Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket

In the world of badminton, Yonex is one of the most reputable brands. Yonex is trusted by the best players and this is the reason that most of the famous players have been using their brand. They have been using the latest technology for the manufacturing of their rackets. This is the reason that their products are durable and reliable.

Recently, the introduction of the Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket has grabbed the attention of many players. It is one of the most premium rackets that have been introduced by Yonex. It has been specially designed for the players that want fast handling during their games. It is the best edition in the Nanoray series of Yonex. Latest technologies have been adopted to design the head of the racket.

The head of the 70 DX has been kept thin while the handle is thick that provides the perfect handling during the game. The Nanoray is a fast performing racket with high swing speed and quick repulsion. The Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket has been manufactured with the top quality material so that the players will get the optimum performance. In order to enhance the repulsion during the strokes, the racket has been designed with light head technology.

Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket

Apart from that, there is DX technology utilized in the manufacturing of the rackets that increase the power of the smashes and provides a quick return of the racket. It has the carbon nanotube combined with the nanomesh technology. These are the innovational and exclusive structural changes that have been done in the frame and the shaft of the Nanoray 70.

The product has increased toughness and impact strength. The carbon nanotube has been covered with the resins that create a mesh like molecular structure to deliver the head light badminton racket. So you must get ready for the faster driver shots and string handling of the racket.

Strength and Weakness of Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket

The latest grommet pattern has been utilized in the designing of the rackets. These grommets are more prominent in the shaft of the frame. It helps to give the racket a better repulsion and the string tension is sustained perfectly. With latest DX frame technology the string tension of the rackets is 24 lbs. the players will get the fast smashes because the strength of the rackets has been improved.

The nano frame will allow you to have a better control over shuttles and so you will be able to hold it for a longer duration. So your shots will be improved and you can give a better performance during the game. The materials used in the manufacturing of the badminton rackets also improve its performance. The racket is available in lime green and black shades.


Some of the remarkable benefits that you will come across in the product are:

  • The racket has been designed with the square shaped isometric frame. It allows keeping the vertical and horizontal strings at the same length. It leads to the creation of a sweet spot that will make it easy to strike in all the directions

  • In the stringing pattern that has been the introduction of more holes, that enhances the performance of the racket.

  • The racket has an aero frame design that causes a reduction in the air resistance, as well as swings,  will be quicker

  • It has an 88% wider flat surface because of the control support cap.

Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket


Some of the drawbacks that you would have to deal with while using Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket are:

  • You might find it expensive as compared to the features

  • The flexibility of the racket has been so you cannot expect extra bending power

  • You might find the product extra stiff in some cases


The Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket has been designed with the following amazing features.

  • The racket is perfect for the beginners, intermediate and advanced level players
  • The type of the product is all around
  • It has a stiff flex
  • Head of the badminton racket is isometric square
  • It comes with 83 to 83 grams of weight
  • It has been designed with the G4 grip
  • The B.PT of the Yonex 70 is 5
  • Head has been manufactured with high-quality modulus graphite
  • Shaft of the racket is nanomesh carbon graphite
  • It comes with a full cover
  • The product has the customized BG-65 strings and they can be upgraded
  • It has been developed and designed by the Yonex Japan
  • The string tension is 24 lb and more
  • It has been developed with the light head balance
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The length of the badminton racket is 10 mm long

Reasons to buy Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket

In case that you are not satisfied with the benefits that you will get from the Yonex badminton rackets. Here we have the list of reasons that will make it clear that Yonex 70 is your best choice.


At the molecular level, the Nanoscience technology of the racket provides a precise control over the shaft during the game. There is a strong molecular bond is formed between the nanoparticles of carbon and fullerene. It helps in the development of the badminton racket that is:

  • Ultra light in weight
  • Thin
  • Strong
  • Stable

The maximum power and the speed of the racket cannot be compared to the ordinary alternatives that you might find in the market. so with the ideal power, you will be able to give the best performance.

Grommet system

It has been developed with the single pass hole construction. It means that you will get more grommet holes in the string framework of the racket. When there are more holes the tension among the strings will be reduced due to which the chances of damaging the string during the game will be reduced.
It has been seen that the grommet holes have enhanced the durability of the product by 7%. This means that you will get more strength during the game. You shot will never get out of the line because of the damaged strings.

Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket

Muscle power

It will provide you with the consistent accuracy and the off-centre hits that will increase your chance of winning the game. Yonex understands that the muscle power is very important during the game, this is the reason that they have designed the rackets will such technology that will allow you to apply less stress and gain more power.

So you will not have to deal with the fatigued muscles. The frame of the product has the closer and tighter contact that will help you to eliminate the stress that comes with the loading power.


One of the best things that you will come across in the Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket is the development of the built-in T-Joints. The joint has been perfectly molded deep into the several layers of the graphite. It is present at the point where the frame is connected with the shaft.

It makes the frame torque free, which means that the strength of the frame has been increased and you will not have to deal with a low-quality racket that is easy to break.


In the industry of badminton rackets, Yonex has the best name because of the refined quality of rackets that it has been manufacturing. The Nanoray 70 is again of the remarkable pieces of the craftsmanship that you will get from Yonex. It can be regarded as the world-class racket.
The price to quality ratio of the racket is perfect. The Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket will be your best partner even in the offensive games. Once you will get used to this racket it would be hard for you to invest in any other brand.

Racket for demanding players

The players who demand the utmost from their rackets will get their desired product in the form of the Nanoray 70. It has once again restrained from the extremely aggressive inclined types of rackets by using the advanced techniques during the manufacturing of the product.

The amount of friction is extremely low that allows the players to give the best performance. It might be designed for beginners but the advanced players find it hard to ignore because of the amazing power and strength that it has been delivering.


There is no doubt that Yonex 70 DX Nanoray Badminton racket is one of the best badminton rackets that you will ever come across. They are perfect for the gaming and practice session to ensure that you will be the best in all your games. With the least drag, it is a reliable product that you can invest in. the synthetic grip will provide you with a firm grip on the racket. So make sure that while comparing different brands you take the right decision.


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