Best Air Fryer versus Best Toaster Oven – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Modern technology has made a great influence on food preparation methods. As a result of the development of the modern technology, you can find a large variety of appliances that cook food based on different methods. Air fryers and toaster ovens are such inventions that have taken the market by storm; these products today come under world renowned brand names and are associated with a large variety of features. Both air fryers and toaster ovens are associated with unique features which can be useful for one user and not for another. If you have plans to shop around for the best air fryer or the best toaster, you will probably be confused by the number of options in the market. With this article, we intend to emphasize the features of the best air fryers and best toaster ovens as a guidance.

Best Air Fryer Review

Let’s take a look at the best air fryer products in the market. We have handpicked three best air fryers from Amazon, the most popular online store in the world today. Each of these products is rated considering their functionality, features, efficiency and many other important aspects.

01.Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

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This product is a combination of healthy cooking and aesthetic appearance. It utilizes three heating strategies; convection, halogen and infrared heat for better efficiency. Because of this higher efficiency it features, you can expect this cooker to cook frozen food relatively quicker than many of the competitor products. Practically, thawing time of food is significantly less compared to other fryers. As a measure to facilitate cooking multiple foods at the same time, this air fryer comes with 2 trays. Among the consumers, this fryer is recognized to be a very energy efficient product. It can cook pretty faster than the other fryers in the market while consuming less energy. Thanks to the tight seal integrated with the lid, this fryer can keep hot air inside and make the cooking process more efficient. Depending on the type of the food you intend to cook, you can either use a little amount of oil or even no oil at all. It operates with 1300 Watts energy and has a capacity of 16 QT (which is a reasonable capacity after all). If you are looking forward to adjusting your lifestyle to a healthy one, this product should be a good option to make it a reality.

02.GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

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One of the most elegantly designed electric air fryers in the market today. This futuristic design is capable of allowing you to cook delicious food while keeping unnecessary fat away. In order to make the operation more convenient for you, this air fryer comes with a handy touch screen; it allows you to program the cooking time with customized values. Apart from the customized values, you can select a preset too (there is 7 built-in presets to match different cooking processes. Because of the button guard integrated, you will not experience accidental detachment of the basket. This efficient air fryer comes with a wide range of temperatures, varying from 1750F to 4000F. Depending on the type of the food you want to prepare, you can use either a very little amount of oil or no oil at all and still enjoy a fried snack. It also has a 30 minute times with an integrated automatic standby feature (it allows you to switch between the fryer and standby mode once the cooking is done. It comes with a rapid air circulation technology to circulate air around food evenly and make sure that the food is cooked correctly. The detachable basket of this air fryer ensures that you easily get food out once it is cooked.

03.Cozyna Air Fryer

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If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and still don’t want to compromise the taste of the food, this Cozyna Air Fryer can be a superb alternative for you. Well, this special air fryer uses 70% less oil compared to the conventional frying methods. It features multiple food preparation methods such as frying, baking, grilling, and roasting. In fact, you can prepare your favorite chicken, burgers, fries, fish and many other food and snacks using about 10 milliliters of oil. When it comes to cleaning, the parts of the cozyna Air Fryer are manufactured to be perfectly safe to be washed with dishwashers. It operates with a power of 1500 watts and comes with a reasonable capacity of 3.2 liters. It comes with a 30-minute timer for added convenience. The cooking temperature of this handy air fryer can be adjusted up to 392 degrees allowing you to cook a wide range of food stuff. As a value addition to this top rated fryer, it comes with precious cook books that have over 50 delicious recipes to surprise your family members. As a measure of assuring the quality of this well excellent product, they offer a valuable 30-day money back guarantee too. So, if you are looking for the best air fryer products in the market today, this should be in your preference list.

Best Toaster Oven Review

Now that you have a glimpse about the air fryers, let’s take a look at the best toaster oven products available. We have selected three products from Amazon based on their functionality, features, efficiency, user-friendliness, safety, and many other aspects. You can consider this best toaster oven review as a guide when you are shopping around next time. 

01.BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven

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This product is rated among the best toaster oven products by thousands of consumers because of its superior functionality and the attractive features. It comes with EvenToast technology that allows you to toast multiple slices (up to 4 slices) of bread at once. Since it distributes heat evenly around the food, you can expect perfectly toasted or cooked food from this oven. You can prepare a nice 9” pizza using this best toaster oven. You can place it on the countertop perfectly because of its compact design. Although the design is compact, it can accommodate the fairly good amount of food which is enough for a couple of people. Being one of the best toaster oven products in the modern market, it comes with four essential food preparation functions; you can use this toaster oven to perform tasks like baking, toasting, broiling and preserve the warmth of the food. You can make the best use of the 30-minute timer when you need to cook something with precise timing. It comes with toast settings and stay-on features to make the food preparation process easier for you. As a measure to keep this best toast oven clean and pleasant, it comes with a detachable crumb tray. You can remove the food crumbs simply by removing this tray and cleaning it.

02.Hamilton Beach Toastation

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If you are looking to make your kitchen counter a more organized place and eliminate unnecessary clutter, this product can be the best toaster oven you can rely on. In fact, this toaster oven comes as a two-in-one integration (toaster + oven). It is a great way to make sure that you make use of the available space efficiently. No matter if it is toasting bread slices with evenly brown color or cook soft and crusty pizzas, this toaster oven will be your reliable partner. In addition to playing the role of a toaster, it can be converted to an oven using a single slide of the lever. The toasting slots are pretty wider and therefore it fits bread and English muffin halves. You can easily place a 16” pizza inside this toaster oven. That is why many consumers emphasize that this is among the best toaster oven products to address both breakfast and dinner needs. It has a dedicated toast shade selector to ensure precise toasting experience (comes with six presets). In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oven, it comes with a removable crumb tray; you can easily detach it and remove the crumbs away. It is also reputed as a time and energy saver. Usually, it is faster than many other competitor products when it comes to toasting and reheating. Also, it consumes significantly less energy than most of the other toaster ovens.

03.Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

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This is a relatively larger toaster oven that operates based on convection technology. It can accommodate 6 slices of bread simultaneously and ensure faster cooking. Because of the larger interior of this best toaster oven, you can perfectly place food like pizzas, cookies and many other verities conveniently. It has two rack positions to let you place more food. You can always expect better browning and melt from this best toaster oven thanks to the easily adjustable broil. The temperature of this toaster oven can be adjusted up to 500-degrees from very gentle warmth depending on the necessity. It is built to last longer than most of the other toaster ovens. The built-in digital control panel has added exceptional convenience to this oven. You can select a range of cooking functions to prepare your favorite food at home without compromising healthiness and taste of the good. Be it baking, broiling, toasting, making pizzas, warming or defrosting, this can be the best toaster oven for you expect. The adjustments related to temperature and time setup can be done by one-touch controls. The cooking process of the oven can be monitored clearly because of the added interior light. Overall, this is a very handy appliance that can be rated as one of the best toaster oven products in the market.

Best Air Fryer versus Best Toaster Oven

First, let’s compare the features of the best toaster ovens and best air fryers in the market. Such comparison might give you a clue about the most appropriate product that can address your requirement. In fact, each of these products is associated with unique advantages and disadvantages. 

-Advantages and disadvantages of Best Air Fryer

Air fryers have become popular over the past period among the modern households. These products are manufactured with aesthetically appealing, futuristic designs. First, let’s take a look at the benefits of using the best air fryer. 


  • The most notable advantage associated with the air fryers is that you have to use relatively less oil with them. Majority of air fryers operate with 80% less oil compared to an ordinary fryer while some of these modern fryers don’t use oil. This can be good news for those who intend to cut down their oil consumption and still want to enjoy some fried food.
  • In general, air fryers accumulate less residue compared to the other fryers. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining an air fryer is easier (which is good for busy individuals). Most of the best air fryer products come with removable and dishwasher-safe parts to make the cleaning process easier.
  • Safety of the user is another vital advantage associated with the air fryers. You will not face the risk of splashing boiling oil on the skin at all when you use an air fryer. So, they can be considered as a very safe kitchen appliance that prevents you from potential injuries.
  • Air fryers don’t need the assistance of additional appliances such as separate grills or a stove to heat; air fryers operate as individual units. So, you can expect a more organized and neat food preparation process with them.


  • The most significant disadvantage associated with the air fryers is that they come with limited space for preparation of food. If you have to prepare food in large quantities, you will have to do that in sets instead of doing it at once. This can be a serious concern particularly if you have to serve a large number of people at once. For instance, you will have to take a considerable amount of trouble when you prepare French fries at a family party!
  • If you need your food prepared within a shorter period, even the best air fryer may not be able to address your requirement. Usually, air fryers feature slower cooking time. In fact, these fryers might need twice more time than with the normal fryer. For instance, a deep fryer will take about 5-10 minutes to prepare French fries and the air fryer will take about 20 minutes to perform the same task.

-Advantages and Disadvantages of Best Toaster Oven products

Toaster ovens can be considered arguably the best alternative to conventional ovens and microwave ovens. Before you shop around, it is better to know the advantages and disadvantages of the best toaster oven products in the market today.


  • Although toaster ovens take relatively more time to prepare food, these ovens ensure a complete cooking experience that kills all the foodborne microorganisms. It is a great way of eliminating the potential threats associated with foodborne diseases.
  • Consistent cooking is another great advantage associated with best toaster oven products. These ovens are capable of heating up the food inside evenly and make sure that it delivers a precise cooking experience. The color of the cooked food will be even throughout the item because of this consistent heat distribution.
  • They can be used to heat bread perfectly. These toaster ovens ensure that the bread is heated nicely from outside as well as from inside. Overcooking or undercooking can be possible when using other conventional cookers but not with best toaster oven products. These ovens also can be used to keep the food items longer (you can simply set a low temperature and keep the food inside the cooker until you take it out.


  • In fact, best toaster ovens are not associated with many disadvantages. However, these ovens might are powered based on electricity and the added electricity bill can be an issue. However, you should remember that toaster ovens are generally energy efficient.
  • The other disadvantage associated with toaster ovens is common to any electrical appliance; if you don’t use it safely, there is a risk for you. So, you should take all the safety precautions when you use this oven (plug it to the appropriate wall socket, don’t touch it with wet hands etc.).

Air Frying VS Deep Frying (Reasons why people are no longer prefer deep frying)

Deep frying is no longer a preferred choice among those who are concerned about their health. Compared to the air frying, deep frying utilizes a large amount of oil; such oil will break down over the time when heated several times. Using such oil for some time can cause you various health issues. If you continue to use deep frying as a preferred method of cooking and still want to make it healthy, you should constantly replace the used oil with new ones (and it can be costly and time-consuming).

When you deep fry, food crumbles can gather in the oil for some time. Health experts believe that these food crumbles can become harmful over the time when reheated multiple times. They believe that such food crumbles are not healthy for human consumption.

Maintenance of deep fryers is a troublesome task for many of us. Removing oil stains and filtering used oil is not a pleasant experience for many cooks around the world. Things can become worse if the amount of oil is more.

Last but not least, maintaining the precise temperatures can be an issue with the deep fryers particularly if you are a novice level cook. Both overheating and under-heating can be issued when cooking with deep fryers.

All the issues mentioned above can be perfectly addressed by using air fryers. Precise temperature control, ease of maintenance and healthiness are main features associated with best air fryer products.

How to select the best air fryer or best toaster oven

Here’s a couple of important facts you should know when shopping around for best air fryer or best toaster oven.

-Know the capacity and the wattage
Air fryers and toaster ovens operate at different wattages. So, before you make the final purchase, you should know if your kitchen has adequate outlets to power up your equipment. Also, you should make sure that the air fryer or the toaster oven has enough capacity to cook the food you need.

-What size are they?
Although all the best air fryer and best toaster oven products are designed to be compact in size, some product may be not compatible with your countertop. So, make sure you have a good idea about the existing space of the counter top.

Apart from that, you should know if the appliance you are about to purchase has adequate temperature adjustments. 


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when selecting a fryer. 

Q: Can I remove the cooking basket of the fryer during the cooking process?
A: In fact, most of the best air fryer models come with removable trays, so you can add any ingredient or stir it a little. You should check if your product has this facility before you purchase it.

Q: Is it possible to prepare multiple foods simultaneously?
A: Again, it depends on the model you are using. However, most of the products let you cook multiple foods at a time. Usually, this facility is emphasized in the manual provided.

Q: Do air fryers let me cook frozen food?
A: In simplest terms, it is possible to cook frozen food (like meat and vegetable) in air fryers. However, you must know that the cooking time might be longer than usual when cooking such food.

Q: Do air fryers take more time to cook food?
A: Practically, even the best air fryer product may take longer than conventional deep fryers to cook food. Still, using an air fryer is a better option in terms of maintaining a better health.

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