WordPress Theme Vs Custom Web Design For Your Business or Blog

///WordPress Theme Vs Custom Web Design For Your Business or Blog

Business owners always look for ways to save money and still gain profits for their business. One marketing strategy that business owners invest in is establishing an online website. Similar to marketing materials, a business’ website must project an engaging and professional image. A business appears more credible when their website looks engaging and professional.

WordPress Theme vs Custom Web Design?

Establishing a website usually involves asking the question: “Which is better, custom web design or a WordPress theme?” Most business owners find it tricky to know the difference between a WordPress theme and custom web design. Let us discuss the pros and cons of both options to help you decide which one is best for you.

Pros and Cons of Custom Web Design

Custom web design provides endless possibilities. Just using the appropriate codes, a designer is able to customize the look and feel of your website. This comprises the entire custom built and quality features that checks off the boxes on your website’s must-have list. However, is a custom web design the best option for you?

Pro: It is remarkably unique

Isn’t it bothering when websites look and feel the same as everyone else in the market? You won’t get that from a custom web design because it is formulated and created exclusively for your business and its needs. No one else will ever compare your website from a competitor’s website because yours is more unique.

Pro: They adapt to your needs

Custom web designers formulate your website or blog from scratch, thus adapting to the design that caters to your vision and needs. Moreover, it is more flexible and offers you further creative freedom. Likewise, it is great for business owners that are looking for complex functionality.

If you aim to include some features such as chat boxes, notification sounds, or videos that play automatically, etc., then custom web design is your best option. It also gives you a peace of mind knowing that your website is built strategically and you do not have to worry about updating your look every few months.

Con: Takes longer to accomplish

When you are building a website from scratch, the process of custom web designs takes a little longer. The timeline for custom web design may take a couple of months, but you may feel happier that you have invested so much time once you see your new website.

Con: Comes with a higher budget

More work is involved to accomplish a custom website because it is not based on a pre-made system. This added time comes with a heftier price tag. Rest assured, after all that time and expenses, you will have the website you exactly want.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Web Themes

Not all businesses have to begin with a custom web design. There are systems, like WordPress, that provide web themes and templates you can haul inspiration from. When you adapt to a WordPress theme to suit your brand’s vision and content, it creates a high-performing website. Meanwhile, is a WordPress theme the best option for you?


Pro: Budget-Friendly

The main concern in website projects is the budget. WordPress themes are the most affordable alternative. Most of the coding work are already formulated and done by WordPress before making a purchase. Thus, it saves you a lot of time and money.

Pro: Speeds up website construction process

Since you no longer have to build your website from scratch, this eventually speeds up the construction of your website. It not only saves your budget, but also the time! WordPress themes feature customizable fonts, colors, and content. If you do not have much time to accomplish a web design project, then WordPress themes are the best option for you.

Con: WordPress themes are not that flexible

Oftentimes, web themes are built to spare you from troubles involving HTML, CSS or Java. WordPress themes established as a framework that positions your website content which works similarly like a “plug-and-play.” This is why WordPress themes are not as flexible compared to custom web designs.

If your top concern is flexibility, then custom web design may be a better option.

Con: Utilized by other businesses

One of the biggest downsides of utilizing WordPress themes is knowing that your theme is also being used by other small businesses. Don’t worry though. A good graphic designer can create unique website content and visual branding by drastically changing the appearance of your website, making it different than other websites that use the same WordPress theme.


Choosing the best option for your business’ website or blog can be tricky. But, it all depends on your budget, time, and value. It is highly crucial to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of custom web design and WordPress themes. To help you know and decide which is best for your business, you can click here.

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