Before Business – A Guide to Planning out a New Venture

//Before Business – A Guide to Planning out a New Venture


Starting a business can be an exciting yet scary time. You need to be aware of all the work that goes into starting a new venture. You will most likely have some issues arise as most new businesses do.

What kind of issues or things do you need to think about when you start a new business? How do you know how to proceed?

Keep reading to discover the top seven items to planning out your new venture. Are you ready for all that it entails?

Do Research

The first thing you want to do in planning your new venture is to research it thoroughly. This means look at every aspect of the business without blinders on. This could even entail using web scraping tools to pull needed information for your research. Make sure you know everything that could go wrong as well as what can go right in your new business.


The next item to look at is your finances. Starting a new venture takes money, so you need to know where to get some if you don’t have any. A business is an investment so you may need to look at getting a business loan until you get the business off the ground.

Business Plan

Every new business owner needs a business plan. It is a guideline of how your business is to grow. It has every phase of development from the startup through the rocky times to running an established business and finally to the growth of the industry with the opening of new locations as needed.


What fun would starting a business be without paperwork? To start a new venture, you need to retrieve a business license and multiple permits. Each situation is different depending on the type of business you are starting and what location you will be settling in.


The area is a big deal when it comes to starting a business. Can you afford to be in the business district of your city? If not, how far out will your finances allow you to be? You don’t want to be too close to other similar businesses, but you do not want to be too far away either as competition drives business.

Settle on somewhere that will be able to grow in addition to thinking about traffic infrastructure as well. If the clients cannot get to you, your business will not succeed. Make sure you think about an online presence, as technology is the wave of the future.

Accounting System

Another vital part of a business is to have a good software and accounting system. You may think this is not needed right away, but you would be dead wrong. An accounting system is a must have to keep a budget as well as to keep track for tax purposes. You want to be able to set your rate of pay and change it as needed which can all be done with an automated and organised accounting system for your small business.


Lastly, you need to market your new venture. No one will know about it and use your services or buy your goods if they do not know you are out there. Make sure to advertise often but do not rely solely on word of mouth, as everyone has a different experience with small business and may not tell anyone even if they had superb service from you.

Why Having a Plan is Helping in Your Venture

If we all started our projects willy-nilly, we would not get very far due to the disorganisation of it all. To be successful, you need to plan all your steps. This helps to keep everything in order. Whether you are researching, pulling finances together, getting paperwork and permits ready, making a business plan, selecting a location, choosing an accounting and software system, or marketing your new business, you need organisation to know what has been accomplished and what has not. This is the only way to make it to the top!


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