Learn How to Add Digital Signatures in Your PDF Documents with Soda PDF

///Learn How to Add Digital Signatures in Your PDF Documents with Soda PDF

Normally when we sign the document, first of all, we have to take out its print. After that, we write our name on it and sign over it. After signing, we scan the signed document and lastly, we attach it to our emails.

Soda PDF Innovation

It is a very time consuming and tiresome procedure. But don’t worry technological innovations in PDF software has solved this problem for us. One such innovation is in the form of Soda PDF. It allows the users to fill in their documents, sign them digitally on their desktops and send them to via email to the concerned party person.

How to e-sign your document using Soda PDF?

To sign your documents, Soda E-Sign is the most reliable and safe PDF software to carry out this action. Here is the detail step by step to let you learn how you can do it in a matter of just a few minutes.

Secure and Sign

First of all, go to the ‘secure and sign ‘section in the toolbar of Soda PDF. By clicking on it, you will see different options that are given to fulfill all the elements of your signature. To start signing your document, you use these features step by step.

  • Create Appearance

Click on this option. A window will appear in front of you. You have to choose the three dots option of the ‘select image ‘section that will help you browse through your computer. As you browse, you will select the image file that will serve as the image of your signature file.

Below this option, you will see the ‘signature name’ option. In this section, you will add the name of the signature. After doing this when you are ready, you can click the option ‘create’ given at the bottom right side of the opened window.

Note: One thing that is very amazing about Soda PDF is that it will keep a proper record of all the appearances that you make. Also, it allows you to make as many of them as you are required to make.

  • Create Certificate

The second step is to ‘create a certificate.’ This certificate option is there to store your signature in the window directory. This is done just to keep a follow up of the changes made in the original document. You can open this option by clicking it, then add the information required in the boxes and then click ‘Create.

  • Sign Document

Now after doing the above two steps, this is the time to actually sign the intended document. Click the ‘sign document ‘option. Now firstly chose any of the appearances you have made at that time or in the past. Similarly, select the certificate you have made and finally tell the reason why you are adding a signature to your document.

When you are done doing it, you are ready to sign by clicking on the ‘sign’ option at the right bottom of this window. This is how simple it is to sign your documents by using Soda PDF and at the same time keep the document safe and secure.


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