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Amope, Electronic Dry Foot File
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Inspired by the large number of amope pedi perfect reviews and my curiosity, I tried an amope recently and I wish to share my experience with you.

Modern-day market consists of various options when it comes to foot care. Amope Pedi Perfect is such option that comes in the form of an electronic device. Amope pedi perfect comes with a compact design that can be used as a handheld device. As per the claims of manufacturers and plenty of amope reviews found in internet, this handheld device is capable of getting rid of dry skin occur on foot. Amope pedi perfect is operated with the power generated by 4 X AA batteries. Most of the amope reviews we read in the internet speak positively about the functionality of the rotating roller; it is textured with a specific substance called diamond crystals. This special textured roller is capable of buffing away the dried and hardened skin. Because of the efficiency and the affordable price, Amope looks to maximize its popularity among the beauty enthusiasts.

Why I chose Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File?

I am in constant search of a safe and time saving method to get rid of the hardened, dried skin on my foot. Recently, I ended up seeing a large number of amope pedi perfect reviews and convinced to try this product out. In addition to reading the third party amope reviews, I checked their official website to see what this device claim to deliver.

I realized that it delivers a chemical free operation (like most of the other foot files do), comes with an affordable price tag and has a safety feature. So, I thought to see does amope pedi work just like they claim (as I found no risk involved with such approach). On the other hand, I am a fan of innovative gadgets and I was already impressed by seeing the stylish design of the product. Here are some of the claims that encouraged me to see does amope pedi work on my foot.

  • It operates as an electric foot filer to remove callus effectively
  • The design of the handle is stylish and ergonomic
  • You can get rid of hardened skin within a couple of minutes
  • It comes with a safety feature; it automatically stops if you apply too much pressure on the skin
  • New and advanced roller that comes with diamond crystal texture

I was truly impressed by these claims and features they have emphasized and I was eagerly waiting for my device to arrive (to actually check does amope foot file work). From this point forward, you will be reading the experience I have had with Amope; this is exactly how I checked does amope foot file work.

Test and Results (Advantages and Disadvantages of Amope)

First, let me list down the pros and cons of this device in the shortest form possible. 


  • Highly portable device
  • Smooth operation
  • Elegant design
  • Comes with batteries and an additional roller
  • Safety feature


  • The motor needs more power
  • No speed variations
  • No battery life indicator

What I liked

I ordered my device on Amazon; I personally prefer Amazon as a reliable, fast and affordable platform. As soon as this device arrived, I wanted to check it with myself and see if the majority of the amope reviews are true. Just like they have advertised on the website and as per the majority of pedi perfect reviews, the design of the device is pretty impressive (in fact, I loved it!). The handle was so comfortable in the hand and the body of the device had a nice, elegant design.

Just like they claim, the amope perfect comes with an extra roller at no additional cost. I found that to be a very positive approach that encourages customers to purchase this product. In addition to this extra roller, it comes with 4 X AA batteries; I didn’t need to worry about purchasing new batteries because of this.

Amope, Electronic Dry Foot File
Price Disclaimer

I prepared a basin of warm water to soak my feet in. This was the regular solution I use with the regular foot file I use; a solution of lavender oil and Epsom salt is my favorite in this case. I soaked my feet in this warm water solution for about 10-12 minutes and wiped them out gently. This is a good practice to make the dead and hardened skin softer before you start the cleaning process.

I started the machine and applied it gently on the skin where I felt a couple of rough patches. Just like the customers have emphasized in their pedi perfect reviews, this device worked like a charm. It gently removed the hardened patches off my foot. Most of the amope pedi reviews had mentioned this fact and I was happy that it worked as I expected. However, the power of the motor can be too gentle for some people (depending on the type of the skin they have). An amope review left by another customer mentioned that she is not completely satisfied with the power generated by the motor (though it worked nicely for me). So, the effectiveness of this electronic foot file can vary depending on the type of the skin you have.

I wanted to check the safety feature too and I just applied some extra pressure on the skin. It worked perfectly as emphasized in most of the amope reviews as well as in the official website. When I apply too much of pressure, the device shuts down automatically to prevent skin from potential damages.

The operation of the device is pretty simple; in my amope review, I happily highlight the ergonomic design of the handle. I took my time to clean up my feet with this electronic file and I am very happy with the end result, I must say. This device was able to remove all the hardened parts off my feet and let me enjoy a ‘womanly’ feeling. Nevertheless, once the cleaning is done, I didn’t forget to apply a lotion on feet (which I regularly use) in order to retain the moisture of the skin. Otherwise, things can be pretty annoying.

What I didn’t like

For me, there is hardly anything to hate about this electronic foot file. However, there are a couple of minor downsides associated with this device.

Amope, Electronic Dry Foot File
Price Disclaimer

If you are a first timer, you will need to learn it first
I my amope pedi perfect review, I would say things went perfectly because I am a fast learner. Truth to be told, operating this device requires some sort of patience and a learning curve. However, it won’t take much time to master it. Once you mastered it, you are probably likely to agree with the amope pedi perfect review I left here.

Motor may not be powerful enough for some users
All the negative reviews on Amope (number of negative reviews is significantly less than the positive ones though) mention that the motor is not powerful enough. This is exactly why I mentioned that the effectiveness of the motor may depend on the type of the skin.

How Amope works

Sine I am satisfied with this electronic foot filer, in this pedi perfect review, I wish to explain does amope work on the skin to get rid of calluses. One of the most important things you must remember before you start to use this device is to soak your feet in water and wipe them with a towel. It makes the calluses softer and increase the efficiency of the device. Further, it prevents potential bleedings on the skin.

Once the batteries are included, I was set to go. I just switched in on (using the switch located in the neck area) and observed the speed of the roller. As per the manufacturer’s claims, the roller is made with a special substance called diamond crystals; I felt this substance to be a reliable and effective.

I gently placed it on the area I needed to buff and soon realized that it works perfectly to buff away the calluses. The rotating roller (which is covered with the diamond crystal) does a good job to eliminate the uneven, rough patches smoothly. Therefore, my pedi perfect review especially emphasizes the functionality of this roller. Handle was made to be user-friendly and I love it. Codeless operation makes it more portable. In a nutshell, if anyone asks me the question ‘does amope work as described?’ my answer is yes.

How to use Amope

Using this electric foot filer is not rocket science. Nevertheless, just like in most of the reviews on amope, you may need a little bit of practice to accomplish a good job.

As I mentioned in my perfect pedi reviews, it is better to soak your feet in warm water and wipe them dry before buffing.

The switch is located in the neck of the device; just twist it to switch on and off power. Don’t try to press it too hard on the skin. You can identify the calluses on the feet simply by touching it. However, if you apply more pressure, the device will automatically shut down. In my perfect pedi reviews, I must mention this feature as a good safety precaution.

After buffing, you can just touch and feel that the calluses are gone. Most of the amope foot file reviews highly admire how quickly it makes your feet smooth. Once the buffing is done, you should apply a lotion or a cream on the feet and moisturize it to expect the best results. You may buff your feet about 2 times a week (but this frequency may vary from person to person).

When you purchase this device, you will get a free additional roller; this value addition is praised by many amope foot file reviews. You can use one roller for a long period. However, the duration may vary depending on the facts such as; how often you use it, the type of your skin etc. like any other physical object, the rollers will wear off over the time. As you feel that the roller don’t buff your feet enough, you can replace it with a new one.

Replacing a roller can be done using the small pink color switch located on the side (towards the head of the device). Once you press this switch, you can slide the old roller easily and push the new roller.

Since there is no battery level indicator, you will have to detect the battery level by observing the power of the motor. As the roller starts to function with less power, you can go for a new set of AA batteries.

Who need Amope?

An electronic foot file can be used virtually by anyone who wishes to keep their foot smooth and good looking. Particularly, this type of devices are popular among the women who are take the appearance of their feet seriously.

Amope, Electronic Dry Foot File
Price Disclaimer

If you experience calluses on feet and rough patches (caused because of the dead and hardened skin cells), you should probably try this device. It can save you a plenty of time; this handheld device let you take care of your feet at home.

Amope ratings I saw on Amazon are impressive. However, these amope ratings could get better if the manufacturers can improve the power of the motor (or add different levels of power to select from).

At the bottom line, I can say that this electronic foot file is ideal for those who live busy lifestyles; they can use this device easily at home without having to visit the beauty parlor. Also, it is a cost effective way (this machine is durable).

Where to buy?

There is no shortage of options when it comes to purchasing an Amope pedi. However, my personal favorite is Amazon. You can simply check this link if want to purchase Amope through Amazon.

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