybody knows, IBM is among the most recognized companies that have a very long history. Despite its unmatchable reputation in manufacturing business class computers, they were famous for their best manual typewriters and other high-end typewriters. Being one of the best vendors that make best portable typewriters in the industry, the product range they offered is admirable; this product is another sample for their quality. This is a reconditioned IBM WheelWriter that is available at an affordable price tag. Even though this is a reconditioned product, the quality of these best portable typewriters is uncompromised; they carry the IBM reputation forward with the superior functionality. Many expert typists considered this product as the best typewriter for writers due to obvious reasons. All the materials used to make this best typewriter for writers are heavy-duty and durable. Even though it is a reconditioned product, this best portable manual typewriter comes with a one year warranty as a measure of assuring its quality. The product is reconditioned by the IBM experts themselves (to upkeep its reputation as the best portable manual typewriter) and just like all the other IBM products, this item can withstand rough conditions easily. As a measure of increasing the value of this reputed item, this electric typewriter comes with a set of accessories such as ribbons, correction tapes in addition to the brand-new printwheel. To be frank, however, this is not the best modern typewriter in the context of portability. It weighs 35 pounds and it is a heavyweight for a best modern typewriter. Despite its weight, however, this can be considered as one of the best electronic typewriters in terms of functionality.

How to choose the best electric typewriter

If you are searching for the best electronic portable typewriter, there are a couple of things to consider before you make the purchase.

  • Price
    Depending on the model and the brand, you might find that the prices of the typewriters vary drastically. However, a good quality electronic typewriter is not cheap; be prepared to spend an amount within the range of $300 to $700 at the least. Don’t purchase the typewriters with the cheapest tag; generally, you get what you pay for even when you purchase a typewriter.

  • Features
    It is better to go for a product that comes with all the basic, essential features. Ability to bold, underline and center the text you type are the most essential features you must look for. Other than that, products with comprehensive dictionaries and Multilanguage compatibility are the best in terms of usability.

  • Brand
    Reputed brands always offer the best products when it comes to typewriters. Brands like IBM, Brother, and Nakajima are the most reputed. The build quality, functionality and the overall usability is impressive when it comes to these leading brands.


Do electronic typewriters support multiple languages?

Some models offer the option of typing in other languages than English. However, it is better to verify it before making the purchase.

Do these typewriters correct spelling mistakes?

Yes. Reputed, sophisticated models come with built-in dictionaries and options to correct misspellings.

Are these modern typewriters portable?

Well, it depends on the model you select. Some models weigh less than 19 pounds while others may even weigh about 40 pounds.

Is it difficult to type on those keyboards?

No. Most of these typewriters come with touch typing keyboards.

Do they come with a warranty?

Since most of the electric typewriter products are discontinued, you cannot expect a manufacturer’s warranty with most of them. However, there are some products offered with limited warranties.

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