The Benefit of Servcorp’s Executive Suite Serviced Offices

///The Benefit of Servcorp’s Executive Suite Serviced Offices



Turn the fantasy of operating your business out of one of the most exclusive addresses in any major city into a reality with Servcorp –  With offices around the globe, Servcorp specializes in providing businesses, big and small, with office solutions, including office space and staffing. Businesses needing to expand their operation or those looking to lease spaces in high-traffic, highly-accessible areas can look to Servcorp’s professional staff in providing their office needs.

For most businesses, the location of their offices almost dictates the amount of traffic they will get, which in turn translates into dollars. However, an address in the middle of a thriving business district will command a higher price tag. An alternative to signing a conventional lease, one that can last up to five years, is to get in on a great deal for an executive suite at any one of Servcorp’s offices across the United States.

Continue reading, to find out just how Servcorp’s executive suites can benefit your business.

Flexible Lease Terms

With a traditional office lease, businesses owners are required to commit to at least a year, and to get a great rate, most leasing companies require proprietors to commit to longer leases, in most cases five years. The leases for executive suites allow for a little more flexibility in the length of the lease, as is the case with Servcorp.

Servcorp is one of those companies that gives businesses a month-to-month option, which is great, especially for startups. These leases typically require only a month’s deposit and are transferable, which means wherever your business moves you need not worry about relocation costs. With Servcorp, as the business grows, you can pay on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Office Space and Amenities

Most executive suites have floor plans with access to common areas. Common types of arrangements include private, secured offices or ones with open plans. In either case, the amenities that typically come with these setups include options, such as IT support and cleaning staff.

With Servcorp, those who lease with the company can find themselves operating their businesses from the most premium office buildings with some of the most breathtaking views and prestigious addresses. The amenities are numerous and include a high-grade technology package that contains fast internet connection, telecom and video conferencing capabilities, in addition to access to secure fax, printer and copying machines.

Administrative Staffing

Most executive suite packages offer businesses the standard administrative personnel to help with daily operations, i.e. handling phone calls and mail. Servcorp offers packages that include an office manager, secretary, and a receptionist, in addition to mail carriers. With the added administrative support, business owners will find they can operate their business with ease and effortlessly.

Increased Networking Opportunities

While any business would benefit from leasing an executive suite, most professionals who get the most from this type of office set up are those who are self-employed or business owners who want to start small and grow. Under these conditions, professionals can network, as the leasing company provides common areas where professionals interact with other professionals from all kinds of industries. For the most part, leasing an executive suite can turn into amazing networking opportunities.

Professional Environment to Grow

However, Servcorp really makes the effort to give its clients the entire professional office atmosphere. As a part of its standard plan, the company also encourages networking opportunities for its clients. In addition to making your own contacts on a daily basis, Servcorp regularly holds networking events that can help any business attract clients and broaden their business connections.

For both startups and the self-employed, Servcorp’s executive suite office solutions can lower the overheads associated with operating a business. More importantly, Servcorp’s office solutions can transform your office environment into one that conveys professionalism. As an alternative to the conventional office lease that might be too rigid, Servcorp’s lease offers your business room to thrive and grow.


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