Best Windows Video Editing Software

The days are gone when to create a short film or documentary was the work of the technical experts, as well as a person, must be a professional to deal with the video editing along with the related responsibilities. Nowadays, though, after the dawn of all these innovative technologies along with their everyday applications, [...]

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Video Effects and Color Correction Tips –Movie Editing Like a Pro!

In today’s era, the number of ways you can enhance and edit your videos and movies is endless. From color correction to title placement and of course the numerous effects available, editing movies and videos has never been more fantastic. As far as applications are concerned, we prefer to tackle these projects using programs [...]

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Movie Editing Basics: Additional Resources

Hail video editors! On our journey to learn video editing, we have already tackled the fundamentals of editing using Pro video editing software. You must have learned a lot from it, and if you want to learn more, we are here with few additional resources which will aid you in understanding the concept in [...]

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Registry Easy Cleaner Review

Registry cleaning utilities are for speeding up your PC by deleting the obsolete entries left by various programs after you uninstall them. Cluttered registry is one of the main reasons why a computer runs slow. A Registry Cleaner is the utility that helps with this trouble but picking one based on all the hype [...]

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10 Sure-fire Things that Professional Movie Editor do!

In today’s time, technology has overtaken the world. Videos are edited in the best way possibly to create the perfect amalgamation of sight and sound. With all that being said, it’s not the easiest job in the world for a video editor to bring about harmony in broadcasting content that can influence the millions [...]

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Preparing and Encoding Your Video for Delivery

A very important yet basic step in the process of movie editing is preparing and encoding your video for delivery. Let’s take a look at how Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Final Cut Pro Studio 3 can be used to export your edits to several different formats. Sending your video to compressor A few [...]

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Movie Editing Basics: Let’s Create a Project!

Now that you got familiar with the fundamentals of movie editing software and how the core components work; let’s continue our journey of movie editing with making project from scratch. We will start with a new project, setting up, getting footage, editing and then exporting by using movie editing software. Setting up Project Most [...]

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Become Acquainted with Movie Editing

Hail movie editing lovers! You must have edited some videos, but now you want to step up and wish to edit in a professional environment. So here we are helping you becoming acquainted with movie editor software. We will begin with looking at movie editing environment, the rationale of features you see on screen [...]

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How to understand VPN technology as newbies

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network which uses a public network to connect a remote site or user together. VPN allows you to connect to the internet through a server run by a VPN provider. All information transfer between your computer, tablet or phones through this VPN server are strictly protected. [...]

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ExpressVPN –The best VPN on your Travels

ExpressVPN is an astounding tool. It is a log-free, lightning fast private network that is virtually provided. Just a few taps and you have access to a reliable and speedy internet. The best and most appropriate time to get your hand on this amazing service VPN is while traveling. It is not because [...]

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